The 50 best apps to record videos right now!

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It’s not exactly news that videos have become the main way to consume content on the internet. That doesn’t mean that other formats like text, images, and podcasts don’t have their space, just that videos will retain their dominance over web content for a long time. That’s the reason why you absolutely need to know some apps to record videos!

You might have a YouTube channel you want to gain subscribers on or maybe you use videos in your strategies to gain followers on Instagram. Regardless of your goal, trying out different types of apps can improve the quality of your productions, add cool effects, or give you more control over your content.

So check out some of the best apps to record videos down below, and be sure to check out some great Instagram post ideas too if you want to start practicing!

1. Movavi Video Suite

Ideal for those who prefer to create their videos on their computer. Movavi Video Suite is a set of multiple programs rolled into one.

With it, you can edit your videos, convert videos to different formats and even record videos from your PC screen. Movavi also makes your work easier by having an easy mode, which automatically creates videos from your files.

Learn all about Movavi Video Suite and improve the quality of your videos via the link.

Movavi Video Suite

2. Apowersoft

Perfect for anyone who needs to make videos more focused on what happens on the computer screen, such as tutorials or streaming video games. Apowersoft is free and records videos right from your browser, although it can also be downloaded as a program for Windows.

Among its features, we highlight the possibility to choose to record only a part of the screen, insert annotations, graphic elements, or subtitles in the video, among many other options.

Click on the link to start using video recording software right now!

3. Camtasia


One of the most complete apps to record videos you can use to capture your computer screen, Camtasia allows you to create a wide range of content for your YouTube channel or social media profile.

In addition to making video recording easy, it has a library full of effects, filters, and transitions. Within all its editing tools, it has all the basics, such as cutting, moving excerpts, and speeding up or slowing down video playback.

Click on the link now to start trying Camtasia!

4. FilmoraGo

This app brings a wide range of possibilities, and could even be compared to video editors in other platforms.

It lets you create presentations with your mobile phone files – images, slides, and music -, in addition to bringing all the basic tools for editing, such as cropping, resizing, and a library of effects, sounds, and elements to include in your productions. Download FilmoraGo on Android or iPhone.

5. VideoShop

This iPhone video editor was created for people who are new to editing. It comes with a wide range of quick editing tools. It allows its users to add music, apply filters and merge multiple videos into one, among many other options. Click on the link to discover VideoShop.

6. Apple Clips

Another iPhone exclusive, Apple Clips is an app to record videos ideal for those who need to create content that is not very complex. It allows you to record and take photos, in addition to placing different types of filters, music, and animated texts, among others.

Apple Clips makes it easy to share your recorded videos on social media. That is, you can record your video, make small edits and upload it directly to your profile. Click on the link to download Apple Clips.

7. Splice

A simple and efficient editor on iPhone and iPad, Splice lets you create videos from your mobile media. Just select your photos, music, and video clips, and from there, add elements and text to your heart’s desire!

You can also make minor edits such as trimming, changing playback speed, and changing clip order. Find out more about Splice through the link.

8. Quik

For Android users who are not satisfied with the number of Android exclusives in this list of apps to record videos, Quik is one of the best options.

Created by the makers of GoPro cameras, it’s also incredibly simple to use. Just choose your photos and videos and it will automatically create the clips. You can add transitions, effects, music, and text then post it to social media. Click the link to download Quik.


9. VivaVideo

Not only does it belong to the category of apps made to record videos, but it also makes it possible to create presentations and video edits. Its interface is in the form of a storyboard, allowing you to have a preview of how your video will look.

From there, you can import recordings, add elements, overlay text, and change speed, among others. VivaVideo is also exclusive to Android and can be downloaded from this link.

10. Camera+

To shoot better videos on your iPhone, being limited to just the basic camera app might not be enough, but Apple itself offers a solution with Camera+. The app is paid but expands your camera’s capabilities exponentially.

Among the features, Camera+ has advanced tools for camera control and image editing, as well as continuous flash and up to 6x digital zoom. Learn more about Camera+ via the link.

11. iMovie

Camera+ is an option that serves as a photography or video recorder app. iMovie, on the other hand, is the ultimate app for anyone looking for apps to record videos. Despite being more complex than most of the apps shown here, it’s also one of the most complete – and entirely free!

It has all kinds of functions, such as Apple-exclusive filters, slow motion and fast-forward, and other effects like split-screen, among many others. Download iMovie for free on your iPhone.

12. RecordCast

Allowing you to record your computer screen and edit your videos online, RecordCast is completely free to use. To make use of it, just click this link in your favorite internet browser and create your account. Again, free of any cost.

Other features of RecordCast include the possibility to add different effects and to capture only the audio. In other words, it is also a nice pick for those who want to record and publish podcasts.

13. Magisto

Magisto is the ideal app for video editing that involves photos. Just choose your best images and put them in the right sequence and the app will create a video featuring each one. It’s worth noting that you can also add transition effects and music to make your presentation more elaborate.

Download Magisto on your Android or iPhone.

14. 8mm Vintage Camera

Have you ever had the idea of recording videos as if they were old movies? If you did, then 8mm Vintage Camera is the ideal option to do that on the iPhone.

The app offers several period options, including creating videos as if they were recorded in the 70s or even in the 20s, in the early days of cinema.

Just choose your favorite theme, decide which film era you want to simulate, and start recording with the app right away! Click on the link to download from the App Store.

15. Vintage 8mm Video

With an app as cool as the 8mm Vintage Camera on the iPhone, we couldn’t leave Android users out. This is Vintage 8mm Video, exclusive to Android.

Like the previous app, you can also choose which decade you want to simulate, and you can also include special effects characteristic of those periods.

Vintage 8mm video

16. Vintage Retro Camera

Another alternative among apps to record videos in the style of old-timey films. Vintage Retro Camera brings along everything an old camera would do at the time. Besides, it has effects like photos in the old Polaroid format and several filters to apply to your videos. Click on the link to download it on Android.

17. Boomerang

One of the most used Instagram apps when creating Stories, it uses your smartphone’s camera to take a quick burst of photos. It then creates a video that plays back and forth over and over, much like the boomerang that gives the app its name. Download Boomerang on Android or iPhone.

18. VideoShow

VideoShow is among the select few award-winning apps to record videos apps on both Android and iPhone. The title isn’t just for show, as it makes life much easier for those who make videos for social media.

It has a wide range of themes and templates that you can use to insert your recorded videos, the possibility of dubbing and placing handmade drawings, among many others.

19. Nception

With a name like that, we find it hard to be surprised that this entire app inspires strangeness. Nception takes a different approach to creating videos. Through various filters, you can add effects such as mirrored reproduction, that is, with its reflection right next to it.

Other tools include the ability to speed up or slow down the video, which makes you able to create pretty weird conceptual videos, if that’s a type of content your audience is interested in. Click on the link to download it to iPhone.

20. PowerDirector

A robust video editor for Android, PowerDirector is best suited for intermediate users. It takes some time to get used to the interface, but the app allows you to create videos at a professional level once you learn how to properly use it.

Click on the link to find out more about PowerDirector, exclusive to Android.


21. Stop Motion Studio

Do you know what a stop motion video is? These are animated movies that use photos in sequence to tell a story. And Stop Motion Studio is a perfect app to do that.

With this app, you can import the images that will be part of the animation, apply special effects, paint and draw, add sound effects, and create credits screens. In other words, everything to create your first animated film using the technique. See more about Stop Motion Studio on its Google Play or App Store pages.

22. KineMaster

A complete and professional editor for Android and iPhone. It allows you to make a number of adjustments that are not normally available in other apps to record videos.

Among them, you can add subtitles to videos and use multiple layers for editing. Other features include volume control and the ability to check a preview while editing.

23. Action Movie FX

Action Movie FX is ideal for anyone who needs special effects worthy of Michael Bay movies. With it, you can add different types of explosions, sound effects, and creatures to your videos. Action Movie FX is exclusive to iOS and can be downloaded via the link.

24. Camera MX

Following this list of apps to record videos, we have Camera MX. Exclusive to Android devices, it allows users to create content in multiple resolutions.

In addition, you can also add effects such as time-lapse and various filters and special effects. After recording, you have basic editing tools, allowing you to record and edit right away. Click on the link to download Camera MX.

25. Motion Stills

Ideal for those who create short videos, Motion Stills automatically summarizes videos in a kind of “best moments” style of compilation. You can also put emojis and text on the photo that will be turned into animation, and you can easily share them on social media. Motion Stills can be downloaded on Android or iPhone.

26. InShot

Another application for recording videos aimed at beginners, InShot is one of the easiest to use. Just import your photo, video, and music files, place them on the timeline, and let the app do the dirty work.

In addition, it also allows you to include text and other music from your own collection. InShot is available for Android and iPhone.


27. CineGraph

With a proposal similar to Motion Stills, CineGraph is also ideal for creating short videos with your photos, especially if made with the Live Photos feature. It lets you control the display speed and focus of the video, provides editing tools, and supports video in 4K quality. Click on the link to download it to iPhone.

28. YouNow

If instead of recording videos, you want to livestream, YouNow can be an interesting option. It makes it easy to create chats to interact with people who are following you and follow other content creators, as if it were its own social network.

YouNow is available for Android and iPhone.

29. WeVideo

If you prefer to edit your videos from your computer, WeVideo might be the best option for you. Available on the web and accessed via browsers, WeVideo lets you upload your videos – even those posted on social media – or even use the free video collection in its creations.

It allows you to export your videos at different quality levels, including 4K. The highlight is the possibility to start editing your video even before it finishes being sent, streamlining your work. Discover WeVideo by accessing the link.

30. Artisto

Ideal for creating short videos, you can upload a sequence of images or videos recorded by your mobile phone and create an animation from them. What sets Artisto apart are its filters, inspired by works of art, as we’ve already seen in Prisma. Artisto is available on iOS and Android.

31. ImgPlay

Despite being one of the apps to record videos being cited here, ImgPlay really shines in creating GIFs. You can upload any type of image or video to make your creations. Then you can add text, make cuts or add filters from the app’s library.

ImgPlay is free and can be downloaded on iPhone or Android.

32. Wondershare Powercam

Another app from Filmora, specializing in video editing software. In this case, Powercam is aimed at recording these videos with higher quality than the native camera app for Android.

With this app, you can record your videos and quickly edit it on the spot. Among the possibilities, you can make cuts, add free filters, rotate, and resize your content. Find out more about what Wondershare Powercam can do by clicking on the link.

Wondershare Powercam

33. Lapse It Pro

Have you ever heard of time-lapse? The technique consists of taking several photos in a very short interval, forming a video from this sequence. Instagram’s Boomerang does something similar, but goes a bit further by including the back-and-forth effect.

Lapse It Pro does it differently. It doesn’t come back, creating a sequential animation. You can also edit this work, making cuts, changing the playback speed, and applying a zoom effect. Lapse It Pro is downloadable on both Android and iPhone and iPad.

34. Burstio

An ideal option for those who want to create animations from moving photos. Burstio optimizes your iPhone’s camera and improves its ability to take pictures where there is a lot of movement going on.

After that, it allows you to change the video speed, cut sections and create GIFs from those videos. Click on the link to learn about the app.

35. Night Vision Video Recorder

We all know that creating videos at night and outdoors is complicated. With the lack of light, it is hardly possible to do quality work. Night Vision Video Recorder is an app that seeks to solve this problem.

Exclusive to Android, it was created to keep the original colors of objects taken in the photo or recorded on video. In other words, don’t expect to see that green fill from the night vision goggles in spy movies.

Discover Night Vision Video Recorder by accessing the link.

Night Vision Video Recorder apps to record videos

36. Stop-Motion Studio

Another app for recording videos in stop motion, this app by the famous toy company Mattel was created for Minecraft aficionados. With it, you can use game characters and create original movies. It may not be very useful professionally, but it will definitely amuse the kids.

Stop-Motion Studio can be downloaded on Android. If you’re a Minecraft fan, don’t miss our article with the 20 most important item recipes in Minecraft!

37. Top Camera Lite

Originally an iPhone photo app, Top Camera Lite is good enough to make its way to our list as one of the apps to record videos.

You can zoom the recording without loss of image quality and other adjustments during recording, such as exposure, saturation and contrast, among others. Click on the link to learn more about Top Camera Lite.

38. Filmic Pro

Considered one of the 10 best apps to record videos on iPhone and aimed at professionals, it allows you to use your phone as a camera to record videos and is ideal in situations where a camera cannot be used.

Among the various features, it allows its users to control focus and exposure, zoom control, gives you access to its own cloud to store your recordings, and adjustments to saturation, shadow and lights, among many others.

See the full feature list of Filmic Pro on its App Store or Google Play page for Android users.

Filmic apps to record videos

39. Movie Maker

Specializing in creating and editing videos for YouTube and Instagram, Movie Maker lets you record and edit your content quick and easy! In other words, you don’t need to be an Instagram influencer to use the app.

Movie Maker allows you to make small edits, such as cuts and changes to the recording order. In addition, you can also add various effects, music and videos, making creating videos for social media easier. Click the link to download it on Android.

40. SVR – Secret Video Recorder

Without many features, Secret Video Recorder serves only one purpose – secretly recording videos. With it you can record videos without leaving a trace, such as camera sounds. You can also lock your phone screen and continue recording.

Click on the link to download Secret Video Recorder on your Android.


One of the most expensive apps to record videos on the App Store. On the other hand, it is one of the most complete apps you can find out there available to download.

MAVIS comes with advanced tools like real-time color vectorscope and waveform exposure, plus the ability to customize your movie’s frame rate. These are just some of the tools to adjust your video recording, in addition to the audio controls, where MAVIS truly shines.

Learn all about MAVIS’ advanced video recording tools on its App Store page.

42. VidTrim

Perfect for anyone who needs to edit videos in a short amount of time. VidTrim has basic functions like trimming pieces of video, joining multiple recorded clips, rotating the image, and even saving screenshots of the video. You’ll also be able to transform videos into MP3. VidTrim is exclusive to Android and can be downloaded via the link.

Vidtrim apps to record videos

43. AZ Recorder

Another Android-only app, AZ Recorder is not designed to record video with the camera. In fact, it records your cell phone screen. That is, you can use the app to create tutorials or display the gameplay of your Android games. Learn more about AZ Recorder on Google Play.

44. DU Recorder

It also allows you to edit images and broadcast live via Twitch, Facebook, or Youtube. DU Recorder can be used on both iPhone and Android.

Ele também permite fazer edição de imagens e transmissões ao vivo pelo Twitch, Facebook ou Youtube. O DU Recorder pode ser usado tanto no iPhone quanto no Android.

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45. Movie Pro

Another option for those looking to do professional work through the iPhone camera. Not as expensive as Filmic or MAVIS, Movie Pro still comes with an extensive range of advanced tools.

In other words, the app is very suitable for those who are already familiar with other apps to record videos with a mobile phone. You can manually adjust almost every aspect of the video, ranging from lighting, sounds, and playback speed, among others. Click on the link to learn about Movie Pro.

46. VideoRama

Aimed at those who need to produce videos for social media, Videorama is an iPhone-only app that brings simple editing tools to their productions.

It brings an ideal resolution model for Instagram Stories, in addition to allowing you to combine or cut video sequences, create presentations from images and change the video playback speed. Click the link to learn more about VideoRama.

Videorama apps to record videos

47. Mobizen

Another application to record videos from your mobile screen, Mobizen is a good alternative for Android users. It allows recording in 1080p resolution (FullHD), and also records the sounds of the application you are using, and allows you to insert a recording of your face in the middle of the video, essential for anyone who makes gameplay videos.

Learn more about Mobizen through the link.

48. Cinema FV-5

A great choice among apps to record videos of professional quality for those who want to shoot their own movies with an Android smartphone is Cinema FV-5. Just like Filmic or Movie Pro on iPhone, it lets you manually adjust almost every camera setting.

It allows you to record videos in 4K quality and apply zoom effects without loss of quality, among many others. Click on the link to know the Cinema FV-5.

49. PocketVideo

Pocket Video is ideal for anyone working with YouTube or Stories. It allows you to edit videos in square, horizontal and vertical formats. It brings complete tools for editing videos without the need to use other apps.

It has an extensive collection of free music and sounds to use, as well as it adjusts the volume on its own. That is, you can increase or decrease the sound when you want to focus or defocus the sound elements. Learn more about PocketVideo on the App Store.

50. Open Camera

Open Camera apps to record videos

An app initially designed for taking pictures on Android, it’s also proficient at recording videos. Open Camera brings automatic stabilization to your images and videos, manual focus adjustment, and the option to take screenshots in the middle of the video, among others. Click on the link to learn about Open Camera.

Which of these apps to record videos is your favorite?

A lot of options on this list, and hopefully some of these apps to record videos were exactly what you were looking for! Did you like this list? Did we forget any apps that should definitely be here? Comment down below, let us know!