The 10 best free video editing apps for iPhone and iPad!

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To have an iPhone or an iPad and not create videos is, at least, not making use of one of the main aspects of this amazing tool. It is possible to create amazing videos with your phones or tablets by using any of these amazing free video editing apps.

However, for that, you need to use good video editors. There are a lot of different apps that let you edit your videos. Even so, you need to know which one is better suited for your goals!

To help you out in this task, we will talk about some of the best free video editing apps available for both iPhone and iPad. Just pay attention to its description and choose the one that does what you want. Are you ready?

1. Movavi Clips

The first app in our list is likely the best, Movavi Clips. It lets you create absolutely phenomenal videos on your iPhone, going beyond what almost any other app can do for you.

It lets you easily cut and merge clips on your iOS device, control de video speed and remove audio, create your own narration, include music, trim videos, insert incredible transitions, and much more, all through its clean, intuitive, and ad-free interface!

If you want to know more about Movavi Clips, just follow this link to the official website!

Movavi Clips free video editing apps

2. Magisto

With Magisto, you’ll be able to edit and share your videos with all your friends and family easily. With this app, it is possible to add songs and effects in a few minutes. After all, there’s a reason the app has tens of millions of downloads, all through over 130 different countries.

One of its biggest upsides is that it has built-in themes that make creating videos that much easier. You just need to add your files and use the theme. Then, in a few minutes, you’ll have your movie ready to be watched and shared with the help of one of the best free video editing apps! Follow this link to download it.

3. iMovie

iMovie is the video editor that many consider their favorite for Mac, and it’s certain you’ll also love the experience on your iPhone or iPad. iMovie is extremely simple to use and, even if you don’t know much about editing, you’ll be able to create some very cool-looking videos.

It has some default themes (you can use the simplest of them if you want) and from there all you need to do is to add your videos. Using it, you can cut, change volume, add sound effects, and a lot more. Go to the App Store to download it.

4. Perfect Video

As the name itself already suggests, this app’s goal is to create the Perfect Video, and it is extremely close to it. With Perfect Video, you’ll be able to create videos in up to 1920×1080 FullHD! Its slideshow creator is also very interesting, and it lets you create amazing presentations extremely easily

Just like with other apps, with Perfect Video you’ll also be able to share your works of art on your social media platforms. With what is one of the best free video editing apps it’s easy to cut and merge videos while adding effects to them. Another upside is that you can add text between them. Follow this link to see more.

5. Cute CUT

Entirely free, Cute CUT is one of the most well-rated options in the App Store. Its biggest advantage over the other free video editing apps is that it has over 30 different free tools for editing, drawing, and adding a gradient effect.

Beyond that, it also comes with more than 20 pre-set transitions and a whole lot of other features and tools. Just with a simple click, you’ll have shared your video online. Follow this link to download it.

Cute CUT free video editing apps

6. Clipper

Another app that has no payments attached to it that works both on the iPhone as well as on the iPad is Clipper. It stands out from the competition due to how quickly it is able to edit your videos.

Its goal is not to create long videos, but short mini-movies. With it, you can arrange your clips, edit them, add music, and even apply effects in mere seconds. Then, you can simply share it directly to any social media you want! Follow this link to download it.

7. InShot

InShot is Easily one of the best free video editing apps, as it lets you cut and split them, change the playback speed, add effects and subtitles, emojis, music, and more. It has a great and simple interface that anyone can learn to use quickly.

After most of the editing is done, you can add stickers, change the brightness, contrast, saturation, and more. All in all, it is a very comprehensive solution for anyone. Check it out!

8. Splice – Video Editor

Splice is the app that most resembles a video editor for computers (after Movavi, of course). It comes with background music, sound effects,  transitions, borders, motion effects, audio, narration, and a lot more.

Further, you can trim, cut, and crop your videos, adjust exposure, contrast, and saturation, change the playback speed, overlay your clips, remove the background, among other features that make it one of the best free video editing apps. Go to the App Store to see more.

9. Vimeo

If you’re a fan of Vimeo, you will love this app. Vimeo is one of the best video websites like YouTube with an amazing design, and those who like uploading videos will agree with me.

Of course, its app must be seen as nothing more than a complement to the videos you upload to Vimeo, and it doesn’t let you edit them. However, it does have an important aspect: it lets you view the videos while you’re offline. For that, you just need to save it. Follow this link and download it!

10. KineMaster

Last, but not least, we have KineMaster. With it, you can work with and edit several different video tracks at the same time. It offers tools such as chroma key, video splitting, controls for color, brightness, and saturation, and more.

Unfortunately, it does have features that you need to pay for, and if you don’t, you’ll have to deal with watermarks. Even so, it is a great option, and the paid version is pretty affordable. Check it out!

KineMaster free video editing apps

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