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Services provided by AppTuts

The great objective of AppTuts is to offer credible and practical information to all users of mobile applications, desktop applications or internet applications. If you are looking for an application for a specific task or goal, AppTuts aims to help you find the perfect solution for your goal. If we do not have in our database analyzes of applications that meet the objectives you are proposing, you can contact us so that we can analyze some of these applications.

If you have produced an application for Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac OSX, Windows, etc., and would like to have it analyzed by our editorial team, write to us and ask us to analyze it. We will be happy to analyze your application and make this analysis available, free of charge to all users who daily consume information and share experiences on AppTuts.

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Privacy control

The AppTuts website does not publish any data related to the Companies and/or Readers except the name of the Company or individual who may publish content on the Blog. Contacts are based on email and any contact with companies or individuals will always be made by email. The user accepts the use of cookies and IP segments. Our website traffic analyzer uses cookies and IP segments that allow us to recognize data for statistical purposes: the close of the first visit, the number of times you have visited, the close of the last visit, URL and the domain from which it comes, the explorer used and the screen resolution. However, if the user wishes, he can disable and/or delete cookies following the instructions of his browser.

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