Best Apple Watch apps: the top 30 in 2022!

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Even though smartwatches are not nearly as popular as we once imagined, they can still be extremely useful due to the apps we can use on the Apple Watch, many of which are among the best free iPhone apps!

However, it can get extremely confusing to know what you should and what you shouldn’t install on this device, even more so if we take into consideration the number of available options. To help you out, we have selected all the ones we consider to be the best Apple Watch apps around, check them out down below!

1. Calcbot 2

While there are a lot of native options when it comes to the applications available for the Apple Watch, you just can’t find a calculator among them! Luckily, there are quite a few third-party apps that fulfill this role extremely well.

Our recommendation when it comes to this category is that you use Calcbot 2, an alternative that’s very simple to use even on the Apple Watch’s tiny screen. If you want to check out all the features it has to offer, follow this link!

Calcbot 2 best Apple Watch apps

2. Camera+ 2

For those who have ever wanted to be in full control of their iPhone’s camera directly via their Apple Watch, the Camera+ 2 app is certainly the best of the Apple Watch apps around for that!

Other than helping you out when you want to take great smartphone pictures and record videos, the app also gives you a live preview of what will be captured. Other than that, you can also easily swap between the front-facing camera and the main camera at any moment. Download it on the App Store!

3. Timecrest

Timecrest is a really interesting and fun to play science-fiction game that helps you a lot if you want to kill time with your smartwatch. Other than that, it’s really not linear and it lets you make your own choices to pave the path you want to follow in the game.

The best part is that even if you download it on your iPhone, you can resume playing it right where you left off on the Apple Watch, and vice-versa. The game is perfect if you have some spare time and you don’t know what to do, and you can download it by following this link!

4. CARROT Weather‬

If it is a good idea to have a weather forecast app installed on your smartphone, whether it is an iOS device or an Android one, it might be even more useful to have one installed on your Apple Watch!

CARROT Weather‬ is an extremely popular iOS app that received an extremely good adaptation for Apple’s smartwatch. Beyond that, it has an amazingly clean, simple, and informative interface. You can download it by following this link!

5. Citymapper

Citymapper is by far one of the best Apple Watch apps available for those who want to get informed about the public transportation system in the city where they are. Other than that, it even provides you with a lot of useful info so you can reach your destination easily!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer support to all the largest cities in the world (and even fewer small cities), but it still is a great app for you to use when traveling. Follow this link to start using it to get around!

6. Elevate Brain Training

Elevate Brain Training is the perfect app for those who like challenges in the areas of writing, math, logic, and a lot more, also helping the users to improve a lot in quick thinking. The full app can be purchased for the iPhone, but you can also download a special Apple Watch version.

In this version, there are new specific challenges for you to play and solve much more quickly throughout the day, which makes it perfect for a smartwatch. You can download Elevate Brain Training on the App Store right now!

Elevate Brain Training

7. Dark Sky

Dark Sky is another weather forecast app, but this one is much more geared towards letting you know if it’s going to rain in the region you are currently in, or where you will be later.

The app is really quite useful, lightweight, and it provides you quick and simple notifications according to any important weather change that happens. Follow this link to see more about it.

8. Evernote

Those who like productivity apps must already know about Evernote, and likely even use it frequently. In its smartwatch version the app is still very useful, particularly as a note-taking app, taking a spot among the best free Android apps!

You can read all your most recent notes or create a new one to be saved on your account so that all your devices that are connected to the platform can see it. Follow this link to download it.

9. Nuggetz

Nuggetz is a really quite interesting game that tests out your reflexes in a different and fun way, whether you play it on your iPhone or on your Apple Watch. In this app, you’ll see names of colors written in other colors, and as such you will need to choose the right alternative based on what’s written, and not on the color.

It might seem really simple, but it does cause a lot of confusion on almost everyone (likely even you!). Other than that, the game manages to be really fun, challenging, and captivating to play on your smartwatch. If you want to download it, go to the App Store.

10. Facebook

Surprisingly (or not), even Facebook itself features among the best Apple Watch apps, with an adapted app. Of course, this version is not nearly as complete as using it on the phone, but you will be able to view your notifications and the messages you’ve received.

Beyond that, you can also respond to all the messages and even to check your news feed, albeit in a more limited way. If you are interested in using one of the biggest social media platforms around on your smartwatch, simply follow this link to download it.

11. Green Kitchen

Green Kitchen is probably the best app for the vegetarians and the vegans among us. With it, you will have access to a myriad of vegetarian and vegan healthy recipes, directly on your Apple Watch!

You can search and bookmark your favorite recipes, and you will be able to easily view them on your iPhone. Other than that, the app also offers you an inbuilt timer to help you cook everything just right. Follow this link to download the app.

12. Trivia Crack

If you like trivia games, Trivia Crack is probably an amazing option for you to have quite a bit of fun on your Apple Watch during your days. It offers you challenges and questions about a myriad of subjects, and you can choose whether you want to play with your Facebook friends or with random people.

The game is really fun and it’s guaranteed to hook you. You can choose to play it entirely on your smartwatch, without you ever needing to download the app on your tablet or smartphone. Trivia Crack can be downloaded by following this link!

Trivia Crack best Apple Watch apps


IFTTT is an extremely simple and useful app that will help you to automate certain tasks in many of your favorite apps. It offers full support to Twitter, Instagram, Gmail, Google Assistant, Telegram, Amazon, and even your entire iPhone!

The app is quite handy on the iPhone, so there is no doubt that it can also easily be one of the best Apple Watch apps around. Follow this link if you want to download this free app!

14. Start With Yoga

If you want to start your yoga journey, Start With Yoga is an amazing option. It helps beginners to better understand what they need to do, and how to do it, with simplicity.

It’s extremely simple to use, with five pre-defined routines for starters, and you can then use the iPhone app to create your own customized routines, all of which use clear and cute illustrations. To start using an amazing yoga app, follow this link!

15. Instagram

Another of the largest social media platforms nowadays, Instagram does also offer an Apple Watch app! It can be extremely useful, particularly for those who like using Instagram in their daily lives.

Here, you will be able to see your news feed, like posts, and even comment emojis on your favorite posts! Follow this link to start using it on your smartwatch.

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16. Rules!

Rules! is another puzzle game that’s really fun to play and that should put your mind to work in your daily life, making it one of the most popular apps on the App Store. The game can be played both on your iOS device and on your Apple Watch, and you can keep playing on any of these devices.

There are several different challenging minigames, many of which can be really complicated. The best part is that most of them can be played quickly while you’re on the go, making it an amazing option to play on your smartwatch. You can download it by following this link.

17. iTranslate

As the name itself might already make it clear, iTranslate is one of the best and most useful translation apps for the Apple Watch. It offers support to several different languages (over 100 of them), and as such it’s perfect for travels or to be used alongside one of the best language exchange apps.

Here, you’ll be able to choose the voice you want to speak, to switch between dialects. to have access to synonyms dictionaries, to use its keyboard extension, and even have access to a phrasebook, among much else. To learn more about iTranslate, follow this link.

18. Lifesum

Lifesum is another of the apps for those who like to lead a healthy life, and for those who are just starting out in this journey. The app lets you easily mark when you have a meal and count how many calories you’ve eaten throughout the day.

It certainly is one of the best Apple Watch apps, even more so if you want to stay on track with your diet. Not only that, but it also offers its users customized diet plans, with many different options! You can download the app by following this link.

Lifesum best Apple Watch apps

19. Fantastical

This digital calendar that smoothly fits into your smartwatch is one of the best options for you to not lose your appointments and commitments. Fantastical lets you set up reminders for any time, and it also lets you view a full calendar with everything you need to do during the day.

When talking about the Apple Watch, we can consider Fantastical to be one of the best apps for those who need to keep a tight track of their time, such as pregnant people who need to stay up-to-date with their doctor’s visits, for instance. Check out its App Store page to download the app!

20. Peak

Peak is a great app to use as a pastime when you’re bored since it comes with several games and challenges that you can enjoy at any moment. It has 45 different options in six amazing categories which you can play at any moment.

They claim that these games are a sort of brain workout to help you improve your memory, focus, agility, coordination, problem-solving skills, emotional control, and language skills. If you want to start using it, just follow this link!

21. Runtastic

Runtastic, on the other hand, is the perfect app for those who prefer running as their physical workout, and it even is one of the best workout apps around. After you install the app on your Apple Watch, and you have the device at your wrist, you will be able to see the distance you’ve run, your speed, how long it has been, the calories you’ve burnt, and more.

This is much more useful than having the app installed only on your iOS device since you would have to grab your phone out of your pocket to check it all the time. Follow this link to download Runtastatic by adidas!

22. Sonic Dash 2

It might even seem strange to put a Sonic game on our list, as one would expect to have the time and attention to enjoy a blue hedgehog game. But Sonic Dash 2’s gameplay is so simple and intuitive that it can be experienced with ease even on a smartwatch.

While Sonic runs non-stop, you have to pay attention to jump or dodge obstacles that appear. It is also possible to keep playing on the iPhone, which is a good alternative for levels that are more difficult to control on the Apple Watch. This game can be downloaded from this link.

23. Shazam

Something that can be really annoying is to hear a song you like at a shop and not know (or not remember) its name or even who’s playing it. Luckily, you can use Shazam, one of the best apps to listen to music offline, to discover this sort of information.

The app only needs to listen to a small part of the song and to be connected to the internet to give you all the details you could want. And, partly because of that, it ends up being one of the best Apple Watch apps. Follow this link to start using it!

24. CARROT Fit

CARROT Fit is another amazing workout app that comes with the ideal method for those who don’t have a lot of time in their day to workout. It comes with several different workouts that take no longer than 7 minutes to complete, and they call them “7 minutes in hell”.

Unlike many of these apps, it uses a lot of humor to encourage you to exercise with a lot of spoken tips, encouragement, reminders, rewards as you complete more difficult levels, and a lot more. Follow this link to download CARROT Fit on your Apple Watch!

25. Runeblade

Runeblade is a really cool game that features controls and mechanics completely optimized to play on the Apple Watch, making it much easier and more enjoyable to play the game, when compared to ported versions.

The game is basically a really traditional RPG with a lot of missions, many different characters, magical elements, and everything you could reasonably expect from a really complete mobile RPG game. You can download Runeblade by following this link!


26. Sleep++

Sleep++ is an app available both on your Apple Watch and on your favorite iOS device that promises to track your sleep automatically and check how healthy your sleep is or isn’t, providing you feedback on how to improve.

It will let you know how long you’ve slept and how much rest you actually got during the night. You can also use its manual mode, in which you can say when you start sleeping and when you wake up, instead of relying on the app to notice it. Follow this link to download the app.

27. Strava

Strava is another of the best workout apps for the Apple Watch, and it will track the workouts you do thoroughly, helping you achieve your goals easily and quickly. It’s particularly geared towards runs, but it also works with a lot of other types of exercise.

Those include, for instance, swimming, hiking, CrossFit, kayaking, rock climbing, yoga, and surfing, among a lot more. Follow this link to monitor your workouts!

28. 1Password

This is one of the best password managers around, being featured in our article about how to view your saved WiFi passwords in Windows 10. You can use it to store all your passwords from websites and digital services in a single, safe spot, so you don’t ever need to remember them again.

It will suggest secure passwords for you to use, reducing the likelihood of you having your account breached. Finally, this app lets you store much more than passwords, but also secure notes, banking details, and more. Download it right now!

29. Sky Guide

If you’re into astronomy (and into stargazing in particular), Sky Guide is by far one of the best Apple Watch apps for you! Here, you’ll get notifications about future astronomical events, such as eclipses, when the ISS is about to pass above you, about solar activity, and more.

Other than that, you can simply point your camera to the sky to get info about stars, constellations, planets, satellites, among much else. Follow this link and start using this amazing app!

30. Uber

To finish off our list, we have Uber, one of the best apps to make money. With its iPhone version, you’ll be able to get rides anywhere, easily, and cheap.

With the version for the Apple Watch, you can then track this ride, see where your driver is, how much longer until they reach your location, how far you are from your destination, and more. Download the app on the App Store!

Did you like any of the best Apple Watch apps?

Did you like our list and manage to find some new great apps for Apple Watch? Let us know in the comments what you think about these, and don’t forget to also check out our guide about what to do if you think you have a dead iPhone, how to avoid the most common iPhone charging mistakes, and learn how to better choose from the iPhone 11 colors!