The 10 best alternatives to Final Cut Pro!
The 10 best alternatives to Final Cut Pro!
The 10 best alternatives to Final Cut Pro!

The 10 best alternatives to Final Cut Pro!

Final Cut Pro is one of the best video editing programs you can find, offering incredible features. However, if you use Windows, you’ll need to use one of the alternatives to Final Cut Pro. After all, it’s only for Mac users!

So, if you want to start editing your videos using very complete programs made just for that, just check out our article below, where we talk about the best options available on the market!

1. Adobe Premiere Pro CC

We couldn’t start our list with any app other than Adobe Premiere Pro CC, created by Photoshop. This is a professional tool used by many of the biggest film, television, and YouTube editors, being Apple’s biggest competitor.

In this app, you’ll find simple, accurate color gradations so you can better adjust shadows, support to basically all current video formats and much more. It manages to even improve audio quality along other options for savvy editors out there. Check it out now!

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

2. Movavi Video Suite

Then we have another complete app that is also an easy-to-use option, Movavi Video Suite. With this app, you’ll have at hand the possibility to edit any video as you wish, both on Windows and Mac. It even allows you to record videos from your PC screen.

It has all the more advanced tools you could want, but it offers an “easy mode” that makes anyone get into editing. To top it off, it’s surprisingly lightweight and works on almost any computer! Discover more about Movavi clicking right here!

3. iMyFone Video Editor

iMyFone Video Editor is much more than one of the alternatives to Final Cut Pro, as it allows you to edit photos and videos in quick creation modes. It can also create presentations in a matter of minutes, in a really practical way.

Of course it is not as complete as the previous options, but it will still offer all the basic editing tools and the possibility to change the video speed. It even allows the use of multiple media files at the same time. Find out all about it by following the link.

4. Camtasia

Here we have Camtasia, an accessible option full of features in a complete package. Really, it’s not a professional-grade editor, but it’s one that values the user experience above all, while still allowing you to create great, high quality videos.

And, even though it’s quite simple, with this app you can record your screen and audio, your webcam, edit audio clips to add to videos, customize animations, and add transitions between scenes in your videos. Check out!

5. ApowerEdit

With ApowerEdit you’ll find all the features you could want in one of the alternatives to Final Cut Pro. With it, you’ll be able to edit videos and turn them into an amazing fit for platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and more.

You can cut your videos, merge several videos into one, resize them, add subtitles, text and music, remove the background from the videos, and use a varied effects library. The best part is that it is very simple to use. Find out more!



Another excellent option on our list is, with which you can do a little of everything. The best part is that it not only offers a desktop version, but you can also use it in any of the best internet browsers.

In it, you’ll find a library of visual media that you can use in the videos you want to create, which is particularly good for advertisements and for creating videos to use on social media. Check it out now!

7. Clideo

A very practical service, Clideo is really easy to understand. That is, anyone can use it! In addition, it is very safe and can be used directly over the web anywhere you are.

It offers a wide variety of editing options, including joining videos, changing their speed, and even converting videos before saving. The only downside is the fact that you are limited to 500MB files in the free version. Click the link to see more.

8. Vegas Pro

Vegas Pro is another of the best and most complete alternatives to Final Cut Pro. In other words, it is really advanced and professional, allowing you to create videos of the highest quality with relative simplicity, as long as you have an idea of what you’re doing.

It can even create subtitles automatically! It has an interface that is quite simple to use, produces everything fairly quickly, and supports HDR. The only downside is that it is a paid application. Find out more!

9. Cyberlink PowerDirector 365

Another one of the best alternatives to Final Cut Pro you can find is Cyberlink’s PowerDirector 365. Even though it’s paid, it’s well worth it due to the tools that are regularly added, access to thousands of templates and effects, and much more.

With it, you can mix multiple videos to create artistic scenes, remove the background, track movement so that text and graphics follow them. It lets you add transitions and effects, offers quick color corrections, and much more. Even though it’s professional, it’s easy to use. Check out!

10. VirtualDub

Finally, the last of our alternatives to Final Cut Pro is VirtualDub, a free app that has a wide variety of filters and color improvements to your video. It allows you to add audios, filters, adjust the frame rate per second… and so on, and so on!

Besides that, it allows you to edit only specific parts of your videos. Of course, all this using its easy-to-understand and easy-to-navigate user interface! Unfortunately, it’s not that complete, but since it’s free, it’s well worth it. Go to the official website to see more.

How’d you like this list of alternatives to Final Cut Pro?

Video editing can be a pain, it can be relaxing, it can be lucrative, it can be many things! But one thing that is consistent is that you will need good, reliable software to do so. Leave us a comment down below telling us what you think about this list, and tell us if we forgot any app that you think should be here!

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