6 tips to gain followers and raise engagement on Instagram

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It’s no secret that good engagement is the key to gain followers on Instagram. Therefore, in a social network where several brands and influencers compete for attention, it is important to create efficient strategies to promote and ensure interactions that will make you and stand out.

That’s how you do to earn your place on Instagram’s Explore page, where you can not only engage in meaningful ways promoting visibility, but also gain new followers! A good start might be to buy authentic likes left by real users using certain apps, a completely safe and legal way to net you engagement and kickstart your page. Then, just keep employing strategies to keep your page growing!

And if you don’t have any idea how to grow, you don’t need to worry. Below, we’ve listed six ways to improve your engagement in a mostly organic way.

1. Work on your bio, your content and your aesthetics

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Let’s start at the beginning. You need to focus on writing a bio that stands out and shows what your brand stands for. Try to be objective without being obnoxious. You are establish a brand after all, and the last thing you want is to come out annoying or pretentious.

Then focus on the content you are publishing. You need to create something unique and that will resonate with your target audience. There is no better way to guarantee organic likes than betting on quality content.

Another essential point is to build a visual identity that can reflect your brand’s personality and make your feed more attractive.

Before following your account, any visitor will check your page. This is a fact. Therefore, you need to ensure that they are attracted to your profile, which includes the visual presentation. Work with a graphic designer to make your aesthetics appealing to your target audience, ensuring that you will gain followers out of this endeavor!

2. Purchase services for Instagram

Here’s a secret for anyone looking to gain followers on Instagram: you can buy interactions to make it happen.

Buying services for Instagram means you can purchase a wide array of interactions from third party companies. Likes, comments and followers are all interactions that can be bought, and that can help you start that journey to success and make it all happen much faster. The reasons for this include:

  • A large number of followers will surely make your profile pop out among others, which in turn will make other people want to follow you.
  • A large quantity of likes can make you reach the Explore page, bringing more likes and followers in a completely organic way.
  • Nobody wants to be the first person to like a post. That’s why having a high number of likes guarantees that a high number of people will interact with your publication.

The only thing you need to look out for when purchasing these services is to make sure you are purchasing authentic interactions performed by real users. Avoid companies that work with bots or request your private information, such as your Instagram password.

3. Focus on captions and hashtags

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Captions may not be a visual aspect, yet it’s important to take the time to properly write these in a manner that has your followers engage with them.

In addition, hashtags can also attract a veritable flood of likes and help you gain followers. Search for the most interesting hashtags for your niche and target audience, a task that can be done with the help of applications like these, and quickly increase your visibility.

We recommend that you use between 8 and 10 hashtags per post. We know Instagram allows for more than that, but remember that quality is always better than quantity.

4. Stories are the secret to success

If you want your audience not to forget about you, stories are the best way to ensure your visibility.

That’s because by posting Stories frequently, you’ll be connecting in a more active manner with your audience while allowing them to continue to engage with your content. It is also worth noting that the first thing most Instagram users do when opening the application is to view the Stories.

It is possible to use filters and stickers to make things lighter and more fun. Furthermore, creating your own filters and suggesting that your followers use them is also a possibility, being another strategy to increase your visibility and gain followers.

5. Try giveaways and make use of user-generated content

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Everyone loves to win free stuff, so giveaways are always an effective way to increase your engagement and gain followers on Instagram. To ensure these go right, just establish some rules like asking your followers to share the promo post in their Stories or tag a friend. This will help increase your number of likes and comments. Here are some apps that can make this task way easier!

In addition, you can also leverage user-generated content about your brand. These are posts made by customers of your business on your own profile featuring some of the products or services you offer. That way, new user traffic is directed to your profile as you share what was posted.

6. Keep on your statistics

Since you’re working to achieve the best possible results, it’s only fair to keep an eye on your page’s statistics and watch its growth closely.

This is possible thanks to Instagram Insights, which can be very useful for increasing your engagement and helping you gain followers for two main reasons:

  • It allows you to take a look at your content and find out what results in a higher number of interactions.
  • It allows you to find out what are the best moments to post on Instagram, since it will show you the best possible time to do so.

There also other apps that can help you with this task. Click here for a few of them!

Did you like these tips to gain followers?

Keep in mind that these tips to gain followers are not only aimed at people, but also businesses! Did you ever make use of any of these tools? What is your experience with Instagram? Tell us more down below in the comment section!