10 apps to simulate a haircut

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Changing hair color and haircut is important to mark new phases in our lives and renew self-esteem. With apps to simulate a haircut, you can experiment with different styles without having to commit to a real change. They allow you to find the perfect look before making a final decision.

Currently, there are several applications to simulate haircuts. Tools like Virtual Hairstyler, Style My Hair, Stylecaster and Hair Zapp give users the chance to experiment with different styles, colors, and cuts, making it easier to choose the ideal look and providing a fun experience in the decision process.

If you’re thinking about changing your look, but still don’t know which style to adopt, check out our list of the best apps to simulate a haircut.

How to simulate the haircut?

To simulate a haircut, you need to take a photo of your face in a well-lit room with a neutral background. To have a good result in the simulations you need to tie your hair or pull it back. You can also use some of these apps for perfect photos. = Then just upload the photo to your chosen app or website and start experimenting with the different styles available.

With these apps to simulate a haircut, you can test a wide variety of aspects related to your looks like cutting styles, colors, hairstyles, and accessories. For men, some apps also offer the possibility to try out different beard and mustache styles.

See now our list of the best pps to simulate a haircut that we created especially for you.

Apps to simulate the haircut

1. Hair Zapp

Hair Zapp is a free haircut simulation app available for Android and iOS devices. The app allows users to try on a wide variety of hairstyles, cuts, and colors before making a final decision on their desired look.

Hair Zapp is a versatile app that offers many options, including hairstyles in all lengths, colors, and styles. With 500 different hairstyles available for free, it’s a handy tool for anyone who wants to try out new looks.

While accessible to anyone, the app also has a paid version with additional features, specially designed for beauty professionals who want to improve their skills and offer their clients a personalized experience.

2. Stylecaster Makeover Studio

Stylecaster is a website focused on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. It offers content on the latest trends, fashion tips, beauty advice, and lifestyle inspiration. The site has a tool called “Makeover Studio”, which allows you to experiment with different haircuts, colors, and makeup.

At Makeover Studio, you can upload a photo of yourself and start experimenting with various hair and makeup options. The tool is easy to use and helps you visualize how the style changes might look on you before making a decision.

A differentiator of this haircut simulator is the ability to try out styles inspired by your celebrities and influencers. This feature allows you to preview how these personalities’ hair would look on you, providing inspiration and helping you make a decision about your own style makeover.

3. Mary Kay MirrorMe Web

Mary Kay MirrorMe Web is a free online tool developed by the Mary Kay multi-level marketing cosmetics company that allows users to virtually try on makeup products and different hair styles. The platform is ideal for those who want to try out new looks before investing in beauty products or changing their hair style.

The tool lets you try a wide variety of Mary Kay products, including lipsticks, eye shadows, eyeliners, blushes, and more. However, it is also possible to experiment with different cuts, colors and styles of hair.

You can upload a photo of yourself or choose a model from the platform with characteristics similar to yours. The tool allows you to adjust the position and size of the applied products to obtain a more realistic result.

4. Hairstyle Changer

Hairstyle Changer is a free app available for Android devices that allows users to virtually try out different hair modifications. The tool is ideal for anyone looking for a change of look, but who wants to avoid the scare of an unwanted transformation.

The application to simulate a haircut has a diverse catalog, offering a variety of options for haircuts and colors. With Hairstyle Changer, you can find the perfect look for your hair type and face shape.

This tool also makes it possible to adjust the position and size of the hair in the image, providing a more realistic result and allowing better visualization of how the new style will look on you.

5. Virtual Hairstyler

Virtual Hairstyler Apps to simulate the haircut

Virtual Hairstyler is a tool that allows users to visualize how the changes in the look would look before going to the salon. Virtual Hairstyler can be used by anyone and is a great option for anyone looking to explore new styling options.

To use Virtual Hairstyler, you need to upload a photo of yourself against a neutral background. The tool offers a diverse catalog of options for haircuts, colors, and hairstyles, suitable for different hair types and personal preferences.

Virtual Hairstyler features thousands of haircut variations for you to experiment with. If you prefer not to use your own photo, the site provides images of models for you to try different styles. Additionally, the tool also includes celebrity cuts, providing even more inspiration for your new look.

6. Virtual Hair Color Try On

Next up in our list of apps to simulate a haircut, we present Virtual Hair Color Try On, which is an app developed by L’Oréal Paris that allows users to virtually try out different hair colors before deciding to make a real change. The tool is perfect for anyone who wants to color their hair but is wary of committing to a specific color without knowing how it will look.

The app offers a wide variety of hair colors, from natural shades to bolder, more vibrant options. It uses augmented reality technology to virtually apply hair colors to your image, providing a realistic and immersive experience.

In addition, Virtual Hair Color Try On allows you to customize the experience, adapting the color and intensity of the shades to best suit your preferences. The app also offers useful tips and information about hair coloring and color maintenance, helping you make the best decision possible.

7. Hairstyle Try On

Hairstyle Try On is a tool that allows users to virtually try different haircuts, colors, and styles on themselves using an image or camera in real time. It is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to analyze the user’s image and realistically apply different hairstyles to it.

By using Hairstyle Try On, users can see how they would look with a new hairstyle or hair color before making any drastic hair changes. They can also try out a different style for a special occasion like a wedding or a party.

In the free version, users have access to 36 free hairstyles in different lengths. In the paid version of the application, it is possible to purchase style packs with more than 800 hairstyles in total. With this feature, users can try a wide range of hairstyles, from classic cuts to modern and edgy styles.

8. FaceApp

FaceApp is a photo editing application developed by the Russian company Wireless Lab. It uses artificial intelligence technology to transform a person’s face into a variety of different styles and appearances, including changing age, gender, hair color, and makeup style.

FaceApp offers a wide variety of hair variation options for users to try. The application features a diverse selection of hairstyles, such as short cuts, and long cuts, for curly or straight hair, and even has options for bangs. In addition, it is possible to test different hair colors, from natural tones, such as brown and blonde, to more daring options, such as pink, blue, and green.

For men, FaceApp offers different beard and mustache styles for users, such as goatee, full beard, and thin mustache, among others.

But if you try it and don’t like it, you can choose one of these best FaceApp alternatives.

9. Hairfit Kpop Hairstyle Simulator

Hairfit Kpop Hairstyle Simulator

Hairfit Kpop Hairstyle Simulator is undoubtedly a unique app for simulating haircuts on our list. Its specialty is Korean hairstyles with an emphasis on K-Pop culture.

This app lets you try popular hairstyles from K-Pop, K-Drama, and street trends in Seoul. Hairfit offers many customization options, such as adjusting hair color and shine, allowing you to create the perfect look. You can also share the results with your friends or post them on social media.

In addition, the application makes it possible to follow the hairstyle trends of South Korean celebrities. Although Hairfit Kpop Hairstyle Simulator received a lot of positive reviews on the Google Play Store, some users mentioned the excessive advertisements as a negative point.

10. Hair Salon Hairstyles Camera

Hair Salon Hairstyles Camera easily one of the best apps to simulate haircuts, with more than 1000 hairstyles in its collection. This app stands out by offering bold and intense hair colors to experiment with, as well as a tool that lets you customize your hair color as per your preferences.

Easy to use, Hair Salon Hairstyles Camera is probably the simplest and most intuitive app on this list.

Although it’s free, not all cropping styles are available in the basic version, which might be disappointing for some users. However, a free premium hairstyle is released daily to try. The paid version offers additional features and tools that can justify the investment for those who want to explore even more options.

Tips for getting the best results with the apps to simulate a haircut

Although we have provided a list of the best options for simulating haircuts, it is important to take into account some aspects to get the most out of these tools.

First, consider your face shape (oval, round, square, heart, or long) when choosing a cut. Each face shape has haircuts that flatter it and others that may not be as harmonious. Look for references and inspirations in celebrities, friends, or social networks that have face shapes and characteristics similar to yours. This can help you visualize how the hairstyle might look on you.

Also, consider the texture and volume of your hair. Some people have finer hair, while others have thicker, more voluminous hair. Certain haircuts are more suitable for certain hair types. Think about your lifestyle and the amount of time you are willing to dedicate to caring for and maintaining your hair. Some cuts require more time and effort to style and maintain the desired look.

Finally, talk to a trusted professional. They have the experience and knowledge to suggest haircuts that suit you and suit your needs.

How should I take the photo to simulate the haircut?

When uploading a photo of your face to any of these apps, use a good-quality, well-lit photo, as this will make it easier to apply the effects and provide a more accurate simulation of the desired haircut. When taking the photo, position yourself facing the camera, keeping your head straight and your face visible, which will help ensure a good result when the app applies the hairstyle.

These fantastic tips for taking pictures of yourself will also help you make good photos to use in these apps.

Keep in mind that apps are simulation tools only and cannot predict with absolute accuracy how a haircut will look on you. Use them as a starting point to explore different styles, but don’t expect perfect results.

It’s also important to consider the texture and volume of your hair, as apps may not take this into account when applying effects. Therefore, consider whether the chosen cut will suit your hair type.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to get the most out of the haircut simulation tools and find the perfect style for you.