9 Free apps Every College Student Needs

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Apps every college student needs are more and more common. Here, we gather only the best free apps for you to study smarter!

Being a student is so difficult. You have to deal with huge flows of information, perform many tasks, try to reach your potential, and not forget about anything important, especially if you have to study remotely. Then the students have an even greater responsibility; it becomes more difficult not to lose sight of anything and achieve their goals.

But, modern students have one significant advantage, which even a dozen years ago could not even be dreamed of. We are talking about digital technologies and their latest developments. Today, there are various apps that every college student needs which are already used by many people. They can be installed on a computer or smartphone, giving access to additional help that is very useful.

What apps every college student needs to organize their learning more effectively, expand their capabilities and learn more useful information? Much depends on what profession they receive and in what direction they need help. Everything is individual.

However, we will consider the most popular apps every college student needs for study, among which there are definitely several suitable ones.



1. Sleep Cycle

If you find it hard to wake up in the morning, it may be due to sleep phases. This app every college student needs keeps track of the proper time to wake up. If you wake up during the fast phase, you will feel rested and invigorated, and the app will help you with that.


2. EssayShark

You will definitely have a lot of assignments at college, so you will need a good paper writing app. One of our favorite apps every college student needs is EssayShark because once you place an order there, you can relax and let professional writers deal with it. EssayShark also has a big team of experts, giving you lots of flexibility when you need to choose which helper to ask to get things done. Also, you can easily contact them, making this a great collaboration tool.

EssayShark has a good reputation among students. You can see it here — https://www.10news.com/sdconnect/essay-writer-services-top-five-write-my-essay-websites-to-consider. We recommend using this app every college student need if you have problems with your essays or other types of papers. Given its ubiquity and versatility, EssayShark is worth using.


3. Scanbot

This is a free app every college student need that can be installed on a smartphone running Android or iOS. For students forced to use library books, this is a real salvation. The program is designed to scan texts. And, definitely, it makes it better than a cell phone camera. It allows you to immediately sort scans into albums, upload them to the cloud storage or easily convert them to a PDF file.

A paid version of Scanbot is also available, which provides a text recognition function.


4. FBRreader

It is worth adding this free functionality to the list of apps every college student needs, which can be used on smartphones and tablets with Android OS. FBReader will allow you to read e-books wherever you are – at home, on the road, and during classes. This will speed up the learning process and make it more fruitful. It supports all the most popular formats.


5. Storytel

Convenient apps every college student needs to master a large amount of literature should definitely include Storytel. There is not always time and energy to read the information on your own. With this program, you will have the opportunity to listen to audiobooks, which will allow you not to spoil your eyesight and not carry a lot of books with you.

The application can be installed on iPhone and Android devices. It offers work in voice acting in different languages. Synchronization with other devices is available, due to which you can continue listening to any of them from the place where you left off. You can use the program offline, but first, you need to download the books.

The application is free. For extremely modest means, you can use additional options.


6. SpeechTexter

The application is installed on Android devices for free. A web version is also available, designed to work only in Google Chrome. It is a voice recorder capable of converting speech immediately into text format. This is a real lifesaver for students who record lectures and note down lessons. The program is based on the Cloud Speech API speech recognition technology, which is also used in Google Assistant. It supports more than 60 languages. It is possible to work with the application even without Internet access, for which you need to download the desired language pack in advance.


6. ToDoist

This is a timetable app for students to help them plan their daily tasks in a convenient and easy way. With just a few clicks, it will allow you to record the transfer of the lecture and fix the date and time of the appointment. But, this is not all the possibilities of this program. In it, you can set and view tasks by importance and due date, set reminders, split them into groups, and do much more. For each successful performance, there are points that are pleasantly motivating.

The app is free, but you can also use its paid version. It provides synchronization with Google calendar. It is used on Android and iOS devices.



7. MyScript Calculator

Considering free applications for students who have to deal with complex mathematical calculations in their studies, this program will definitely come in handy. It allows you to use your Android device or iPhone as a piece of paper to perform various calculations.

The application supports handwriting, which makes it possible to write down the entire example without entering the roots, degrees, and so on separately. The functionality itself will translate what you wrote into signs and quickly show the result.


8. Recordium

The voice recorder application is designed to be installed on iOS devices, which allows you to download it on iPhone and iPad. Its advantage is the ability to highlight certain fragments so as not to listen to the entire lecture or seminar.


9. Get back to studying with helpful apps!

If you are looking to get back into learning, all of the apps listed above are amazing for helping you study. The combination means you can get most of your work done in a portable way without relying on the laptop to be productive.