The 7 best apps to get likes on Instagram

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Using apps to get likes on Instagram might look as weird as buying followers. However, this is very much of a different case.

Buying followers not only might hurt your reputation as a digital influencer, but also means you can be banned at any time. However, apps to get likes on Instagram simply shorten the process and save time, in this case, the time it would take for you to interact, increasing your chances of getting real and engaged followers.

There’s a good number of apps that can help you on this endeavor. The majority of them, by the way, work as a profile manager, allowing you to program automatic direct messages or even schedule your post ideas. If you are having trouble getting verified, check out this quick how-to!

Using these services, you’ll need only to get your your Instagram stories working properly and focus on creating content for your followers.

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Get to know the 7 best apps to get likes on Instagram!

1. Grow Social

Grow Social is one of the best apps to get likes on instagram

It has all the functionalities and features for people who need to manage their Instagram account. Besides automatic likes, you’ll be able to program specific profiles to follow. Grow Social also has a calendar for you to schedule your posts and Stories. You’ll also be able to send automatic messages to new followers through the app, in case saying hi is important to you!

You can click this link and get registered right now to start testing Grow Social for 3 days completely for FREE!

2. Like4Like

In terms of apps to get likes, Like4Like is as straightforward as it gets. This app works by aggregating users and having them like each other’s posts, the more posts you like, the more likes you receive in return. You can like them by yourself, or automate the process and allow the app to like all the posts you have in front of you.

Like4Like is perfectly usable to grow your account. Glowing reviews note the ease of use, even through the process of getting likes is not very fast. The app is available for Android, and you can download it in this link.

3. Likulator


Likulator works a little differently than other apps to get likes. It gamifies the experience by offering you coins when liking other people’s posts and watching ads, and you may use these coins for likes and followers. The app also features hashtags to increase your popularity.

Even though it has great reviews, some people do notice that it requires patience, as you’ll need a fair amount of coins to exchange for followers and likes, coins that you get through just normally using the app. In order to try Likulator, click this link to be taken to its store page.

4. Likes Hash

Likes Hash is simple and straightforward. You’ll be asked to login, will be given a selection of topics and from these topics you’ll choose the hashtag that you like the most. The app gives you hundreds of likes after watching an ad or two.

It’s a simple app, and that is reflected on its interface. An unimaginative design might be not very appealing, but the reviews seem to indicate that it performs well enough for you to notice a sharp increase in engagement. You can check out Likes Has by clicking this link.

5. LikeBooster

How about having an artificial intelligence analyzing your photos and suggesting you the best hashtags possible? Differently than other apps to get likes on Instagram, LikeBooster does so by improving the quality of your posts and increasing engagement.

LikeBooster does have a paid version, but the free version might be more than enough. The user interface is clean and well-designed, making sure that it is a comfortable app to use. You can download LikeBooster right here.

6. PowerLikes

PowerLikes is one of the apps to get likes on Instagram fast

A complete tool that aims at managing your account boost your likes and followers. PowerLikes will analyze your profile and recommend hashtags, while also allowing you to use a built-in editor to make your photos and videos even better!

The app is perfect even for small companies that are looking into making use of hashtags to boost their engagement in social media. In case this did catch your eye, click here to download it.

7. HikeTop

Much like other apps to get likes here in this list, HikeTop offers you relevant captions and hashtags for your posts aimed at increasing their reach and their appeal. Plenty of options here to spice up your profile, if you are going for an influencer vibe.

Kept up to date more so than most apps to get likes, this one also looks great, with a darkened user interface that goes easy on the eyes. You can download it right here.

So, were these apps to get likes any useful to you?

Growing on social media can be quite the endeavor. Hopefully these apps to get likes helped you in some way or another! Leave us a comment down below if this helped you, or if we missed an app that you think should be here.

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