Top 10 best video websites like YouTube!

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It’s become customary for us to go straight to YouTube when we want to watch some videos, mainly due to the large amount of content that is produced specifically for the website on a daily basis. Even so, there are many other amazing video websites like YouTube that have quality content that frequently can’t even be found on Google’s platform!

If you want to learn more about these video websites so you can have more variety to watch what you want, or even if you just want an alternative to make your own video channel, just check out down below our list with the best alternatives you can find!

1. Vimeo

After YouTube, Vimeo is most likely to be the most well-known and used video websites on the internet. Its interface is extremely good-looking and easy to use, and you can even sign up to the platform right when you begin (even if it is an optional step).

The content that gets posted to Vimeo is usually more serious, with a lot of short movies, for instance, which makes it the perfect spot if you want to learn more about amazing audiovisual projects or if you have something more professional you want to upload. You can see more about Vimeo on its official website.

Vimeo video websites like YouTube

2. DailyMotion

When it comes to the number of users, DailyMotion is the most popular video website like YouTube, with over 110 million users each month. Its interface might not be the prettiest, since it looks like an older website, but it does work seamlessly.
Other than watching, you can upload your videos for free and even make money with your content if you wish to take part in a special program made by the website. To reach DailyMotion, follow this link.

3. Metacafe

If you think YouTube was the pioneer when it comes to video websites, you’re sorely mistaken. Metacafe was the first website of this kind to go live on the internet, back in 2003. It is still active, even today, and has over 40 million users per month, with hundreds of millions of videos you can watch!

Its design is different from other video websites, but it is still a good look. To start using this great alternative to YouTube, you can follow this link!

4. Veoh

Veoh is very similar to YouTube in many regards and it has been growing quickly in the past few years, both when it comes to new videos and to the number of users it has.

Its interface is extremely clean, although not very attractive, and the website itself has some features that heavily resemble those of social media platforms (if you sign up, of course). To see more, follow the link!

Veoh video websites like YouTube

5. Flickr

It might seem weird to you that we decided to include what is an amazing image hosting and sharing website as a video website like YouTube, but the truth is that Flickr also lets its users upload videos as they wish.

The website offers 1 TB of free storage and works more as a way for you to share videos with people who are close to you than as a way to post something for millions to see. Go to the website by following the link.

6. The Internet Archive

A web-based library, The Internet Archive is a place where you can easily find all sorts of content that are available on the internet, and all for free. For instance, books, software, and videos are widely available.

They also keep a historical report of everything ever uploaded to the internet, so that you can find obscure videos, TV shows, movies and almost anything else. Go to the website and click on video on the top of the screen to start using it!

7. Twitch

When we talk about live streams, we can’t forget about Twitch, one of the most famous websites around the world, especially among people who are looking to watch games. Nowadays, Twitch has a huge diversity of channels, becoming one of the video websites like YouTube. Here, you can find music channels or even some exclusive shows!

If what you’re after is live content, Twitch is certainly worth checking out. It is completely free to use and it also lets its users donate or even pay for subscriptions to the channels they follow. Learn more here!

Twitch video websites like YouTube

8. is a platform that looks quite similar to YouTube. On this website, you can search for most-watched videos, videos that are quickly rising in popularity, and even use playlists with the most recently uploaded videos.

Just like on YouTube, you can “Like” or “Dislike” the videos, as well as subscribe to the channels you enjoy the most and leave comments on the videos. It is an amazing option that’s really worth checking out to find new and different content. Follow this link to see more.

9. VIDLii

VIDLii is another amazing platform like YouTube, being widely considered as one of the best video websites. Here, you will face an interface that’s very different from Google’s platform, but that still is very organized and intuitive.

On this website, you can give ratings to the videos from 1 to 5 stars and you can also leave comments, if you want. The videos are quite varied, so you can find almost anything on VIDLii. To start using it, follow the link!

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10. IGTV

Finishing off, we have IGTV, or Instagram TV. This is an amazing video sharing platform made by Instagram, that has been working to be a hard challenge to the already well-established YouTube. If you want to get popular on Instagram, try using some of the most popular Instagram hashtags or implement our Instagram bio ideas!

It comes with a wide array of features designed to look simple, such as being able to integrate Instagram followers in targeted videos. This is by far the best option if you like some big Instagram celebrities since they typically post their videos here. Download the app for Android or for iOS!

So, did you enjoy any of the video websites like YouTube?

Now you can have a wonderful variety of options when you want to either watch something or upload your videos. Let us know in the comments if you already knew or used any of these websites and don’t forget to check out all the best ways to make money online, and the websites to get Instagram followers!