12 best apps to do live streams (Android & iPhone 2023)

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In recent years, live streams have become increasingly popular. Whether it’s to promote products and services, interact with the public, or simply share everyday moments, these streams are an excellent way to connect with your audience and expand your brand’s reach. That’s why it’s so important to know which are the best apps to do live streams on your Android or iPhone.

With the growing demand for this type of content, several applications have emerged that facilitate live streaming. The most used apps to do live streams are Streamyard, Belive, and Restream but there are others.

By choosing the right application for your live stream, you will have the opportunity to create quality content that can attract your audience’s attention and generate engagement for your business. Therefore, it is important to know the options available on the market and choose the one that best meets your needs and goals.

Best apps to do live streams: what should I worry about?

When going live, there are several things to consider. The first is whether you want to stream simultaneously to multiple platforms. Native platforms such as YouTube or Instagram allow you to perform live streams, but they will always be limited to the platforms of these social networks.

The second concern is related to whether this application allows you to transmit from the PC or if it is only on your phone. Nowadays, most platforms allow you to stream both on your cell phone and on your computer, but there are exceptions.

Finally, you should consider whether you want to share your screen or not. If you intend to share the screen, using the PC becomes essential. Finally, respect the rules of each platform so as not to run the risk of being banned.

Given the warnings, let’s get to the list!

1. StreamYard


It’s the app I use for my business and the one I recommend if you want to do live streams for Facebook and Youtube at the same time. It is extremely simple. Just create your account, connect it to your Facebook or Youtube and you’re ready to stream.

They have a free plan that allows for up to 20 hours of streaming per month. The Basic plan, on the other hand, is unlimited in terms of the number of hours, it can have up to 10 simultaneous participants in the stream and broadcast simultaneously to 3 locations. This Basic plan starts at 25 dollars.

Every time I’ve used it I haven’t had any problems, it’s also very lightweight and that means you don’t have to strain the computer too much, unlike an OBS which ends up demanding a lot. Despite not having an app for Android or iPhone, you can use Streamyard on your mobile device using the browser login.

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2. Restream

restream best apps to do live streams

Restream is a very famous live-streaming tool, being used by large companies in the market. With this platform, it is possible to make simultaneous transmissions to several social networks, reaching a larger audience in different channels.

One of the advantages of Restream is that it allows you to use external software, such as Zoom or OBS, to perform the live stream. This means that you can configure the broadcast as you wish and then send it to the social networks of your choice.

It also has built-in chat, which allows you to chat with your audience in real time during the broadcast. This is important to generate engagement and increase interaction with the audience.

Another interesting feature of Restream is the option to schedule live broadcasts, which allows you to set a specific date and time for the live. This is useful for scheduling broadcasts in advance and ensuring your audience is aware of when your next live stream will happen.

The streaming app also has paid plans that offer additional features, such as broadcasts in Full HD quality and integration with analytics tools to track your broadcast data.

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3. Be.Live

Be.Live is perfect for anyone who wants to broadcast live on Facebook. It has several tools to improve the quality of your live streams. Among them, is the possibility of highlighting important questions, allowing them to appear so that you can provide an answer to your audience.

In addition, the program also makes it possible to share the screen, which will help a lot for those who use the transmissions to give lessons or teach something specific. It is also possible to insert text and images in your live streams using the program.

Best of all: Be.Live has a very low cost to offer you all these tools. Its basic monthly plan costs around $25 per month.

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4. OneStream

Onestream is a live video streaming platform that does a lot of what we’ve talked about so far but has some particularities. One of the main advantages is the ability to broadcast live on more than 40 platforms simultaneously, allowing the user to reach a larger audience on different social networks.

Another advantage of Onestream is the ease of use of the platform. With an intuitive interface, the user can start broadcasting live in a few minutes, without the need for complicated configurations or specialized technical knowledge. This allows even streaming beginners to create high-quality live streams.

In addition, Onestream offers advanced features for customizing broadcasts, such as the ability to add logos, and different backgrounds and invite other users to use. It also allows you to record and broadcast your live streams later, scheduling times.

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5. Facebook Live

Another excellent option is one included within the Facebook app itself, allowing quick interactions with your family, friends, fans, and viewers through today’s largest social network.

Through it, it is possible to gain supporters (subscribers), stars (donations), and much more. It’s also quite easy to use, allowing for real-time conversations via the comments section. You can do Facebook streams using the app itself, both on your personal profile and on your business page. Unlike the previous options, when you do it on Facebook you won’t be able to broadcast on other social networks at the same time.

6. Instagram Live

Another of the best apps to do live streams is also one of the biggest social networks today: Instagram. Through it, you can perform streams using the Stories tool, allowing you to connect with your followers at the same time.

It’s probably the easiest way to go live with just the click of a button. With it, you can do live streams of up to 24 hours and even save them after they finish. In Instagram Lives you can add filters, invite up to 4 people and add titles.

You can also share images or earn money from donations made by participants. However, for this last point, your profile needs to be enabled for this.

7. Youtube Live

One of the biggest video platforms, Youtube also has the functionality that allows you to live stream. Using it, you can interact with a really large number of people, being able to promote your brand, and your art, make tutorials, and much more.

To be able to use it, your account must not be too new. It is very easy to use, its streams appear in the home tab of certain users, it allows you to create content with professional-level editions, and allows you to chat during the transmission.


8. TikTok

Since we are talking about social networks, it is worth remembering that TikTok also allows you to live stream very easily. One of the advantages of TikTok live streams is the ease of use of the platform. With just a few taps on the screen, you can start a live stream and start interacting with your audience in real time. In addition, TikTok offers a series of features and tools to improve the quality of the broadcast, such as filters, special effects, and audio features.

During the live stream, viewers can send comments, likes, and virtual gifts. Virtual gifts, in particular, are a way to earn money for content creators, who can receive a portion of the value of the gifts they receive while streaming.

9. Twitch

The brand favored by younger users, Twitch, is also a great option. Despite being used a lot by gamers, the app is also used to make other types of transmissions such as music or entertainment.

Another advantage of broadcasting live using Twitch is the possibility of monetization. The platform offers several ways to earn money from streams, including selling subscriptions, ads, and viewer donations. Content creators can also leverage engagement tools like live chat and polls to increase audience engagement and fan loyalty.

10. CameraFi Live

We also have CameraFi Live, an app developed exclusively for Android that allows live transmissions to the most diverse platforms and networks such as Facebook, Youtube, or Twitch.

With it, transmissions have no time limits. It is possible to connect external cameras to further increase the quality of your stream, in addition to other excellent options. In it, you can add images, filters, and audio. If you want to do game streams, that’s not a problem either: the app lets you share your screen, leaving just an image of your face in the corner while you play.

CameraFi Live best apps to do live streams

11. OBS Studio

If what you’re looking for are professional lives performed on your computer, OBS Studio is one of the best options. It is extremely complete, but not the easiest to use.

When learning, however, it becomes the best option. In it, you can even add intermission vignettes, plus you can sync with several other networks and websites (eg Twitch!). It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux via the link.

12. Wirecast

Finally, we have Wirecast, another excellent option for professional live streams that is only available for computers. It’s really complete, possibly even moreso than OBS, but on the other hand, Wirecast is paid.

In it, you can broadcast to Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, and other platforms, you can record while doing the live stream, it allows the addition of live subtitles to the content, and many other amazing features. Head over to the official website to see more.

Wirecast best apps to do live streams

Some common questions about the best apps to do live streams:

What’s the best app to do live streams?

From our list, without a doubt, we recommend any of the first four options. All of them have already been approved by our team and have proven to be very safe options. By making simultaneous transmissions you will be able to reach a much larger audience.

What is the most used platform to do live streams?

If we talk about software that makes simultaneous transmissions, without a doubt that Streamyard is the most used. If we talk about platforms that broadcast to a single social network, Youtube still dominates despite the growth of Twitch.

How many subscribers do I need to start doing live streams on Youtube?

You need to have at least 1000 subscribers on your Youtube channel to do your first live stream.