The top 20 most important item recipes in Minecraft

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Like the name suggests, Minecraft is about collecting materials and crafting items. In order to do this, you’d need to know exactly how to place these materials in the crafting grid, either your own inventory’s or the crafting table’s.

It’s hard to keep in mind all the most important recipes, since dozens and dozens of those exist. If you don’t have access to Minecraft and would like to try it, here’s how to play the game for free on Windows!

In order to help you memorize and prioritize itemization, we prepared a list with some of the most important basic recipes in the game. Check them out down below!

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1. Wooden plank

minecraft plank

In order to create a wooden plank, you are going to need a single wood block on the lower part of the crafting grid.

2. Stick

crafting stick

In order to craft sticks, you are going to need two wooden planks, one in the lower part of the creation grid and one right above it.

3. Torch


In order to create a torch and bring light to those dark corners, you are going to need sticks and coal. A single coal piece right above a stick should suffice. Torches should help you with some of the most problematic dungeons in Minecraft.

4. Crafting table

crafting table

The crafting table is the first step in your journey to more complex recipes. If you want to craft it, place a wooden plank in every single slot of your crafting grid.

5. Furnace


With a furnace, you’ll be able to smelt ores into ingots and cook to keep yourself well-fed. Place six cobblestone blocks all around the crafting table’s crafting grid, leaving an empty slot right in the middle.

6. Chest


Minecraft is all about items. If you are looking for somewhere to place your items, try a chest! All you need to do is place wooden planks in every slot but the middle one in a crafting table.

7. Paper

crafting paper

Paper can be used to craft books and maps in your Minecraft world. In order to craft it, place three pieces of sugar cane horizontally in any line of the crafting table’s grid.

8. Stairs

minecraft stairs

Stairs makes vertical traversal the scenario much, much easier! You may craft stairs by placing sticks in an “H” formation on the grid.

9. Pickaxe


As you can imagine, the pickaxe is great for mining rocks, metals and other types of ore. You can craft it by placing two sticks on the middle slot and the one right below it, with materials like wood, cobblestone, iron, gold and diamond on the upper part. The rarer the material, the higher the quality.

10. Hoe

hoe recipe

A hoe can be used to turn certain types of terrain into soil fit for planting. You can craft it in a similar way to the pickaxe, placing two sticks vertically close to each other and then two base material blocks (wood, iron…) on the upper part, one in the center.

11. Shovel

minecraft shovel

The shovel will help you get rid of soft blocks, like dirt and sand. All you need to craft it is two sticks and a single material block on top of it.

12. Axe


Your axe will be used to cut down trees. In order to create it, you may place two sticks vertically and three other material blocks in the shape of an “L”.

13. Door


It’s important to create a door to allow you to easily come and go from your shelter while also blocking the passage of monsters and other enemies. You may create a door by laying out six wooden planks vertically. You may even use iron to create a reinforced door!

Besides that, an interesting curiosity would be that the color of wood used will influence the color the door has!

14. Window

how to make a window

It is possible to create a window for your shelter, too! All you need is six pieces of glass in the superior and central parts of the crafting grid.

15. Fence


Minecraft allows you to herd animals, but in order to do that, you’ll need a fence. To create fences, you need six wooden planks in the central and lower parts of the crafting table’s grid.

16. Fence gate

fence gate recipe on minecraft

If you want a gate for your fence, you need to place two wooden planks in the middle and four sticks, two in each side of it.

17. Book

book recipe

Book may be crafted by placing three pieces of paper on the superior part of the grid and a single piece of leather on the middle slot.

18. Book shelf

bookshelf on minecraft

You will need a book shelf to keep your books in order. In order to craft it, you’ll need three wooden planks on the superior and inferior parts of the crafting grid and three books in the central part.

19. Bed

bed recipe

A bed will allow your character to rest and immediately skips the entire night. To craft it, place three wooden planks on the lower part of the grid and three pieces of wool in the central part.

If you are playing online, the bed will only skip the period of the night if every player is laying down on a bed, so it might not be very useful if you are playing with a lot of people. If you ever die, Minecraft allows you to respawn on the bed you last slept on.

19. Boat

how to make a boat on minecraft

The boat makes it easy and practical to navigate the waters of Minecraft. You may craft it by placing five wooden planks in an “U” formation around a shovel.

20. Compass

minecraft compass

You can create a compass by placing redstone in the middle of the grid and iron ingots on the top, bottom, left and right of it.

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