30 amazing options of what to post on Instagram!

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Sometimes we simply run out of ideas of what we can actually post to our social media platforms so we can please our followers and our target audience. This is extremely common to happen, and for that reason, we bring to you this article with some of the best options of what to post on Instagram.

Check out our suggestions down below and find out the ones that better fit your business profile!

1. Guides and tutorials

Think about your public and think if posting guides and tutorials about the type of content you share on your profile would be a good idea and if it would get likes. For instance, if you share a lot of things about food, party snacks, and sweets on Instagram, why not create a quick IGTV video or post an image with a nice recipe?

People tend to use social media platforms for one of these three main reasons:

  • To get informed;
  • For entertainment;
  • To study.

And tutorials can be in any of these three fields (maybe even more than one of them!). You can create tutorials where you teach your followers to best use your product, for instance.

Neil Patel

Here, Neil Patel talks about some of the greatest benefits of influencer marketing. In the image, he brings attention to the topic, and in the description, he talks about it. There are other images, as well, that explain further.

Pay attention to how impactful this type of post will be for you, specifically. If it is overwhelmingly positive, consider creating similar posts relatively often to please your followers! And keep in mind that if you’re not that good at writing, using one of the best grammar apps is an amazing option.

2. Show off your product

Oftentimes, people give up on posting to Instagram because they don’t want to actually show off. This is normal, but you can circumvent it by showing your product. And it doesn’t even really need to be a professional photo, since most of the best smartphones around have excellent quality cameras that let you take great photos even if you’re not really knowledgeable about it.

If you want to start doing it on your business, I recommend you take a look at our tips on how to take great smartphone pictures and you’ll already get some pretty useful advice so you can improve your pictures.

Take a look down below at an example by Pizzahut. Even though it is a company known worldwide, it took a picture of a regular person eating one of their products.

Show off your product what to post on Instagram

3. Pictures with your clients

Remember that you should always post photos with your clients on Instagram. For instance, a group shot of the class of a course you’re teaching! Again, tagging the students is a great way for you to further, even more, your social media image. This type of picture will bring users who are interested in your lessons.

Other than that, according to several studies, posts on Instagram with people tend to generate a lot more engagement on social media so this makes it a good option of what to post there!

4. Selfies get more engagement

Depending on your area of business, taking a selfie can generate a lot of interesting engagement on Instagram, even more so if you are the face of your very own personal brand. Bloggers and influencers use this a lot.

You can simply take a selfie at some important moment of your life, or even simply showing your product. Of course, you can always use any of the best photo retouching apps to make your selfies that much better!

5. Ask questions

Do you need some help when making a decision for your business? Ask that your followers share their ideas! This is a great option of what to post on Instagram, and it can work amazingly to generate some engagement with your follower and make them feel that they’re important.

There will most likely be diverging opinions, but in the end, what really matters is that you can get a sampling. Your audience will be happy and satisfied that they took a part in the decision-making process, regardless of your final choice. Find out here which ones are the best Instagram Stories questions to ask!

6. Talk about current themes and events

The current events are by far one of the best post ideas you can use on your Instagram profile. Since they’re a hot topic in the mind of the users, this sort of thing tends to get amazing engagement results. And you can make use of it on social media.

Pay close attention to what people are sharing on WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media platforms, and use that to your favor. For instance, after seeing people sharing fake content and news about some Instagram myths, a good idea of what to post on Instagram would be to enlighten your followers!

This will certainly generate a lot of engagement for you, and

7. Show off all your tools and equipment

Whether it is a beauty and makeup kit for professionals or an amazing selection of kitchen tools for chefs and restaurants, it’s a great idea for you to show off a bit.

The idea here is to take a picture and share it with your followers, so they can see the tools you use in your daily Instagram life. This is one of the best ideas of what to post on Instagram if you want to generate some engagement with professionals who work in the same area as you.

Show off all your tools and equipment what to post on Instagram

For instance, you can create a post where you talk about some of the best free Android apps in your opinion, the ones that make the lives of others easier. This type of content encourages discussions about the theme and it gives you a chance of receiving useful recommendations.

8. Share the things you buy and win

Are you particularly happy for any reason whatsoever, maybe because you’ve just got a new office or received an important award for your area? If so, sharing these achievements and prizes with your followers is an amazing way to engage and to generate a lot of positivity.

Keep in mind that you should always tag the users and the entities/groups that gave you these awards and helped you along the way towards this achievement, if it fits!.

9. Animals, and pets in particular

One of the best tips for anyone who wants to take amazing pictures to post on social media platforms, that also fits among the most popular types of posts for Instagram, is taking pictures of your pets, and animals in general.

This is particularly true if you work as a pet sitter, as a veterinarian, or if you have a Pet Shop, for instance. Pictures of animals (or with animals) usually have an amazing online impact.

That, of course, if you treat your pets well! This is one of the most important things here and you can’t igonre it. Posting images where you’re mistreating or abusing animals is not only terrible (and if you d that, you aren’t a good person either), but it’s also the opposite of getting good results on Instagram.

Even if you don’t work in any of the aforementioned areas, you can also make good use of pet pictures and post them on Instagram.

10. Landscapes

Who doesn’t like seeing amazing images of unique places around the world? Take pictures of views and landscapes you find interesting and share them with your followers. Something that can make your good image much greater is using natural elements, such as the sunrise or the sunset, or a great-looking moon.

This idea of what to post on Instagram is particularly valid for tourism companies. Remember to always share photos of your most successful excursions, visits to museums and parks, and more!

Landscapes what to post on Instagram

11. Apps and found solutions

In the tip #5 of what to post on Instagram we talked about how users can talk to their own user base to find solutions for their problems. However, you should keep in mind that the opposite is also true.

If you find an app, a website, or a tool that find interesting and useful remember that sharing it with your followers is a great idea!

Even tips about how to do certain tasks are valid. Some good examples include talking about apps to manage your contacts, apps to organize passwords, and even call recording apps! This is an amazing way to ensure that your Instagram profile will, above all, be a useful and interesting source of content.

12. Beauty and makeup salon

This is a topic for anyone who likes beautifying themselves, whether they are women, men, or any other gender. Share discoveries about amazing beauty products, such as lipsticks, creams nail polish, and more, and put them to good use by applying them to yourself or to your clients,

Users that follow closely this type of content will be extremely interested in your profile, and you will easily get more Instagram followers. Beyond that, it is also possible to attract new customers to your beauty and makeup salon this way. Remember, if this type of Instagram post gets you good results, do it more often! Consider even using one of the best scheduling apps for your Instagram posts.

Beauty and makeup salon

13. Fitness, sports, and exercises

Share the healthy products with which you work, sell, or even use yourself. Why not record a video for iGTV using your GoPro or other similar action cameras while you do a bike trail or surf?

This is a very interesting and fun idea of what to post on Instagram that helps propagate a healthier and more active lifestyle to your followers. Personal trainers, gyms, and sports clubs can even use this sort of Instagram post to attract new customers.

If you simply want to dip your toes into it, why not start by following the routines of one of the best workout apps, and sharing your thoughts with your followers?

14. Ads and products

On your Instagram professional account, remember to always share ads for your new products and services to your followers. You should do it professionally, by creating the ads with some of the best banner maker apps, or even creating short video ads to post on IGTV!

This example of Instagram post is particularly important for companies that use the social media platform to get more sales. Don’t forget to also include links on your Stories where you direct your audience to your website!

15. Projects and plans

Are you working in future projects or creating plans to release news for your company? Create anticipation on Instagram by sharing previews of what is to come!

This idea of what to post on Instagram is a great way to keep your followers interested in following your future updates. And, of course, it will also generate more engagement since your audience is guaranteed to ask questions about these news!

16. Share team photos

This is one of the types that’s more geared towards companies of any size, but that also works in other scenarios. In any case, one fo the best ideas of what to share on Instagram is photos and pictures of your entire team!

This is even better if you can pull off taking group shots in events, group trainings, and other group settings. This will show unity, and will express positivity to your followers.

17. Motivate your followers

Posting phrases that make your followers think more deeply about a subject or even some motivational quotes is a great way to please them. Keep in mind that this can also be done in a vide format. See some great quote examples here!

Motivate your followers what to post on Instagram

18. Share important news

This is by far one of the best ideas of what to post on Instagram, since it will make your business profile on Instagram become more useful and more relevant.

Share important news, particularly about your area of expertise, but also those you find interesting or important, whether they are scientific studies, platform updates, and anything else. Pay attention, however, so you don’t spread fake news!

19. Share interesting stories

Have you seen interesting facts or curiosities about your area of expertise? Well, if so you should share them with your followers, and help them get more informed! After all, who doesn’t like learning something brand new every day?

20. Where you will show up

Were you a guest for a radio interview or for a TV programme? Have you participated as a speaker in any national or even locan event? Or maybe even you have set up an event for other companies and guests.

One of the best ideas of what to post on Instagram is to share where you showed up, or where you will! And, should you become a guest of honor, keep in mind that you should let your followers know beforehand!

21. A bit of humor does no harm

In professional accounts we frequently are afraid of sharing something that does not really pertain our area of expertise, whether that is our products, our clients, or even related pieces of news. Truth is, sharing a bit of humor sometimes does no harm (and it can actually be a plust)!

However, preferably, you should only share ‘clever’ humor, that resonates well with your target audience.

22. Partnerships

Did you get a new partner for your business? Or maybe one of your partners has posted a really interesting piece of news to their Instagram profile? A good idea of what to post on Instagram is to share these posts to your professional profile so you can strengthen even more the partnership and make the content reach more people.

Before doing that, however, it is a good idea to talk to your partners to ensure that this will go both ways, and that they will help you in the same way.

23. Share graphs and numbers

Whether it is a graph made by yourself or found in a magazine, newspaper, or tool that you use, you should share graphs with data about your area of expertise. Info such as the growth of a certain platform or a trend are great examples you can use.

When these graphs are accompanied by numbers, your posts will gain a lot more credibility, so make sure to use them when you can!

24. Special offers and sales

Are you releasing some kind of promotion, sales, coupons, or special offers in your store or product? Whether that is due to external reasons such as Black Friday and other celebrations or internal reasons such as personal or company milestones, remember to inform your Instagram followers!

They will be satisfied and happy about the news and this will certainly help you sell that much more during these periods!

25. Share books

Whether they are digital books in ebook formats or not, sharing books that you have read and you believe to be important to your area is one of the best ideas of what to post on Instagram.

This will make the followers feel that you are more knowledgeable and serious, and it will increase the credibility of your posts and thoughts. Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from sharing personal book recommendations, but if they don’t pertain to your area, just sprinkle them in a bit.

26. Sponsorships

Is your brand sponsoring any kind of special event? This is one of the Instagram post ideas that are most widely used by the biggest names in the market. However, your company doesn’t need to be Coca-Cola big to actively participate in events.

Share with your audience and your followers everything you’re sponsoring, whether it is sports, conventions, shows, and more!

Sponsorships what to post on Instagram

27. Posts in other social media platforms

Remember that oftentimes it is possible to share to your Instagram profile posts that you made for other social media, such as Twitter, YouTube videos, Facebook ads, TikTok, and more. Reuse your already created art and make your campaigns have a lot more reach by also using Instagram!

28. Customer testimonies

If one of your clients sends you a testimony, talk to them and make sure you can post it to your website, as well as on your Instagram profile. Testimonies are a great way to show your target audience how your product, service, or participations impact the lives of other people positively!

This is something that can be done both on your feed and on your Stories, and it is almost guaranteed to get good results. When someone sends you a picture with a product of yours, post it to Instagram.

29. Product exposure

Especially for artists, creators, and designers, it is a good idea of what to post on Instagram to always share when something of yours was a part of an exposition, whether it is a museum, a fair, or a convention. All types of art are relevant, from crafts to 3D modelling and making statuettes.

Product exposure

30. Music and compositions

Particularly for those who work with music, by composing, playing, and singing, and for artists that are related, sharing your work with your followers is a great way to get both more exposure and engagement.

This is one of the best Instagram post ideas, even more so when other musicians are taking a part of it. And, of course, remember to tag them!

Did you get some nice ideas of what to post on Instagram?

I hope this article was helpful to you and that you got new ideas to post and get Instagram followers. It’s a good idea to always keep a steady flow of content, otherwise, people will get disinterested.

If you liked this article, check out as well our guide on what to do if you think Instagram is down, if you’re missing new Instagram features, and check out the best apps to organize Instagram feed!