The 17 best web browsers for PC, Android, and iOS!

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Since most people spend a large part of their days on the internet, there’s nothing more reasonable than choosing the web browsers that best suit their needs.

There are a lot of different web browsing software, which only makes it harder to know which one is the best for your type of use. And considering most people split their time between their PCs and their phones, we typically have to use two different options!

For that reason, we decided to select some of the best web browsers you can use on PC, Android, and on iOS devices. Check them out in our list down below!

1. Google Chrome

This might seem like a really obvious option, but Google Chrome can still easily be considered to be the best web browser you can find nowadays, and it is one of the best PC software. It is fast, has hundreds of different extensions, is available for all platforms, and it is quite easy to use.

Its biggest drawback is that it uses up a lot of your RAM memory, which can result on your desktop or laptop slowing down, if it is somewhat older. Even so, it is totally worth checking it out, which can be done on the official website!

Google Chrome best web browsers

2. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a nother extremely popular option, despite Google Chrome’s rign. It is safe, easy and simple to use, relatively fast, and it doesn’t hog up your PC’s RAM as the rival does.

Similarly to Chrome, you’ll be able to find hundreds of amazing extensions, which makes it a great alternative for those looking for a more lightweight browser option. Just follow this link to download one of the best free Android apps!

3. Firefox Focus

Since we have already talked about the regular Firefox version, it is worthwhile mentioning the Firefox Focus version. This is a muchy safer alternative that is particularly focused on the users’ privacy, which makes it one of the best web browsers.

You can delete your browsing history, your cookies, and most of your tracks with a single button after you’re done using it, for instance. Its biggest downside is that it only lets you use one tab at a time, so it is not meant to be your main browser. On the upside, it blocks all trackers and popups, from any website! Follow this link to download it.

4. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge was released alongside Windows 10, and since then it has been getting a place in the spotlight. Unlike the older Internet Explorer, it is actually really fast and it doesn’t use nearly as much RAM as Chrome.

There are also some additional features, such as the ability to draw on your screen or to use a reading mode without the necessity of installing extensions. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have many extensions, making it a weaker option. To learn all about it, follow this link!

Tip: If you’re having any Windows 10 problems, learn how to remove the “Your Windows license will expire soon” message and how to find Windows 10 product key.

5. Opera

Opera is an old acquaintance to anyone who has ever tried to browse the web in older phones. Luckily, it has only improved in the past few years, and it still is one of the best options when it comes to mobile applications.

The app is really lightweight, easy to use, and it even compresses all web pages for those who want to save up their mobile data plan, but you can turn this feature on and off at will. Check it out by following this link!

6. Safari

If you own a device on Apple’s ecosystem (Mac, iPhone, or iPad) you must already know you can choose to use almost any of the most popular web browsers around. However, we can’t not recommend that you use the browser developed by Apple itself for these devices: Safari.

Since it is developed specifically to run on any Apple device, it is really hard to squeeze out better performance fro any other web browser. It is really lightweight, quick, and safe by itself, and you can use it anonymously on your device!

Unfortunately, it is only supported on Apple’s products, which makes it very limited. Even so, if you use these devices as a lot of people do, follow this link to learn all about one of the best web browsers for the Apple ecosystem!

Safari best web browsers

7. Dolphin

Just like Opera, Dolphin is one of the oldest, safest and best mobile web browsers that are still up and running today. It offers a lot of the features and tools you find on Opera, and its navigation is really simple and intuitive.

Even better: You can do a lot of actions on the browser by using only certain specific gestures, which you can create by yourself to the associate them to an action. This app can be downloaded for Android and for iOS by following this link!

8. Dolphin Zero

Dolphin Zero is an option in this list for those who are looking to up their privacy. The app is particularly lightweight and, other than offering all the most common incognito mode features, it will also delete all your browsing data after you’re done using it.

That includes your history, cache, cookies, usernames, passwords, and all else. Unfortunately for iOS users, it is only available for Android devices, for now. Go to the Play Store to learn more.

9. Puffin

Puffin is a really good and popular smartphone web browser, in part because it is just so lightweight and easy to use. It is really customizable, and it offers a lot of additional features, including flash player on your phone!

Other than that, you can also use it to emulate the use of a track pad or a regular mice, which is admittedly quite uncommon. Start using Puffin right now by following this link!

10. Vivaldi

Vivaldi is a more recent option among the best web browsers we’ve selected for our list. Its biggest advantage is that it is entirely customizable, and you can use it to suit all your specific needs.

Other than that, it is really fast, it has a great user interface, and it receives constant updates with new and great features. You can start using this web browser by following this link to the official website!

11. Ghostery Privacy Browser

Ghostery Privacy Prowser, as the name itself might already indicate, is focused exclusively on its users’ privacy, bringing a lot of safety. When using it for the first time, you will have the option of blocking websites that track your usage, which is particularly useful and necessary for those who want to browse the web without any worries.

After that, you can even set up the browser with some really cool additional features, including using the desktop version of the apps, blocking cookies, and automatically deleting your browsing history. Follow this link to see more.

12. Orfox

Orfox is really quite interesting, even more so since it was developed basing itself on the open source code for the Tor browser, most used by those who want to browse without leaving any traces. It is a really good option for those who want to browse safely, since it always looks for and forces the https protocol for any website you visit.

Even better, you can block the web browser with a specific password to prevent other people on your phone from using it. Other than that, Orfox doesn’t let you take any screenshots and it leaves no traces from your browsing in incognito. Follow this link to download what is one of the best web browsers.

13. Lightning Web Browser

Lightning Web Browser is an open source project for Android that offers a lot of the best features you can find on several of the  other web browsers in our list. Other than a great incognito mode, it also deletes your history and your cookies when you’re done using it.

Another interesting aspect is the  reading mode, which removes all distractions from the web page and lets you read the text without any interruptions. This is a really interesting lightweight option for those who want some extra safety, instead of dozens of advanced features. Follow this link to download it.

14. Maxthon

Even though it is much less well-known than Chrome, Maxthon still is one of the best web browsers for those who are on an Android device. It also lets you synchronize your navigation data with several other platforms, both for computers and for other mobile devices.

It offers you a dedicated page just for your favorite websites and it shows you a lot of news updates so you can always keep well-informed throughout the days. To download it, simply go to the official website!

15. Comodo Dragon

Comodo Dragon is probably the least known option in this list, but it does offer a lot of great features. Its biggest selling poi8nt is that it is one of the safest web browsers you will find anywhere.

That is due to the fact that it is developed by a web safety company, which makes all the difference when you want to browse through some more suspicious websites. Download Comodo Dragon by following this link.

16. CM Browser

CM Browser is another really interesting option among the best web browsers in our list, in part since it lets you block the app by using a different password or pattern. After you do that, you will also be able to receive a specific code to recover your data should you forget the password in the future.

Other than deleting your history, cache, and cookies, it also offers you a feature to scan any file you download from the web directly through the browser! Follow this link to download it.

CM Browser

17. Yandex Browser

Among all the alternatives among the best web browsers we’ve talked about in our list, Yandex Browser is the only one based on Chromium, which si the open-source project that Google Chrome itself uses as its base! For that reason, if you like the style of Google’s web browser, this could be a great option for you to use on your phone.

Other than letting you delete your browsing history, this browser also protects your data when you’re using public WiFi networks and it also lets you use extensions to block popups and ads. If you want to use it, just follow this link!

Did you like any of the best web browsers?

Let us know in the comments if our recommendations helped you out in finding the browser you’re going to use, and don’t forget to also check out the best free iPhone apps, learn what to do if you have a dead iPhone or if your laptop won’t turn on and even find out which ones are the best browser games!