AppTuts.net is a website dedicated to news, reviews and application tutorials for Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac OSX, Windows Phone, Windows and the Web. From its conception phase to conception, a few months passed, and the great project objective is to offer credible, practical information and totally free access to all users of mobile applications or internet applications. If you are looking for an application for a specific task or goal, AppTuts aims to help you find the perfect solution for your goal. If we do not have in our database analyzes of applications that meet the objectives you are proposing, you can contact us so that we can analyze some of these applications.

If you have produced an application for Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac OSX, Windows, etc., and would like to have it analyzed by our editorial team, write to us and ask us to analyze it. We will be happy to analyze your application and make this analysis available, free of charge to all users who daily consume information and share experiences on AppTuts.

AppTuts was created by blogger Paulo Faustino, and is updated daily in conjunction with several other authors, being an integral part of Escolas +, a network of educational blogs that aims to offer practical, above-average, and totally free content, to thousands of users worldwide, daily.