The 7 best software to download music and videos

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Downloading music and videos has become far more simple than in the past few decades. While sharing software like eMule and KaZaa have been present in a lot of PCs, it was very frequent that you’d need an antivirus to deal with the malicious software that popped up when you tried to download music and videos.

We all remember how to download music and videos online, and how it used to an adventure before the age of the streaming services. Besides that, YouTube itself has an extensive library of music videos, both original versions and covers performed by independent artists.

Nowadays, it is way easier to download music and videos from these platforms. Even if being connected is way easier now than it once was, having access to offline music is ideal for whenever you are not connected.

That’s why we’ve curated a list with some of the best software to download music and videos that will let you download most of the content you can find only. The best and most widely used are:

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1. ByClick Downloader

This software for Windows PC is the most recommended for those who want to download music and videos from one of the biggest content platforms in the world. ByClick Downloader is also one of the easiest to use.

After installing it, just start up the app, access any video available through the platform and copy the link. ByClick Downloader will immediately recognize the URL and a pop up will appear, asking if you would like to download the video or only the MP3 audio.

Click here and find out more about ByClick Downloader right now!

download music and videos on byclick downloader

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2. vDownloader

Not only used to download music and videos, vDownloader also brings a feature that might be really useful: it is able to convert videos you already have to another format that you see fit.

It has a wide range of compatible platforms available. You can download media from SoundCloud to listen to offline music, for example. It’s one of the few applications that allow you to download videos in resolutions up to 4K.

When talking about converting, vDownloader allows you to convert videos into audio, besides supporting almost every single format out there, being able to also change some advanced details, like bit rate, audio volume adjusting and including watermarks, among others.

Click on the link to download vDownloader on your computer.

vdownloader's features to download music and videos

3. aTube Catcher

One of the most famous tools available to download music and videos from YouTube, aTube Catcher allows you to download music online both in video format and audio only. Much like the previous entry, all you need to do is download it and install it.

After installed, just copy the link of whatever media you want to download. Besides videos from multiple platforms, you can use aTube Catcher to record the screen of your PC.

Going beyond YouTube, it is also possible to download free music from other platforms, including TikTok songs that you might find while you are using the social network on your computer.

4. ClipConverter

Different from the previous two entries, you may download music directly from your internet browser. The way it works is pretty much the same: just paste the URL of the media you want to download, choose the format, and confirm your choice to download music and videos from whatever you are feeling like.

ClipConverter counts with a variety of different video formats, in case you don’t want it to be MP4 or even MP3, as popular as they are.

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Way more simple than other entries in this list, is excellent to quickly download any sort of media, without much hassle. Like on ClipConverter, just paste the link of the video and click on the download button.

It is compatible with other platforms besides YouTube, like Facebook, SoundCloud, and Instagram. However, there are some other amazing downloading tools, such as YT Saver.

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6. CatchVideo

Allowing you to download music and videos in great quality, including support to 4K, CatchVideo is a simple platform that works directly through your internet browser. With it, you can also install a Google Chrome extension that allows you to download media more efficiently.

It will be ways easier to be able to download music online, without having to open new tabs to start the download.

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7. Yout

A little bit more complex than other software to download music and videos, Yout has a very different way to allow you to grab media from the internet.

Using it, you’ll have to change the link on the address bar to capture the video you are trying to download. On the other hand, it has some features that others don’t have, like the possibility of cutting only the interesting parts of the videos.

You may also search for videos that you want to download directly through Yout, being an easier way to download whatever media you want.

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Which software to download music and videos are you considering using?

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