11 best free music download websites available in 2020!
11 best free music download websites available in 2020!
11 best free music download websites available in 2020!

11 best free music download websites available in 2020!

Nowadays you can find a really huge array of music streaming services and platforms, many of which are even free to use (with ads). However, there are many times when you don’t have an internet connection nor a radio signal, and the most usual way for you to have access to music would be physical CDs or even digital albums.

Luckily, there are many websites and platforms for you to download music completely for free, so you don’t have to pay anything to have everything you want saved up. Here, we selected all the best ones for you to start downloading right now!

1. ByClick Downloader

YouTube’s video and music library is one of the largest you can find. Each and every song has many different versions, be they remixes, covers or even acoustic versions. And the best part is that there are many software that let you download these clips directly from the largest video engine!

ByClick Downloader is one of the best websites to download YouTube videos and, with this one, you simply need to paste the video link into the software. From there, you simply need to let it do its job and make the songs available for you even when you don’t have internet.

Follow this link and start using ByClick Downloader!

byclick downloader

2. SoundCloud

Another great alternative is SoundCloud, one of the most well-known music platforms in the world. Its largest focus is allowing artists from different places and countries to make their albums and tracks available digitally in an environment that is accessible on any device or on the web.

Other than working as a social network for artists and creators, it’s also one of the websites that lets you download music for free, as long as their creators have allowed it. You just need a free account that can be created on the website!


3. Jamendo

Jamendo is a good platform focused particularly on independent artists, also known as Indie artists. In this website, you’ll also be able to access a very large library with tracks and albums from the most diverse genres and, obviously, download all you can see for free.

Beyond that, they also offer their own radios for those who have an internet connection, so that you can listen to a nice variety of songs. It’s definitely worth checking it out, which can be done on this link!

4. SoundClick

Much like the previous options in our list, SoundClick is yet another among the best free music download websites. This is also a platform focused on independent artists, who are the ones who make their creations available.

When opening up the website, you can easily choose the genre you want to listen to, and from there you can find varied groups and albums to listen to online or download on your computer or smartphone. Follow this link to see more.

SoundClick free music download websites

5. Amazon

Now we’re going more mainstream, with much more popular and famous artists: Amazon Music is another platform that offers free music. It’s true that most of the albums can only be streamed or downloaded if you’re a subscriber to any of their plans, but there are many free songs for your o download.

To find the free albums and tracks you simply have to go to the official website, filter your search by free music, and “add to cart” all the albums that have no price tag. It is a really simple task!

6. Incompetech

In Incompetech we have another of the best websites for free music download with a very large library, but now with a focus on instrumental works. Here, you’ll be able to find categories such as cinematographic music, comedy, adventure, horror, western, romance and much more.

As said, most of these works don’t have any vocals, which makes them ideal for you to use on your videos or your live streams, for instance. To see more and start downloading, follow this link.

Incompetech free music download websites

7. Open Music Archive

As the name suggests, this website is essentially a huge platform where you can download music for free. Its interface isn’t very friendly, but on Open Music Archive you can simply search for the title, the name of the artist or even the recording date to find what you want.

This website was developed by the artists Eileen Simpson and Ben White, projected specifically to make tracks with no copyright available for free for anyone. See more here!

8. NoiseTrade

NoiseTrade is a streaming and music distribution platform made by Paste, a large company that also offers other sorts of media, such as movies, games, books, and much more.

In this among the best websites to download music for free, all you need to do to start downloading is to sign up, a quick and free process. You can choose to use your email or your Facebook profile! Follow this link to reach the platform and to find out songs of the most varied genres!

9. ReverbNation

Another platform filled with amazing musicians and independent artists that make their music free to download online is ReverbNation. This alternative is one that has paid plans that offer extra features for users who really love this website.

However, if all you want to do is to download music for free, you need to use the search function on the website and check the Free MP3s Required box to find tracks and albums for free. See more here!

ReverbNation free music download websites

10. CCTrax

Among the websites for those who wish to download music for free, we find CCTrax, an alternative focused on electronic, dub, techno, house, downtempo and ambient music genres.

If you like any of those, you’ll certainly enjoy checking out the large variety of tracks, albums, and artists that make their songs free on the website. It is even possible to download entire albums without signing up! Start downloading by following this link!

11. Free Music Archive

Finishing up our list we have Free Music Archive (FMA), an option that is extremely similar to one we talked about above, Open Music Archive.

Here, you’ll also find a large variety of musicians from varied genres and, without needing to sign up, you can easily download the tracks to your devices. Find out more on their website!

Did you like the free music download websites?

Let us know if you already knew and used any of them or if they were a novelty for you. Don’t forget to also check out the best free screen recording software options and the best websites to watch movies!

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