Listen to offline music: 10 best Android apps!

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The streaming platforms have completely changed the way we consume media, particularly so when it comes to music. With the subscription services such as Spotify, which costs less than one CD, you can have access to over 50 million tracks completely legally. But how can you listen to music offline when you don’t have an active internet connection?

By going back a few years into the past and using software to play music! Of course, that’s the case if you listen to music on your computer. But what about smartphones, how should you proceed?

Although the new standard is using these streaming services, there are quite a few Android apps that let you listen to music offline, and they are divided in two groups.

The first is the offline music players that can play any track you have stored on your phone or on your SD card – learn here which free music download websites you can use -. The second is the streaming services themselves, through which you’re able to download music on your phone to play when you don’t have an internet connection.

Without any further ado, read down below and choose your favorite app for this and start your socially-distanced party without needing to go online!

1. Poweramp Music Player

One of the most popular apps to listen to music offline on Android, Poweramp Music Player is complete and lets you play a large variety of sound files, not limiting you to MP3.

It also comes with many equalizers, which lets you properly configure a song for it to play in the best way it can. Other than that, Poweramp also lets you change some other settings.

Another interesting feature is the one through which you can have the song’s lyrics on your screen, for which you only need to create it or find the correct file. Follow this link to try it out on Android.

Poweramp Music Player

2. Spotify

Spotify itself can also be used if you want to listen to music offline. We can say it fits into the second category of this sort of apps. That means that, even though it is only via streaming, you can download your songs, podcasts, and favorite playlists on your phone.

Whenever you don’t have an internet connection or you want to save data on your plan, you can turn on the offline mode on the app. This way, the only tracks that will play are the ones you have already downloaded. Follow this link to download Spotify, but keep in mind that to listen to music offline here you have to be a paid subscriber.

Tip: Check out here which ones are the most popular artists on Spotify and how to fix the most common Spotify problems!

3. Pulsar Music Player

It might seem extremely weird, but Pulsar Music Player lets you listen to music offline and ad-free through this app, even though it is free. Although it doesn’t come with as many features as Poweramp, it does satisfy the needs of most users.

For instance, other than supporting many formats other than MP3, it lets you use song lyrics, change the playback speed, and even lets you use it with Chromecast. It is also worth noting that its interface is one of the best and simplest to use. Learn more about Pulsar by following this link.

4. Google Play Music

Another of the streaming services that lets its subscribers listen to music offline from its catalog is Google Play Music. Other than that, it also offers another advantage: you can use it to listen to the music files on your phone, and for that reason, it is one of the best apps to listen to music offline for free!

This makes it one of the best options, since it is good for anyone, whether or not they’re a subscriber. Google Play Music comes pre-installed on almost all Android devices, but if you don’t have it, you can download it on the Play Store.

Google Play Music listen to offline music

5. Musicolet Music Player

Another app to listen to music offline for free without ads is Musicolet Music Player, one of the few that lets you create more than one queue for playback. This way, you can create different queues according to your preferred genres or moments of your day.

It also lets you control using your earbuds, by clicking on the call control button. Follow this link to learn everything about Musicolet Music Player!

6. Deezer

Deezer, one of the biggest competitors to Spotify, simply had to have this feature and so it gets a spot in our list. Deezer also lets you download its tracks on your phone so you can listen to them when you’re offline.

However, just like on Spotify, you can only listen to them through the app. You can’t download them and listen to them in other apps. Follow this link to learn all the features that Deezer has to offer you!

7. BlackPlayer Music Player

BlackPlayer is an app that lets you listen to music offline at the same time as it brings you some features found on apps for online music. Its biggest one is a history of all your most-listened-to tracks.

From there, it creates an automatic playlist from this history. Other features include ID3 tag editor, the possibility of adding album covers while playing sounds and adding, editing, and removing song lyrics. Follow this link to download BlackPlayer.

8. Canaree

Even though it also works for listening to music offline, one of the best and most intriguing features found on Canaree happens when you’re online.

Other than playing songs and showing you lyrics to your songs, you can also play its video via a link for its YouTube video. Learn more about Canaree by following this link.

Canaree listen to offline music

9. Pi Music Player

One of the most popular music players is Pi Music Player, one that’s great due to its ease of use. Other than that, it is one of the few that lets you share your files and albums with other users through the Pi Power Share feature

Another interesting feature is the one through which you can cut parts of a song to use it as your ringtone. Follow this link to learn more about Pi Music Player.

10. Phonograph

Phonograph is an app that has one of the cleanest interfaces on Android. It offers Google’s material design, which makes it extremely good-looking and easy to use, without complex features.

It is integrated to, offers you the possibility of customizing the app’s appearance, and can play many other audio formats than MP3. Follow this link to Google Play Store to learn more.

Phonograph listen to offline music

Which of the best apps to listen to music offline is your favorite?

Now that we’ve already recommended the best options to you, leave a comment stating your favorites! And don’t forget to check out the best free music download websites, the most popular TikTok songs, and learn which ones are the best audio recording software!