The 21 best music download apps on your iOS device!
The 21 best music download apps on your iOS device!
The 21 best music download apps on your iOS device!

The 21 best music download apps on your iOS device!

Nowadays, those who own an iOS device certainly spends several hours weekly listening to music. I can’t even go through one day without listening to them! Unfortunately, you aren’t constantly connected to the internet, so being able to download your music by using apps is great.

While music streaming apps such as Spotify are really helpful to you, you need a constant internet connection to listen to its content (or a paid account to download it). For moments like this, it is ideal that you have some apps to download your favorite music!

The best and most economical option is to have a set of apps that do this job on your favorite iOS device, so you can listen to your favorite tracks even when you’re not connected to the internet.

If you look for them on the App Store today, you’ll find a myriad of options. We have, however, spared you from needing to filter through them and have selected only the best options available. Check them out down below!

1. ByClick Downloader

byclick downloader

ByClick Downloader is a solution for those who typically listen to music on YouTube but would really enjoy being able to download them to listen even when they’re offline. Other than downloading any video on the streaming platform, you can even download them in the MP3 audio format!

That is to say ByClick Downloader is a great way for you to download your music for free and listem to them on other apps wherever you are, including iPhones, iPads, and even Macs! Follow this link right now to check it out!

2. Deezer


The very famous Deezer also deserves a spotlight in this list. It is extremely similar to Spotify in its features, with a really good algorithm that serves the purpose of suggesting similar songs to the ones you’re currently listening to and the ones you typically listen to. Based upon your tastes, the app provides you with new radios and playlists!

Other than the free version – which grants you access to all of that -, Deezer also offers a paid premium version. The advantages in this premium version are the absence of ads, the possibility of downloading your tracks to listen to offline music, and the ability to skip as may tracks as you want. Follow this link to download it.

3. Freelegal

This is one of the most well-known apps available and you will very easily learn to use it to download your songs. It is entirely free to use and it offers its users well over 7 million tracks!

In the app, you’ll be able to find a lot of current songs, many of which by renowned artists. After you download and install it, you will be able to look for them through Freelegal’s own library. Follow this link to download it.

4. mp3Box

Mp3Box is a great music streaming app that works both online and offline. You can bookmark your favorite songs, watch to the official music videos directly via YouTube, and even share them by using several hashtags!

The app also offers an online radio in case you’re connected to the internet, which can be really cool if you want to have some more variety. mp3Box has in the past been available on the App Store for iOS devices, but nowadays it can only be reached via the official website. Check it out by following this link!

5. Spotify

This is probably the most well-known apps when it comes to music download and streaming, since Spotify is perfect to listen to your favorite songs. Its design is amazing, and it offers a free version that is good enough for most users, and it is one of the best free iPhone apps!

On the iPhone, the free version mandates that you have an internet connection, whereas in the paid version you can listen to any song completely offline, as long as you have downloaded the song previously.

In the free version, even though an internet connection is required, you can only listen to music with the Shuffle mode enabled and create your own playlists. Follow this link to download the app, and don’t forget to also check out the best Spotify tips and tricks.

Tip: Learn here all about the most common Spotify problems and how to fix them, as well as the most popular artists on Spotify!

Spotify music download apps

6. Tidal

Tidal is very similar to Spotify, in fact, and it is really easy to use it. It lets you listen to your favorite songs in really high quality and that you save a huge chunk of them to listen later while you’re offline. This way, it is particularly simple to download and enjoy everything even while disconnected!

Of course that, as is the case for any other streaming service, it has a monthly subscription, but the price is really quite low considering you’ll have legal access to millions of songs. Follow this link to download it.

7. Apple Music

Since we’re talking about the most famous music streaming and download apps, theres no way we could leave Apple Music out of this list. The service created by Apple itself is certainly one of the best experiences you could have in a device made by this company, as you can probably expect.

The app itself comes preinstalled in all current iPhones and iPads, which makes it that much more convenient for its users. You can take your entire iTunes library directly there to make it easier to use and even find out new songs based upon your music taste! Apple Music is paid, but in the end it is even cheaper than its rivals. Follow this link to check it out.

8. Total Downloader Free

This app works in a very cool way, since you’re able to download the videos you want and convert them into MP3. You can use this app to download a music video by your favorite artist and then convert it into a music file, for instance.

With Total Downloader Free you can connect your account in many of the best cloud storage services, such as Google Drive and Dropbox, and then download the files there. It manages several different cloud accounts and even allows for user-sharing. It is highly recommended for those who really like using Cloud Computing. Follow this link to download it!

9. Google Play Music

It might seem weird for us to suggest a Google app for you to use in your Apple device, but Play Music is really worth it in any platform. Other than the most common streaming services features, Google Play Music even lets you upload your files from your PC to listem to them anywhere instantly!

Even better: you don’t ev3en need to be connected to the internet to use this feature! This service is also one of the cheapest you’ll find, and Google lets you try it out for free for up to three months! Follow this link to start using to listen to music offline for free.

Google Play Music music download apps

10. Amazon Prime Music

Amazon Prime Music is still coming together as one of the best music streaming apps, but even when it was just starting off it had amassed millions of users across the world! As in the other services like this, the app lets you download songs so you can listen to them when you’re offline, as long as you’re a paid subscriber.

Of course, when you’re connected to the internet you will be able to enjoy millions of songs without having to worry about your device storage! The best part is that you can even try out this service for free for one month. Follow this link to download it.

11. Media Cloud Free

Media Cloud Free lets you have access to all your music files via other apps such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Other than the songs, you will be able to listen to audiobooks and even videos. It works as a player for several formats, including MP3, MP4, AVI, and more.

All you need is to download the files so you can play them back while offline. You can even create playlists for quick access, control the playback speed of what you’re playing, and use the app universally on the iPhone and the iPad. You can download it by going to the App Store.

12. Spinrilla

If you’re into Hip-Hop, this is the best app. It offers exclusively songs in this genre, and it can work as a great inspirational source for your next songs. Other than the online mode, you can also enjoy then while offline, which will make your life a lot easier.

Even though it is free to use, Spinrilla is somewhat limited, but if you want to unlock the paid version you’ll have to pay the measly amount of 4 USD! Follow this link to download Spinrilla, one of the best free music download websites!

13. Free Music Archive

A initiative without any profits in mind, Free Music Archive is another of the best music download apps that lets you download whatever you want legally, without having to resort to piracy.

The library is constantly updated, but you’re not allowed to use the app’s songs to create videos on your iPhone, for instance, since the rights will limit you to listening to them. Follow this link to download Free Music Archive.

Free Music Archive

14. Jamendo

Ideal for those who want to get to know about new independent artists and download tracks from outside the commercial sphere, Jamendo is a channel for these artists to advertise themselves.

It offers a really impressive archive, with over half a million songs for you to download! If you want to start downloading your songs, simply sign up to the platform and head on to the app section in Jamendo’s website.

15. Evermusic

Evermusic is another really good option among the music download apps, whose focus is to let the users download what they want to create playlists they can listen to when not connected to the internet. The app offers an in-build equalizer so you can better adjust quality.

A neat difference in Evermusic is that it can be synchronized to several cloud storage platforms, including Google Drive, Dropbox, and others. You can even broadcast the audio to an Apple TV or through Google Chromecast! It is free to use and you can download it on the App Store.

16. Free Song Notifier for iTunes

If you’re tired of missing out on the free tracks that iTunes makes available for limited periods of time, this very aptly named app might be the solution. Free Song Notifier for iTunes is particularly good to always remind  you of always downloading all the free songs as soon as they’re available on the store!

You can also listen to them directly through the app, but this is not necessarily the focus. It also lets you share your music directly on Facebook and sends you notifications as soon as new ones are available. Follow this link and download it!

17. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is one of the most famous music apps in the world. It offers a huge range of composers, bands, and independent artists that make their tracks available on this platform.

You can listen to them at any moment while connected to the internet. It is worth mentioning, however, that not all songs are available for download for free. Even so, it is not hard to find free tracks in this app, so it is worth it to check it out, especially since you don’t have to pay anything to use it! Follow this link to see more.

18. Freemake Musicbox

With a surprisingly clean interface, Freemake Musicbox is yet another of the best apps to download music on iOS devices. Through this app, you’re able to even watch YouTube videos while listening to other songs!

Its main strength, however, is downloading the tracks you want so you can listen to them offline later on. Follow this link to the official website to download it.

19. Napster

Napster offers a huge library of over 30 million tracks by many artists in a lot of different genres. Through this app, you’ll be able to listen to them online or download them if you want to listen when you don’t have an active connection. It is also possible to create your own playlists and even share them with your contacts!

As a neat little extra that’s quite similar to what Spotify offers, Napster also recommends new tracks according to your tastes, basing on what you have been listening to or downloading. If you like this idea, you can download it for free on the App Store!

20. Groove

Unfortunately, Groove Music for iOS has been discontinued, but even so we couldn’t put aside Microsoft’s music streaming service, even more so since Groove is really interesting and feature-rich. You can enjoy the entire app’s library at any moment in high-quality and without any ads.

You can also download the songs and the albums you most like to listen to them offline if you want. It is available only for Windows devices via the Microsoft app store.


Did you like our tips about the best music download apps for iOS?

Let us know in the comments how you’ve been downloading songs on your iOS device, and tell us if you knew about all these apps. Don’t forget to also check out the best free Android apps, the most popular TikTok songs, and learn what to do if your iPhone won’t turn on!

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