The 5 best websites to download music for free!

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If you want to listen to offline music on your phone, it is a good idea to get to know some of the best websites to download them for free. Many of them offer their entire music catalog for free, others will restrict what you can download, and some are focused in independent artists!

To see our full list, just keep reading our article and get your favorite Android music player ready!

1. SoundCloud

The first of the best free music download websites is SoundCloud, one of the most well-known websites in our list. It basically works as a free music streaming service that offers a lot of free downloadable content.

Whether the songs are free or not will depend on the artists and their label contracts, which frequently forbid them from making their songs available for free. On the other hand, you’ll find a myriad of amazing covers!

A huge downside of the platform is the lack of a section where you can find all the free songs, which forces the users to look for them on their own, doing a lot of work.

To download officially from SoundCloud, log into the platform and go to the song you want to download. After that, on the “More” menu, you will find the “Download File” button. If the button is missing, the track is not available for download. Follow this link and go to SoundCloud to see more!

Luckily, there are several other websites where you can download everything on SoundCloud, although they aren’t authorized by the platform. Most of the websites to download YouTube videos also work for this, but if you want a specific websites, you can use S Cloud Downloader.

Using this extra-official method, simply go to the track you want to download, copy its URL, and then paste it on the indicated bar. Then, just click the “Download” button and you’ll be downloading from one of the best websites to download music!

SoundCloud best websites to download music

2. Jamendo Music

Another great option to get your songs for free is Jamendo Music, a website that lets you download everything you find for free! Here, you will be able to find some amazing songs that are available for personal use.

It’s a place where you can download free music created by independent artists that pay no mind for people downloading their songs for personal use without paying anything. So, if you want some big artists such as Drake or Selena Gomez, this is the wrong place.

To sum it up, it’s great if you want to explore some new songs, and it offers you several radio stations and playlists that get constantly updated. Here, you can create a huge library with your favorite songs to listen to in any device you want or even download music to a Flash Drive.

However, if you’re after songs for videos, commercials, or movies, you will need to pay a fair price to the platform. To start using it, just follow this link.

3. ReverbNation

Another of the best websites to download music for free is ReverbNation, one where you’ll find millions of artists in any music genre you’re after. Here, you can easily find a lot of songs you’ll like and download them without paying anything!

It works much like SoundCloud, as in, it lets you stream the songs you want, but you need to check song by song if it is available or not to download.

And, while it doesn’t have a specific download section, you can circumvent this limitation by going to the search page and checking the “Free MP3s Required” box. To make it easier for you, you can just follow this link to see it!

ReverbNation best websites to download music

4. SoundClick

SoundClick simply had to take a spot among the best websites to download music for free. Here, you’ll find thousands of artists of all kinds, whether they’reindie, have a label, and many other categories.

Basically, if an artist wants to offer free songs, SoundClick will do all it can to offer them. The search section is really complete, if somewhat simple. You can look for artists or for genres and you’ll have access to millions of songs.

Not everything here is free, however, since many artists choose to charge users that want to download. You won’t find many large artists here, so if that’s what you’re after, you should go to one of the big streaming services. To start using SoundClick, follow this link.

5. Bandcamp

The last of the best websites to download free music is Bandcamp, a place that also works for you to find new songs. It’s a platform that’s widely used by independent artists to publicize and make their songs available.

Many of them make everything free to download, but you’ll also find a lot of artists who require payment to download. To download the songs, you have to go to the artist’s page and in the “Name your price” section, type in the amount you want to pay. Zero is a valid amount.

Each artist will have their own customized page, which makes this a great option to advertise themselves. Follow this link to learn more about Bandcamp!

Bandcamp best websites to download music

So, did you like any of the best websites to download music?

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