15 best movie download apps for Android (2024)

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Even though there are many streaming services – check out the best websites to watch movies online – available, many people still prefer downloading their favorite movies or downloading YouTube videos on the iPhone. There are some amazing movie download apps that let you do this easily on Android, such as these apps to download music from YouTube.

Among the best apps to download movies on your phone, this is the one that stands out the most:

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Now, let’s head on to our list!

1. ByClick Downloader

byclick downloader screen

Not only movies, with this amazing piece of software you can have access to literally any video on the largest video-sharing platform in the world. ByClick Downloader is an extremely simple and effective app, so all you need to do is to copy and paste the URL of the video you want to download.

It is worth mentioning that you can also choose to download only audio in MP3 format, which is ideal for those who want to have a lot of free music available to listen to whenever they want. And, other than YouTube, this app also lets you download movies published on Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, and many other websites.

Follow this link right now to see more about ByClick Downloader! And remember, there are some other amazing tools to download videos, such as YT Saver.

2. Netflix


Netflix is certainly one of the best apps to watch movies and TV shows on streaming, but it also does offer you the option to download whatever you want to watch so that you have your favorite options when offline.

To do it, you simply have to select the movie or TV show you want to watch and download it, episode by episode (or, with the smart downloads turned on, it will download automatically for you).

Unfortunately, not everything you find on the website is actually available for you to download, but Netflix has been steadily increasing support to more and more movies and shows. You can download the app by following this link!

3. Google Play Movies

Among the apps you can use to download a movie or a TV show is Google Play Movies, an alternative made by Google specifically for Android. However, much of what you’ll find here is purchase-only or for rent, but you can find some options for free.

Usually, Google itself will send you emails letting you know when you can score a movie for free or if you’ve received some discount coupon to buy your favorite movies to watch offline. Download the app by following this link. Also, check these 7 best software to download music and videos.

4. Crackle

Crackle is a very similar app to Netflix, with its main difference being that it offers a lot of content that you can watch completely for free. There are many classic movies and TV shows, as well as some more recent releases and even some original productions.

It is also extremely simple to use and, although it does have ads, they are very few and far in between. It certainly is one of the best platforms for you to watch movies for free, within legality.

Follow this link and download the app.

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5. Vudu

With a few very interesting differences, Vudu is another excellent alternative among the apps to download movies. In this app, the users can choose to buy, rent or simply get the free movies that are offered in its huge library and, from there, download to their Android devices to watch them offline at any moment.

The app doesn’t charge anything nor does it have a subscription plan, so you can download it completely for free. Check it out by following this link to see its diverse library and to find very popular titles.

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6. aTorrent

aTorrent movie download apps

aTorrent is one of the simplest apps to use when you want to download movies on the torrent modality in Android. Its functionalities are somewhat basic and simplified, but it does its job just well enough.

It is free to download, but if you don’t want to pay anything for it you’ll have to deal with extremely frequent and annoying ads.

To learn more about this torrenting option, follow this link.

7. FrostWire

FrostWire is by far one of the most popular apps to download torrents on Android, so you can easily use it to download your favorite movie. It has an in-build search function, lets you watch while still downloading, and a lot more.

It has an extremely easy-to-use and gorgeous interface, as well as supporting both magnet links and .torrent files to download. Get the app by following this link!

8. BitTorrent

BitTorrent is a very well-known option to those who like to download files by torrent on PC. And now it has an Android app, which you can use to download your movies, TV shows, and all sorts of content you can find online in this format.

The app can be used for free and it promotes content by unknown artists, has a very light and clean design, doesn’t limit speed or file size, and even has an in-built video and audio player. Learn more about BitTorrent and start using it right now by following this link!

9. CONtv

CONtc is another very interesting option you can find in any good list with all the best movie download apps for Android. It offers a huge amount of sci-fi, horror, fantasy, anime, cult, and any other genre of movie and TV show for you to watch.

Alongside its many options of watchable content, you can also access a myriad of comics whenever you want. Its interface is very simple to use and, in its premium version, you can watch anywhere using Chromecast. Follow this link to download it on your Android smartphone.

10. YouTube

YouTube movie download apps

Currently, YouTube is one of the best platforms for those who are looking for all sorts of content. Fortunately, you can also find a whole lot of movies in this website.

On the platform, you can find older free-use movies, free independent movies, and many, many movies you can acquire on Google Play Movies and then download on your Android device.

If you’re unsure when it comes to downloading your videos, we’ve got that covered in our list of all the best websites to download YouTube videos. And, since it is such an easy-to-use app, we had to recommend it. To start using it, download it by following this link.

Another cool advantage of  YouTube is that you can stream your videos directly from Android to TV. To help you do that and improve your viewing experience, we’ve created this tutorial on how to do it.

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11. TorrDroid

TorrDroid is another somewhat new app and it has many great resources for those who are looking for an option where they can download a movie on Android with ease. It supports both magnet links and .torrent files, as expected, and it can be used for free.

TorrDroid lets you search without having to ever leave the app so that the process becomes even smoother. It doesn’t restrict your download speed, and you can even play the files you’re downloading before they’re complete! Follow this link to download it.

12. Flud Torrent Downloader

Another great suggestion among the best movie download apps is Flud, great for torrenting almost anything. This app has an extremely clean and easy-to-understand interface, and you can use it entirely for free.

It doesn’t enforce any speed limits on downloads or uploads, lets you select which files you want to download, supports magnet links, and even lets you select downloading priority within specific torrents. Download right now by following this link.

13. Transdrone

Much like many of the other best movie download apps, Transdrone has support to torrent files and even lets you manage with simplicity everything you’re downloading. Its interface is not nearly as good-looking as the other apps’, but it is simple to use.

In this app, you can add torrents, start and stop them, assign labels, see trackers, set priorities and so much more. It is free to use and, if you want to download it, just follow this link.

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14. tTorrent


tTorrent is a very popular app, very often used by those who are used to downloading torrents on Android. It has all the basic functionalities you’d expect, but it also lets its users customize their options in a much more complete way.

The most interesting part is that the app even encrypts all the files that go through your phone, which only serves to make everything much safer. It can be downloaded and used for free, but it has an ad-free premium version that comes very cheap. Follow this link and download it!

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15. µTorrent

µTorrent is also much like the other torrent apps we’ve talked about in this list. It even is by far one of the most famous options, with variants for all operating systems, and has reached well over 100 million downloads on Google Play alone.

Just like in other similar apps, here you can also choose the movie you wish to download, as well as any sort of file. In Android, it has two separate apps, one of which is free to use, and the other is paid – recommended for users who’ve already used it quite a bit and enjoy its quality, and so want its full features.

Did you like the best movie download apps for Android we’ve selected?

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