26 best free music download websites on PC and Mac
26 best free music download websites on PC and Mac
26 best free music download websites on PC and Mac

26 best free music download websites on PC and Mac

There are many great apps to download music for free on your smartphone, whether it is an iPhone or an Android. Another thing you can do, on any smartphone, to pass your time is playing games, and we have a list with the best iPhone games and one with the best Android games!

However, it is also worth noting that there are many excellent websites that perform the same task. Currently, the most well-known option is ByClick Downloader, and you’ll learn a bit more about it in this article with a complete list of the best free music download websites.

After all, we all like our music to be available on all of our devices!

1. VideoProc Converter

To start out our list, we are highlighting VideoProc Converter!

If you are looking for not only free music download, but an all-around software capable of converting most media into downloadable content, look no further.

Besides a vast amount of features for video editing enthusiasts, on the audio side VideoProc Converter features conversion for audio formats like MP3, AMR, WAV, OGG, FLAC and even iPhone Ringtone with a nicely sounding Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound.

It also features audio extraction from videos with simple tools that save the audio as AAC, AC3, MP3, DTS, DTS-HD and several other formats!

Overall it’s a complete app that covers all of your audio needs and more, even able keep the original quality!

But please note VideoProc Converter is only for saving videos/audiso for personal use, don’t use it to download copyright-content.

We recommend you check out its website and download the app yourself!

2. ByClick Downloader

The second biggest search engine online is one that allows you to find millions of songs and alternative versions. That is, you can easily download any kind and version of music to listen whenever you want, forever.

This means, in the end, that ByClick Downloader is a platform that will give you access to a massive collection of songs. On the software, you can download to your computer any audio track you find online on YouTube, making it also one of the best websites to download YouTube videos.

You don’t need to download the visual part of the video since the app lets you extract only the audio in MP3. To learn how you can use ByClick Downloader to increase your music collection, click on the link right now!

byclick downloader's screen

3. SoundCloud

A free website that is extremely well-known, SoundCloud brings along a huge music library you can listen to on streaming or download, if you prefer.

You can find many popular artists and bands sharing their songs on this website, but it also is easy to find new music by quite unknown users. The platform is easy to use, and on all the downloadable songs you can easily find a download button.

The website can be accessed via this link, but if you prefer to use it on your smartphone, SoundCloud also offers a mobile app, giving you even more options of where to download free music.

4. Jamendo

The perfect website for anyone who loves indie songs or covers of the most famous tunes, Jamendo has a huge collection of music (over 400 thousand tracks) that you can listen to online or download for free.

The platform is available in several different languages an is available through this link. Jamendo can also be found on both iPhone’s App Store and Android’s Play Store.

5. Amazon MP3

You of course know about the massive online store, Amazon. However, what many aren’t aware of is that they also sell online music. It is easily possible to find a big variety of tunes to buy, but if you prefer you can also find many of them completely for free!

Needless to say, the amount of free music is much lesser than paid ones, but it still is possible to find thousands and thousands of them there. To check out some of the free options, follow the link!

6. PureVolume

Just like NoiseTrade, PureVolume is another platform for musicians anywhere in the world to share their creations. You can listen to them online, download for free and even vote on the for the ones you like the most so they get extra exposure.

It will then greatly benefit the artists on the website, motivating them to post more music. Check out the platform through the link!

7. NoiseTrade

NoiseTrade works basically like a social network for musicians who want to share their songs and projects with people from all around the world.

You can find and download free music whenever you want on this website, but you can also choose to give a sort of tip to any musician, should you like their work and wish to support them. It really is a nice initiative, which you can see by following the link.


8. Audiomack

A music sharing platform with a very user-friendly interface, Audiomack is one of the best alternatives to SoundCloud. The website works as a hub for artists, labels and anyone who loves music and wants to discover new and amazing music!

It is really well categorized, with several different sections to help you find what you want. Not everything you find here is free, but there is really quite a lot of different tunes that are. Go to their official website to learn more!

9. 8Tracks

A very popular (and quite old) website, 8Tracks is amazing for anyone who likes radios on streaming. It offers a really big section with playlists created and curated by other users that you can listen to at any moment.

It is also possible to explore and search for playlists based on specific artists, music genre and number of musics. You can start using the website through the link.

10. Free Music Archive

Somewhat different from the alternatives listed above, Free Music Archive is a platform that allows musicians, brands and radio stations to set up amazing playlists for the users to listen to.

The best part is that you don’t even need to make an account to download music for free. It is also possible to contribute to the platform by creating your own playlist. Follow the link to see more.

11. Internet Archive

Internet Archive works pretty much as its name says: it is likely the biggest archive of the internet available. On there, you can find much more than free music, including softwares, images, videos and books by the thousands.

On the audio section, you’ll have access to not only studio songs, but also audiobooks, podcasts and even live recordings. Access this immense archive by following the link.

12. SoundClick

SoundClick might not have the largest music library when compared to the other platforms on this list, but the more options to download free music the merrier. The platform has many well-established artists who either sell their songs for an accessible price or let the users download them completely for free.

The best part is that you can easily buy a song’s copyright if you wish, to be able to use them commercially. However, most of them are for free. See more about SoundClick here!

13. Last.fm

You’ve likely heard about or even used Last.fm, since it really is one of the most well-known music websites on the internet. It works like an online radio service that brings its users amazing music, just as if you really were listening to an actual radio station.

However, you can also download free music in MP3 if you prefer. The only issue is that not everything on the website is free for download, but at least you don’t need to register to download the ones that are. Check out this online radio station by clicking the link.

Last.fm free music download

14. Vimeo

Well known for its videos, even more its short-movies, Vimeo also offers a music archive to its users.

Many of the songs are paid, but you can also find several for free. The only downside is that you need to sign up to the platform and always be logged in to be able to download these songs. You can access Vimeo through this link.

15. MP3.com

You might not know, but MP3.com is one of the oldest music websites on the entire web. Even so, it doesn’t have a music library nearly as vast as the other alternatives mentioned in this list.

However, you can always find amazing songs there, since new artists end up sharing a lot of their work on the website to whomever wants to listen to it. Check out more here!

16. YouTube

There are many who turn YouTube videos into audio files by using external websites and softwares, but you can also find many royalty-free tunes by looking in the video descriptions to find download links.

In case that’s what you want, you just need to type “Creative Commons” on the search bar. That is particularly useful for those who want to make their own videos but can’t pay for the copyright to play background music. Go to the official website through the link.

17. Indie Shuffle

A great option for those who wish to get to know more independent musicians, Indie Shuffle is amazing for anyone looking for a website to download free music.

There are many different music genres you can find and explore, being a perfect choice for the more eclectic among us. Follow the link to check out the website.

18. Bandcamp

Just like the previous alternative, Bandcamp is also amazing if you want to find out more independent artists. Usually, the musicians themselves upload their albums and songs to the website, which makes it more personal.

One of the best parts about this platform is that each artist has their own personalized section, which results in a more pleasant experience. Like the other options, you can also receive music suggestions based on your interests. Click on the link to see more!


19. AllMusic

Another very interesting website which has a big music library is AllMusic. You’ll find many recent albums there with many detailed pieces of information not only about them, but about their artists as well.

There are also album analysis, which can help you to know what is worth listening to and what isn’t. Here, you also have suggestions of what to listen to based on your personal taste. Click here to check out.

20. Musicpleer

Musicpleer is one of the largest and most popular free music download websites nowadays. It can be used directly on your web browser or on mobile devices.

Basically, you can search for the music you want and it will show you the most relevant results from different sources. Check out the website here.

21. Musopen.org

Anyone who likes classical music should know about Musopen.org. It is a website that offers a huge variety of classical compositions and performances for free for its users.

You can browse the website and listen to anything online, for free, but unfortunately not all you find is for download. The biggest downside of this option is that to download in HD you have to pay the platform a monthly fee. See more by following the link.

22. DatPiff

A great alternative for those who are into mixtapes and rap, DatPiff offers an amazing variety of music downloads of these types. If you want, you can also stream online everything here.

To use, you don’t need a user account, which is a huge plus. And, if you want to download free music on the go, you can use their mobile apps. They have many different sections and categories to help you find everything you need. Check out more here!

23. Spinrilla

Spinrilla is another excellent website for those who are after mixtapes or hip-hop music. You can easily browse through its catalogue by looking for mixtape name, single or chart, which is split into most popular today, this month or all time.

On this website, you can choose whether you with to stream online or download the music. Oddly enough, if you wish to download whole albums, you can do so without an account, but to download specific songs you will need to sign up. Follow to the website and learn more.

24. Incompetech

One more excellent and large music library is Incompetech which, unlike most of the alternatives, is more focused on instrumental work (music without vocals), made for relaxation or to use as ambient noise or in videos. You can include your own creations on the platform.

On the website, you are able to search for several different categories, like adventure music, horror music, western music, romantic music and much more. Follow the link and learn more about one of the best free music download websites.

25. ReverbNation

Another quite large music platform where many independent artists can make their tracks and albums available is ReverbNation. You can choose to sign up either as an artist or as a fan.

From there, you will be able to upload your own music or download other artists’ tracks. Of course, paying nothing for it. To check out, follow the link to the official website!

ReverbNation free music download

26. CCTrax

To finish off our list, we have CCTrax, a website more focused on the electronic, club, techno, house and downtempo music genres alongside many ambient music tracks.

One of the biggest advantages of using CCTrax is that you can download full albums for free, without needing to sign up or anything of the sort. Check out more through the link!

Did you like any of the websites to download music for free on PC or Mac?

Hope that any of our tips was helpful to you on your task of finding good websites to download your music.

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