The 20 best wired headphones to buy!

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There are lots of accessories that you can use on your smartphone. Today we are going to talk about wired headphones you can use. Although many people don’t give much importance to this accessory, they should pay more attention to choosing it. This is mainly for those who like to hear sound with good quality.

It goes without saying that if the user doesn’t put the headphones on their cell phone, they will lose a lot of quality. The purpose of headphones is to provide private listening, thus minimizing any interference. On top of that, there are applications that ask the user to put on headphones to make the experience more pleasant.

Games like The Walking Dead: The Game, for example, ask the user to wear a good headset, as the experience is completely different. As you may have noticed, headphones make a lot of difference, especially if they are quality headphones that are worth buying. Next, I will talk about the best wired headphones to buy.

1- Etymotic HF3

headphones for iphone Etymotic HF3

First of all, let’s talk about the Etymotic HF3 headphones. They top our list because they’re the ultimate combination of sound quality, value, and comfort. The HF3 is an updated version of the highly recommended Etymotic HF2. The HF3 was named a MacWorld UK Editor’s Choice. Regarding the sound quality, the HF3 has many strong points, having the bass levels very tight and the highs crystal clear.

It allows the user to be able to hear things that are inaudible in other headphones. It really provides an amazing experience and is one of the best wired headphones. The HF3 also took a detour to make sure their headphones are comfortable in your ears. They come with three different types of tips: a set of foam tips for those users who have sensitive ears, 2 sets of trailing tips, and traditional silicone ones.

2- Scosche IEM856md

Despite the almost illegible name, the Scosche IEM856md headphones are, overall, a sound experience offered more inclined towards modern music lovers. Also, they’re not exactly stylish headphones, but they do contain some nice functional elements.

First up is the flat cable which is not only robust but also helps you avoid those annoying tangled cable nests that take forever to untangle. The IEM856md also offers three buttons as controls and a microphone.

Along with the headphones comes a good range of accessories, and they are very cheap for the sound quality and the accessories it comes with.

3- Klipsch X10i

In third place, we have the Klipsch X10i headphones. They top every headphone in the Klipsch lineup. That’s why they have a more demanding price. In terms of sound reproduction, they perform excellently across the spectrum.

The X10i should have the kind of heavy sound we’ve come to expect from larger headphones. The X10i is also one of the most comfortable headphones on the market, due to the fact that they are one of the lightest wired headphones right now. They weigh around 10 grams and come with five different-sized sets of Klipsch ear gels.

The headphones come with an adapter for many types of devices. There’s also an airline adapter, a cleaning tool, a leatherette case, and a small carrying case.

4- Klipsch Image S4i

The Klipsch Imagem S4i is one of the best wired headphones when it comes to matching price with sound quality. The overall sound reproduction of the S4i is impressive, these headphones sound out of this world. The S4i are weighted to deliver a not-too-overbearing sound perfect for modern pop music.

The mids and highs are also delivered with detail. The S4i are the best headphones in their price range. The S4i is also one of the most stylish headphones, available in traditional Apple-inspired white. They are made of glossy plastic with chrome accents.

The downside is durability. The cable is thin and rubber/plastic. These aren’t headphones you can toss into your backpack and expect to continue to last. But in reality, this is a problem with any headphones.

5- Velodyne vPulse

headphones for iphone Velodyne vPulse

The vast majority of headphones on this list have a bass-heavy sound that might seem like a requirement for modern music lovers these days. But perhaps the king of bass and heavy-sounding headphones is the Velodyne vPulse.

They are extremely comfortable headphones, mainly due to the well-designed ear tips. A flat cable helps avoid annoying tangles. Velodyne vPulse headphones are L-shaped to reduce wear and tear over time. Overall, the Velodyne vPulse is one of the best wired headphones. It is available in two colors: black and blue.

6- Phonak Audéo PFE 232

Phonak Audéo PFE 232 headphones deliver excellent audio performance. It’s balanced and distortion-free, even when volume levels are at full blast. The PFE 232 also comes equipped with 3 sets of audio filters that can alter the overall tonal balance of the headphones. So the user can adjust them until everything is perfect. So if PFE 232s have so many positive features, why aren’t they at the top of the list? Because it fails in build quality.

They really have the ability to deliver superior sound quality. The PFE 232 comes with 3 sets of foam earpads and 3 sets of silicone rubber earbuds. There’s also a zippered case and a set of tools for changing audio filters. A two-year warranty is also included.

7- Bowers & Wilkins C5

Opinions on the sound quality of the C5 are more or less varied. Most would agree, as these are premium-sounding wired headphones with an emphasis on bass, which should appeal to most hip-hop and modern music lovers. It’s also worth noting that the C5 headphones aren’t actually entirely true headphones. They’re more like canal phones, which instead of being in the ear, are over the ear.

The C5’s provide a good seal around the ear canal so there is some sound isolation. However, some critics claim that it actually lets some audio out. Included with the C5 headphones are 4 extra pairs of silicone earbuds, two airplane adapters to a 3.5mm jack, and a zippered carrying case.

8- DiddyBeats In-Ear Headphones with ControlTalk

The Diddybeats In-Ear Headphones with ControlTalk combine design with sound reproduction and excellent durability in relation to the material. The ear cups are tapered, shiny, and trimmed with leather.

The cable is thick, meaning very durable, with a flat tape style to prevent them from getting tangled. The cable comes with a microphone, two volume buttons, and a function button where you can start/stop music, answer/end calls, and move music tracks forward/backward. Diddybeats headphones come with an impressive range of tips: 1 pair of foam tips (fits all ear sizes) and 6 pairs of different-sized silicone tips. The travel bag is also included.

9- Klipsch Image S5i Rugged

The Klipsch Imagem S5i Rugged are versatile headphones, designed to be used both indoors and outdoors. They are waterproof headphones, that is, they must survive the basic activities of sweat-producing sports, such as: running, snowboarding, tennis, etc.

In terms of sound quality, the Klipsch S5i is designed to deliver an impressive bass experience that fits perfectly with more modern music. In this area, it does not disappoint. But the sound isn’t as well defined as the previous generation Klipsch S4i.

Overall, the S5i delivers distortion-free sound quality, even at high volume levels. It’s a rich sonic experience worthy of its price. The S5i comes with a microphone and three control buttons. Also included is a case, with a feature we’ve never seen before: LED light. The S5i comes with 4 pairs of different-sized ear tips.

10- V-Moda Remix Remote Headphones

Vmoda Remix Remote

The V-Moda Remix Remote are stylish wired headphones that provide excellent sound isolation. In addition to the typical modern emphasis on bass, the headphones offer a warm mid-range and a decent high range. For durability, the earpiece is gold plated and has an “L” shape that minimizes wear and tear. The cable is 34 inches long, rubber-coated, and has a built-in remote microphone.

The headphones come with a fabric carrying case and sports ear hooks for stabilization during workouts. There are also 4 sets of different sizes of clear silicone ear tips and 4 sets of black silicone earbuds. The headphones are available in several different color combinations.

11- Maximo IP-595

The Maximo IP-595 are headphones that are quite attractive to the eye. They come with polished metal and a fabric-wrapped cable, available in black or white. These headphones include everything that’s important: iPhone and Android-friendly and 3-button remote with a mic. The sound quality of the Maximo IP-595 can be summed up in one word: value.

Sound reproduction is excellent, delivering crisp highs and well-rounded lows. The mids are also adequate, but not as detailed. Overall, the sound quality is pretty good for its price range, but it doesn’t have the heightened capabilities of others. Included with the IP-595 are three sets of headphones, an extension cord, a t-shirt clip, and a carrying case.

12- Apple In-Ear Earphones

Apple headphones are a step up in terms of sound quality. They have dual sound drivers that provide well-rounded neutral sound. Apple In-Ears come with the same microphone and control button found on standard headphones.

As for the packaged accessories, it comes with three sets of different-sized headphones and an extra set of “speakers” and a plastic carrying case. One downside to these headphones is that the user’s earwax tends to clog the metal speaker grilles. Apple seems to want to prevent this, bringing a replacement set included.

13- Bose MIE2i Headphones

The Bose wired headphones are rest headphones, i.e. outside the ear canal, and therefore are not “in-ear” headphones. The headphones come with “StayHear” earcups, which are pretty much curved, bendable pieces of silicone that attach to the earcups and fit into the curve of your ear to add more stability and fit.

Included with the headphones are three sizes of “StayHear” and 3 sizes of regular (non-StayHear) headphones. The MIE2i delivers average sound quality and is balanced. Like more modern headphones, they emphasize bass, but without the clarity of other more expensive headphones.

14- Sennheiser MM70 iP

The Sennheiser MM 70 iP is a dome-shaped headphone that does not penetrate the inside of the ear. The MM 70 comes with a three-button microphone control and a nice touch. The volume buttons are distinguished by small bumps that allow you to find them with your fingers.

The MM 70 iP offers exceptional sound reproduction. The mids and highs have a moderate level regarding their detail. The full sound reproduction of the MM 70 lacks the glamour of other headphones in the same price range.

Included in the package are 6 sets of tips, a shirt clip, a faux leather pouch, and a cable wrap.

15- Shure SE115m+

The Shure SE115m+ was released in late 2009. This model has the three-button controller that newer iPhones support. They come with 6 sets of tips of different sizes: 3 made of foam material and 3 of silicone rubber. Any set of tips will fit comfortably in your ears.

In terms of audio reproduction, the headphones perform better than average. Still, a little disappointing for a premium product. However, in addition to the plethora of headphones, they even come with a carrying case and a cleaning tool for earwax clogging.

16- a-Jays Four Headphones

The a-Jays Four are highly durable and come with a flat rubber handle. The a-Jays also come with a microphone and three buttons that allow full control over your phone.

In terms of sound quality, the headphones deliver a warm, bass-emphasized sound. Mids and highs are adequate but lack the detail of more expensive headphones. The a-Jays deliver good audio quality at a solid price.

17- Woodees Vintage In-Ear Headphones With Mic

The Woodees In-Ear is basically for audio enthusiasts who swear that wood provides sound acoustics. The body of the headphones is made of natural wood, and the sound reproduction focuses on providing a warm environment, great for listening to classic rock and jazz.

Bass-heavy music lovers will find these headphones to perform well, but not as well as the V-Moda or Klipsch headphones.

The phone version of the wired headphones comes with a microphone and three call/music control buttons. Undoubtedly an excellent option for anyone who wants to listen to quality music on their smartphone.

18- Skullcandy 50/50

The Skullcandy 50/50 are affordable in terms of price. They are also available in six different colors. The 50/50 comes with a 3-button remote with a mic, giving you full control over calls and music. Quality sound. The 50/50 is tuned to provide some punch in the lows but lacks clarity in the mids and highs.

The material of the headphones itself is a little fragile. It comes with a slim cable that easily gets tangled up. Skullcandy includes three soft silicone earbuds in 3 different sizes.

19- V-Moda Vibe II

V-Moda knows how to build stylish wired headphones, and in this area, the V-Moda Vibe II doesn’t disappoint. Made from stainless steel, the headphones feature a two-tone design and an X-shaped structure.

In terms of sound, the Vibe IIs are a step up in terms of sonic clarity from the previous generation. The Vibe II also has a durable design, with its stainless steel ear cups, covered in flexible fabric, preventing cracking. Included with the earbuds are four different-sized silicone earbuds. Other than that, there are special hooks that give more stability for use in sports activities.

20- Ultimate Ears 4vi

Ultimate Ears Super fi 4vi

Finally, we have the Ultimate Ears 4vi. They deliver premium sound reproduction that focuses on the bass spectrum while still reproducing solid mids and highs. The earcups are constructed of lightweight aluminum and the ear tips are silicone and are generally comfortable to wear.

Included are an impressive five sets of different-sized tips. The microphone produces impressive sound on par with standard wired headphones. One downside is complaints about a lack of durability. In addition to the five sets of tips, they come with a carrying case and a 2.5mm adapter.

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