The 25 best mobile kids games for Android and iOS!

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As a parent, you’ve most likely given quite some thought about the games your child could play to have fun and, above all, to learn. In this article, we will talk about some of the best mobile kids games you really should install on their phones! There’s a lot to learn from these apps, and they’ll for sure be fun!

Other than that, here you’ll be able to learn what each one of them is about and how to play them, as well, by following the links to the respective stores. Surprise your kids and download a new app you’re certain they will enjoy!

The best part is that many of the games in this list are free to play and are available both on iOS and Android devices. Check them out down below!

1. Lottie Dottie Chicken Official‬

Starting off our list, we have an app meant for the littlest children. The app Lottie Dottie Chicken Official offers the users several different children’s songs, such as “Row, Row, Row your boat” and “Itsy Bitsy Spider”. When it comes to its usability we can guarantee that no one will have any issues whatsoever.

The app works pretty simply and easily: start by downloading the main app and after that download the music video you want. On all devices, both Android and iOS, there are a few free songs anyone can listen to, but after that, you need to pay to unlock each (or pay for a subscription).

After installing the app, the user must click the small story icon to be redirected to one of its videos. Go to the App Store to download it for iOS, and to the Play Store for Android!

Lottie Dottie Chicken Official‬ best mobile kids games

2. Makeover Games Girl Dress Up‬

The app Makeover Games Girl Dress Up is an educational game in which its users can dream about the day of their prom! Here, you have to train and help your virtual character to get ready for the finalists’ battle.

The user starts off in the spa, then goes on to applying makeup, and finally chooses the perfect clothes for their character. It’s worth mentioning that while Makeover Games Girl Dress Up‬ is a free game, you will find several in-app purchases. You can download it for iOS by following this link!

3. Toca Hair Salon 2

In Toca Hair Salon 2, the users are presented with a huge array of tools to create new hairstyles and to perform them, ranging from miracle creams to several shaving machines, scissors, inks, and brushes. The little ones can have a lot of fun in what is one of the best mobile kids games

They are able to work as a hairdresser while using of their creativity to make new hairstyles in all the characters! The actions are very easy to do, but unfortunately, the game doesn’t offer any sort of tutorial, which can make it quite confusing when you’re just starting off.

The user simply needs to tap a tool to choose it, and then rub their finger over the targets’ hair to see the effect in action. You don’t really have to worry about the movement interface, including dragging and selecting, since in fact, even small kids can learn how to play it easily.

The app is available for iOS devices in a paid version. For Android, there is a paid full version, but there is also a free version.

4. Talking Ginger

Talking Ginger is an app available both for iOS devices and for Android that’s a part of the Talking Friends collection by OutFit7. Ginger copies everything you say, repeating everything in its particularly cute voice, much like the Talking Tom Cat app.

It’s really quite simple to use this app, and it will encourage good habits in your kids: this cat looks particularly gurry and cute, and all you want to do is to spoil him! Beyond that, no matter what you do to Ginger, he’ll always be happy.

You aren’t able to mistreat him, as is to be expected: all you can is tickle him, throw him some parties, and pinch his cheeks, all of which he’ll love. Follow this link to download it for iOS, or this link for Android.

5. Minion Rush 

Here we have some characters that were particularly popular a few years ago. Minion Rush is the game for the movie Despicable Me, a franchise that still is getting new movies to this day. For sure you’ll remember those sympathetic-looking minions, who are extremely fun and disastrous!

Take a deep breath and… don’t worry! In one of the best mobile kids games, the characters are the minions! The game Minion Rush is an infinite racing game, in which the user controls the virtual character who runs non-stop, dodging all obstacles, without a specific place to reach, per se.

The goal, in fact, is to just run as far as you can, collecting coins and other objects along the path to score points. Go to the App Store to download it for iOS, or to the Play Store for Android!

Minion Rush best mobile kids games


Now it’s time for the user to become a hero and save the kingdom belonging to the ponies from the app MY LITTLE PONY: MAGIC PRINCESS! The story follows two pony sisters who used to rule the world of the colorful, happy ponies. While the eldest sister was always ruled by good and wisdom, the youngest started becoming a little… evil.

Her wish was to arrest at any cost all the ponies in the darkness of the night. For many years, she was unable to do so, for she found herself stuck in the moon. However, she has recently managed to break free and has placed some of the ponies in the darkness. Luckily, a young pony managed to escape.

She, along with her friends, has to face the youngest sister and free all ponies from the threat of eternal darkness. Will the user be able to properly control this brave pony to succeed in her mission? Download it right now for iOS or for Android, for free!

7. Where’s my Water?

The main character in another of the best mobile kids games, Where’s My Water?, is the alligator Swampy. He stays seated in a bathtub waiting for the water to reach him so he can take a proper bath. And it is you who needs to make this water reach him! It’s true he’s somewhat lazy, and we can even see a small belly on our new friend.

On each of the levels, the user will see a level in which the water is in a specific place, and they’ll need to somehow make it reach Swampy’s bathtub. Of course, between the tub and the water, there will be several moving elements. You need to figure out where the element that turns its movement off or on is.

This includes several cranks you need to turn, fans to direct the water, and a whole lot more. The developers were extremely creative when it came to developing the levels, there’s no doubt about that. If you want to start using it, you can download it for iOS (where it is paid) or for Android (where it is free).

8. Sago Mini Friends

Sago Mini Friends is a set of several different mini-games that encourages the creativity, dexterity, and puzzle-solving abilities of your kids. When you open up the game, you will choose a colorful character with whom you can explore a neighborhood made up of cartoon houses.

When your kids knock on a door in this app, they’ll be invited inside to take part in a very entertaining (for them) playdate, that can involve, for instance, dress-up, building a birdhouse, or even simply enjoying a snack with their virtual cartoon friends.

The game claims to promote empathy by making other characters look sad if whatever you get isn’t evenly and properly shared. You can even play it offline! You can download it for free for Android, and it also has a paid version for iOS devices.

9. Toca Kitchen 2

Next up, we have another in the Toca Boca games lineup with Toca Kitchen 2. If you have a tablet for your kid, it’s likely you have at some point installed one of these games for them. All of them manage to mix education and fun amazingly well, being a great tool to help all children.

As can be expected from its name, Toca Kitchen 2 is about cooking. The game lets you prepare any meals you want, in any way you want. Create your very own recipes and give them to the other characters to taste test them!

You can create anything you imagine (as long as it’s food-related). Examples include a carefully made burger, as well as just throwing some fruit in the microwave. You can download it for free for Android, and it also has a paid version for iOS devices.

10. Mekorama

Mekorama is a game that resembles a lot of Monument Valley, one that was huge recently and is one of the best iPhone games. It has some small isometric worlds you can control with your finger, as well as mechanics in which you flip the landscape!

This game, unlike Monument Valley, does not have optical illusions, and instead, it focuses on straightforward pathfinding while you help an aimless robot reach his goals. The game is extremely charming, offering a tactile and thoughtful experience.

It’s the perfect option for parents who want to solve puzzles with their kids on a tablet. It comes with 50 in-built levels, as well as collectible cards. After you’re done with them, you can build your own or download more from the web! To download one of the best mobile kids games, go to the Play Store or the App Store!

Mekorama best mobile kids games

11. Frisbee Forever 2

This is a game with a pretty weird premise, since throwing frisbees seems like a pretty boring game. However, Frisbee Forever 2 is filled with interesting different mechanics in which you will guide your disc through gates and collect stars along the way!

It might even remind you of some of the Nintendo greats in this arcade experience that’s filled with vibrant visuals. Its levels are very smartly designed, and its controls are easily accessible to all. Although it does have quite a few in-app purchases, they’re not necessary. Start playing it for Android or for iOS!

12. Spaceteam

This is probably the best option if you have several kids with their own devices (or if you have enough devices for all of them. In theory, Spaceteam is supposed to help them learn to better work as a team, and it even is one of the best free multiplayer games around.

In specific, they will make up a virtual spaceteam in a ship, and they need to be able to outrun an exploding star. The controls are odd in a specific way that might generate quite a bit of conflict at first, but that mandates good communication for success.

Once all devices are connected, the instructions will appear on your screen. However, the controls you see might be someone else’s, which will result in people trying to frantically figure out what to do next in order to not explode. Download it right now on the Play Store or on the App Store.

13. Endless Alphabet

Endless Alphabet is a perfect solution for parents who have children who are just now starting to learn their ABCs. It works to replace the wooden puzzles where the letters to in the board, which more often than not have missing letters after a little while, making it one of the best mobile kids games.

This app will help prevent losing them, offering dozens of words to be sorted by dragging the letters around, all accompanied by some great animations when each one of them is completed.

The only thing to actually keep in mind is that this app will teach American English, but overall it’s a great option. Follow this link to download it for iOS, or go here to download it for Android.

14. Lego Tower

If you have fond memories of playing with Legos, this game is a great option. Of course, you might prefer your kids to play with the real deal, but sometimes they’re too expensive, or your kids need a simpler solution for any reason. In those situations, Lego Tower comes in handy!

This game lets you build and operate the Lego Tower of your dreams. Here, you will create apartments and businesses, and there the Lego residents will live, work, and play, as well as visit their friends’ towers to trade items and to help them build!

With thousands of pieces to collect and many characters and items to unlock, this is an amazing game. And, just to top it off, it’s free to play both for Android and for iOS!

15. Minecraft

Yep, we’re recommending Minecraft, by far one of the most popular games of all time. It’s a hit among people of all ages, ranging from kids to elders. If you’re unfamiliar, here players will start out in an empty world in which they can mine and craft all sorts of things using some of these item recipes.

The youngest can be placed in the creative mode, in which they won’t need to worry about anything, and they’ll be able to just build and have fun. Older kids might have much more fun in its survival mode, and as such, it is definitely a game for everyone. In both modes, you can build a Minecraft Nether Portal to explore some amazing places!

The best part is that they’ll be able to play with their friends via the online servers! The game is 6,99 USD, but the few in-app purchases are exclusively for customization. Download it for Android and for iOS right now, and check out how to play Minecraft for free!


16. Super Stickman Golf 3

Golf is definitely not the most exciting of games, be it in the real world or the virtual one. However, Super Stickman Golf 3 is nothing like regular golf. Here, you’ll hit balls across exorbitantly large courses, such as massive castles and floating islands.

It’s really quite fun to play even by yourself, and it gets even better if played on bigger screens where you can see more of each course. It also has some amazing multiplayer modes in which you can play turn-by-turn with your friends, or even a frenetic race to the hole skirmish.

While the game is free to play, not only does it feature a lot of ads, but it also has in-app purchases for premium upgrades and for in-game currency. It’s an iOS exclusive.

17. Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is a hit among people of all ages, and it is one of the best mobile kids games. In what is one of the best offline Android games, your finger will become a virtual sword, and you will need to slash all fruits that are thrown on your screen while doing your best not to slash the bombs (which end the game!).

It’s ideal to play it on a tablet since you can see much more at once, and swiping becomes much more satisfactory. It also offers a local multiplayer mode, in which two kids can slice fruits in a battle one against the other. Download it on the Play Store or on the App Store!

18. The Cat in the Hat Invents: PreK STEM Robot Games

If you want educational games, The Cat in the Hat Invents: PreK STEM Robot Games is a pretty safe bet. This one is particularly designed to get your kids interested in STEM. The game is entirely free to play, without any ads or in-app purchases.

Basically, The Cat will ask your children to problem solve, all while using engineering tools so the kids can get accustomed to all terms from a young age. The game is filled with amazing mini-games, which should ensure quite a while of playtime. Download this amazing Android exclusive!

19. My Very Hungry Caterpillar

This game is associated with a series of books that star the Caterpillar that is in this game. Unlike most similar games, this one is actually well-made, and it will resemble a Tamagotchi.

It starts with an egg that, when hatched, reveals the caterpillar who will easily eat all food you give it. Then it’s time to play, which changes upon the season, including options such as belly-sliding on a pond or popping bubbles. Once the caterpillar becomes a butterfly, you can start it over again! Follow this link to download it for Android and for iOS.

20. World’s Biggest Pac-Man

If you have kids, you certainly know of Pac-Man, and you’ve most likely played it at some point. The original game is simple enough for anyone to understand and play it, but the maze will become somewhat dull quickly. As such, we recommend you play World’s Biggest Pac-Man.

This is an online game that is one of the best browser games that offers hundreds of thousands of mazes, all of which you can explore by going to the exits. Of course, you still need to munch on yellow dots and avoid the four ghosts. Follow this link to play it on any of the best web browsers!


Peek-a-Zoo is an app that features several different cartoon animals, and it looks extremely simple at first. However, it’s quite complete, with many different options. The game is all about your child identifying the correct cartoon animals using a single simple clue. They might be names, emotions, actions, positions, or sounds.

Once they manage to guess the correct animal, a new scene will appear, all of which are particularly cute for all who wee it. Start playing one of the best mobile kids games for iOS right now!



Another great option by LEGO, LEGO DUPLO WORLD is a great option if you are unable to buy the real lego toys. This app is amazing to improve dexterity, for instance, and so it can even help kids to better navigate touchscreens!

Unfortunately, you only have a single scene for free, the Number Train in which your children will do activities such as color sorting, counting, and using animal blocks to create some weird-looking creatures.

To be able to access the rest, you need to either pay 5 USD for each scene, or 22 USD for all of them. While it might not be particularly cheap, this game guarantees hours of entertainment! Download it on the Play Store or on the App Store.

23. Crossy Road

Crossy Road takes us back to Frogger, where you need to help characters to go across the road. Here, the characters will hop across endless landscapes, while doing all they can to not get drowned in a river or hit by a train!

The best part, however, are the over 100 different characters you can unlock to play. Although it does have quite a few in-app purchases, you definitely don’t need them to have fun. Download it for Android and for iOS right now!

24. Little Alchemy 2

While Little Alchemy 2 is not really an educational game, it does help develop quite a bit of logic. In this game, your kids will need to match things to discover new elements, making it one of the best mobile games for them!

When you combine the building blocks you’re given, you create new things. Sometimes they’re obvious, such as water to water resulting in a puddle, but some are more… unexpected and funny. Check it out on the Play Store or the App Store.

25. Khan Academy Kids: Free educational games & books 

Finishing off our list we have what easily is one of the best learning apps around in its version for kids! Khan Academy Kids offers educational games and books for kids. The app offers a robust curriculum when it comes to language, reading, math, and logic, but the learning experience can be customized for each child’s personality and problem areas.

All of that makes it an amazing tool for those who have trouble learning from a more typical school setting. Its design will also help your kids have a lot of fun while learning, helping them learn better. It’s available both for Android and for iOS!

Khan Academy Kids: Free educational games & books best mobile kids games

Did you like any of the best mobile kids games?

Were our tips helpful to you? Let us know in the comments if you’d ever played any of these games, and don’t forget to also check out the best Android games, the best free PC games, and the best online games!

While we’re talking about gaming and screen on-time, it’s a good idea that we recommend you start using some of the best parental control software around, or even the TikTok parental control features.

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