The 30 best online games to play with friends on PC!

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Games are almost always more fun to play when you’re with your friends, even more so if the game you’re playing together offers an online cooperative or competitive mode to play with your friends.

Of course, with such a large amount of options from which you can choose on PC, it can get quite hard to properly decide what you and your friends can play together, particularly if you don’t share the same likes and dislikes when it comes to gaming.

Thinking about this sort of situation, we decided to make this vary complete list with all the best online games you can play with friends on PC (many of which even have console versions), with all types and game genres you can imagine. Check out our suggestions down below!

1. Minecraft

There are no doubts about it, Minecraft is by far one of the most successful games in the past decade, especially because of the freedom it offers its players. Other than being able to brace into randomly generated worlds and being able to build anything you can imagine, the game also lets you do it all with your friends!

There are many very popular challenges you can do as a group, but if you’d rather you can join up with your friends and just build something massive or intricate. If you want to play it, learn here how to play Minecraft for free, check out the most important Minecraft console commands or follow to the store to buy it!


2. Overwatch

Overwatch is another immensely popular game made by one of the largest game companies, Blizzard. To sum it up, it is a first-person shooter with very diversified mechanics for each and every one of its characters.

One of the best games to play online with your friends, it has quick matches, competitive play, and even a more alternative gameplay in its Arcade mode. Overwatch has special events all throughout the year and keeps adding new characters and skins for free. You must, however, purchase it to play. Follow this link to see more about the game!

3. Team Fortress 2

If you enjoy the sort of game that Overwatch is but you’re tight on money, we can also recommend you try out Team Fortress 2, a classic. The game might be older, but it worked as one of the biggest inspirations for Overwatch and other similar first-person shooter games

It is completely free to play, but if you want to customize your character, the cosmetic items must be bought. Its graphics have aged exceptionally well, and the game has constant new updates even today. Follow this link to download one of the best free games on Steam!

4. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is an insanely successful game that offers not only a PC version but can also be easily played on Android and iOS as one of the best mobile multiplayer games. In just a few months after it was released, it had already sold millions of copies and is popular even today!

It is one of the most expensive options on our list, but it still is quite cheap and is certainly one of the best options you can find in the Battle Royal style, where 100 players will face off against each other until there’s only one left. Go to Steam to see more!

5. Rocket League

Rocket League is one of the best games to play online with your friends, but it can be somewhat hard to explain what it is about. It has a very simple premise: it is a soccer game but, instead of you controlling human players, you control a car.

It might seem very weird, but it definitely fits in as one of the most fun to play games on Steam, and it’s an amazing game to play with your friends. Learn more about Rocket League by following this link.

Rocket League best online games

6. Overcooked 2

If you’re looking for a game you can play with your friends at home and not have to depend on an internet connection, Overcooked 2 is one of the best alternatives you’ll find. It does, however, offer the possibility of playing online!

In this game, you and your friends will control cooks who need to work as a team to prepare several meals in a very short amount of time. The biggest challenge is that, in each map, you’ll have to face some different obstacles, and to get a good result you and your friends will need to be well coordinated. Follow this link to learn more.

7. Death Road to Canada

Another great game you can play locally with your friends is Death Road to Canada. It is an alternative that draws inspiration from the classic educational games in the The Oregon Trail franchise. Of course, this game itself has no educational purposes, since it places you in a car in the middle of the United States, where you have to escape the zombie-riddled country to get to Canada.

You and your friends can control different characters while making some difficult decisions and fighting against zombie hordes while looking for supplies and better equipment. The game might seem pretty simple, but it actually is one of the most challenging ones in this list. Learn more about the game by following the link!

8. Portal 2

Among the best games to play online with your friends is Portal 2, a classic from Valve. This one is worth checking out even if you’re not interested in its multiplayer mode, since its story and gameplay are amazing.

However, we do recommend that you complete all the levels with a friend by your side since the cooperative puzzles are very fun to complete, complex and require good communication skills among the players. You can see more about Portal 2 by following this link!

9. Terraria

Terraria is in many ways quite similar to Minecraft, but its graphics are in 2D, which many players might consider to be one of its greatest appeals. You can try it out on your own if you wish, but it is way more fun to play when accompanied to face certain extra challenges.

It offers a sandbox gameplay, it is constantly updated, and the worlds are randomly generated. You’ll be able to create anything you want and fight against many monsters while harvesting for supplies. Check it out on its Steam page!

10. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

The game Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is different from the other alternatives in our list, particularly because it is heavily reliant on teamwork and that all participants keep their cool.

While only one person keeps looking at the computer screen (or with a virtual reaily device on their heads) with a bomb riddled with mechanisms in front of them, the other players have a manual on how to disarm bombs to help you out.

This way, the first player must describe the bomb while the others look for ways on how to disarm each one of its parts, all of that in a matter of seconds or minutes. If you can’t do it, the bomb will explode and you will lose the match. Learn more about it by following this link.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

11. Battlefield 1

Many war games tend to focus especially on the battles of World War 2, something that always works to draw the attention of millions of players. Even so, it is a nice thing to have a bit of variety in this genre, something that one of the best games to play online, Battlefield 1, managed to accomplish with ease when portraying World War 1.

There is also a single-player campaign mode, but its multiplayer mode is the one that has always been favored by gamers. You can play with your friends and set up very complex strategies to deal with your enemies, as well as being able to enjoy a game with amazing graphics, even though they’re older. Follow this link to see more about ti.

12. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

We’ve already talked about some shooters in our list, but you might be looking for something more to-the-point and traditional. If that’s the case, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is by far the best option you can find nowadays.

It still ranks as one of the most played games on Steam, has recently been made free to play and it has an amazingly active competitive community, if you like that extra challenge. Follow this link to see more!

13. DOTA 2

If you’re into MOBAs, the suggestion of at least giving DOTA 2 a shot should make itself more than obvious. Even though it is a relatively old game, it still manages to be one of the games with the most active players on PC and it gets very frequent large updates.

However, the learning curve is very steep, particularly for players that are new to MOBAs, but if you’re willing to make an effort, it is worth it. You can follow this link to learn more about DOTA 2, one of the best free PC games.

14. Hearthstone

Now, for those of you who are into card games, Hearthstone is a great option among the best online games to enjoy with your friends. It doesn’t have a physical version, meaning that all the cards are digital. A great aspect of it is that it can be played also on Android and on iOS. Make sure to also check out the best Android games!

Other than al of that, you can easily download and play it completely for free. Unfortunately, free players usually have to spend quite a lot of time and effort to get good cards, whereas if you’re willing to spend money, you can usually get them quickly. Follow this link to see more.

15. Elder Scrolls Online

If you were among the millions of people who ventured through Tamriel in the game franchise The Elder Scrolls (whether on Morrowind, Oblivion, or Skyrim), we heavily recommend that you give Elder Scrolls Online a shot.

It is an MMORPG that, if you want, can be played completely alone. Of course, since it is in the nature of the game, you can also play with random players or with your friends while exploring dozens of different regions, completing hundreds of quests and doing dungeons with up to 12 players! Go to Steam to see more!

Elder Scrolls Online best online games

16. Elder Scrolls Legends

Another amazing option for those who really enjoy the Elder Scrolls universe is Elder Scrolls Legends, another of the best card games that can be played online. A large advantage it has over Hearthstone is that it has fewer pay-to-win elements.

It has a very interesting story mode where you will learn how to play it and get some very nice bonuses. Other than that, the card store always offers sales or even free card packages for players who play the game often. Follow this link to download it for free.

17. Don’t Starve Together

Don’t Starve is a very challenging game that places you in a randomly generated island. Your goal is to try to survive in any way that you can. You have to collect all sorts of resources, hunt, craft clothing, build shelters and plantations, set traps, make tools, and do a lot more if you want to stay alive.

Other than that, you even have to protect yourself against weather changes and the different seasons of the year. With the Don’t Starve Together expansion, you can do all of those things alongside a friend! Click here to learn more about the game, which also has an iOS version found in the best iPhone games!

18. The Division

With The Division we have another one of the best shooter games, that gets even better when playing online cooperative matches with your friends. In fact, it has gotten a lot better since it was released, with many updates and improvements along the past years.

In this game, you’ll be venturing into a mostly destroyed New York City, after a mass contamination. Of course, you’ll have to fight off all the enemies that spawn in front of you. That’s a quite simple explanation of what this game has to offer, but you can check it out for yourself by following this link!

19. Far Cry 4

The games in the Far Cry franchise are really great, but in Far Cry 4, we have what can be considered by far one of the best games to play online in the multiplayer mode with your friends.

The game itself is a shooter set in a paradise island that is, unfortunately, filled to the brim with people trying their hardest to kill you. With a friend by your side helping you set up and execute strategies, it gets even more fun! Follow this link and learn everything about this game.

20. PAYDAY 2

PAYDAY 2 is a very interesting game in itself since it places you in the role of a robber who needs to plan out and execute huge and complex heists, almost as if in the style of movies such as “Ocean’s Eleven”, for instance.

Even though it has a nice single-player mode, what makes it really shine is its multiplayer capabilities. Pulling off these heists perfectly in a group of friends makes it a lot more enjoyable, as well as requiring a lot more coordination. You can check it out on Steam!

PAYDAY 2 best online games

21. Lego Marvel Superheroes

There are a lot of games that draw inspiration from Lego around, but Lego Marvel Superheroes is one of the most fun to play, especially if you’re looking for one that has an online multiplayer mode to try out with your friends.

As the name says, the game has many Marvel heroes in a Lego shape, and you need to fight crime and many villains with their companions. Learn all about this amazing game by following this link.

22. Viscera Cleanup Detail

We can say that Viscera Cleanup Detail is quite an unconventional game, but that is exactly what makes it one of the most fun games in our list. In this game, you and your friends work as space janitors that need to clean up the mess that the soldiers make after large scale battles in certain scenarios.

To sum it up, you will be cleaning up a LOT of blood and body parts of aliens that were obliterated in those locations. You can check out this game by following this link!

23. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

The game Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is another one of the best games to play locally, in a couch co-op setting, rather than online. In it, you and up to three of your friends control a battle ship in space.

Since you need to fight against dozens of enemies while travelling through galaxies, you need to have a lot of coordination and team work so you can actually get a good outcome in the end. See more about this game by following this link.

24. League of Legends

Since we mentioned DOTA 2, we also have to include League of Legends in our list, since it is by far one of the most successful games in the world, with an extremely active competitive community that has championships all throughout the year.

There are dozens of characters available, each one with a lot more skins to customize them, and they all have unique skills. The game is free to play and, unlike DOTA 2, it is not that hard to learn to play (but to get actually good it might take a while). Follow this link and learn more about League of Legends.

25. Worms

It has been quite a while since the first Worms game was released, but the game where you have worms trying to destroy one another with quite absurd weapons is still extremely fun.

And it gets even more fun to play if you’re with three other players, since the strategy necessary increases a lot. To learn everything about Worms and start playing it, follow this link.

Worms best online games


Other than the games we talked about above, there are quite a few others that don’t have multiplayer as its main focus, but that also offer some pretty captivating and fun experiences to try out with your friends. Check them out:

  • Guacamelee: By itself, this game is very fun, but it gets even better if you find some friends with whom to try out its local coop mode so you can properly explore everything it has to offer;
  • Divinity Original Sin: Usually, RPGs are lonesome experiences, but Divinity also lets you bring your friends to face off against the brutal enemies you will find in your adventures;
  • Spelunky: This game is all about exploring the underground, finding precious resources, and fight against the enemies that show up, an experience that ends up being a lot more enjoyable with a friend;
  • Enter the Gungeon: One of the best Roguelike games in the past few years this game can be fully enjoyed alone, but you’d be better off with a friend to help you in the toughest situations;
  • Forza Horizon 3: Of course we had to also include a racing game in this list, even more so because an open-world alternative such as Forza Horizon 3 gets even better in a multiplayer mode!

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