Best free PC games in 2020: Check out the top 30!

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Currently, the PC is one of the best platforms for those who like playing without worrying about high prices or performance issues, but there are also some other advantages. It is easy to find some great free games for PC with the same quality as even the best paid ones, which is something very unlikely to find in consoles, for instance.

And that is valid whether you want to play by yourself or enjoy it with your friends. In this list below, we’ll suggest some of the best free games you can find to play on PC nowadays!

1. Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 is a team-based shooter with a very unique and cartoonish look, something that helped it age very well in the past few years. In this game, two teams face off one against the other with characters that have very varied skillsets, bringing a fun factor.

Since the matches are usually quick and filled with action, it is normal that everything changes in a matter of seconds. Follow this link to download Team Fortress 2, which can also be found on our list of the best free games on Steam!

Team Fortress 2

2. Dota 2

It is very likely that you have at least heard about Dota 2, easily one of the most popular MOBAs in the world, and also one of the best free PC games. With hundreds of characters available, you can choose the one that fits best with your game style, since each one is very different and has unique skills.

The goal is very simple: you have to use your troops to capture your opponent’s base. The gameplay can be quite intense and competitive, but always a lot of fun. Click on this link to download it on Steam.

3. Path of Exile

Path of Exile is an action RPG that shares many similarities to Diablo III but has a much more obscure setting. The game also counts with amazing graphics that can be compared with the latest AAA games.

You play as a criminal among many other prisoners and you have to complete several missions as you play the game. Follow this link to download Path of Exile for free on Steam.

4. Neverwinter

Neverwinter is a free to play MMORPG that has many features that are usually only found in paid games. This game is set in a huge kingdom that you can explore as you wish, find many interesting creatures and complete the missions related to the main story.

The characters we find along the adventure might not be that interesting, but its amazing story makes up for it, in part. Click here to check it out and download the game!

5. League of Legends

Of course we had to also suggest Leag of Legends in our list, since this is by far one of the best free PC games that is among the most famous and popular ones in the world.

This MOBA shares some similarities to Dota 2, but it is much easier to understand as a beginner, even though it is quite complex to properly understand and master it truly. You can learn more about the game on this link!

League of Legends Best free PC games

6. Hearthstone

If you’re into card games, Hearthstone might be a great option for you to play with all your online friends. It doesn’t have a physical version, so all the cards you own are exclusively digital.

Beyond that, it can be downloaded and played for free, even though it might take quite a while to get the best cards if you are not willing to buy anything. Follow this link to learn more about this game, which can also be found among the best mobile multiplayer games.

7. Warframe

Another very popular free game, Warframe is one where you can play as a space robot ninja, which by itself is already enough to get the attention of most people. The game has a third-person cooperative experience in which you have to improve your character and its skills as you go through the adventure.

Even though it has a main story for you to follow, the most interesting and fun part of the game is in its multiplayer mode where you can compete or cooperate with your friends. Follow this link to download the game.

8. Fortnite Battle Royale

You’ve certainly heard about the huge success that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has achieved in the past few months, but it’s always been on the expensive side of things and rarely has any promotions. Happily, there’s a free-to-play alternative that’s even more stable: Fortnite Battle Royale.

The gameplay is very similar since you and 99 other players find yourselves on an island and must battle until there’s only one survivor left. The best parts are that this game is lighter than PUBG and receives constant updates with news. Download the game here!

9. Smite

Smite is a MOBA game that has some mechanics and details that make it quite different from the other games in this category. A good example is the camera, positioned always behind your character. It might seem like an insignificant detail, but it completely changes the gameplay, making it one of the best free games on PC!

This position makes the game much more interesting since the players don’t have a top-down vision and can’t always be aware of the positioning of their opponents from afar. Of course, the game also offers over 50 different characters from which you can choose, each with their unique skills. Download it on this link.

10. Paladins

Paladins is a very fun first-person shooter game that has quite a few uncommon mechanics, being ideal for those who don’t want just a shooter. It is known as the free-to-play alternative to Overwatch, even though the games have been growing quite a bit apart for a while.

Anyway, it is worth noting that this came is very lightweight, has extremely pretty graphics, and is easy to learn in general. Check out more about it by following this link!

Paladins Best free PC games

11. Elder Scrolls Legends

The Elder Scrolls is one of the most well-known RPG game franchises in the world, especially because of Skyrim, Oblivion, and Morrowind. Recently, its developers made a card game that draws inspiration from the franchise’s universe that can be played completely for free.

It is somewhat more friendly than Hearthstone since its player base is still growing and you don’t need to spend any money to get all the best cards. Follow this link to download it for free.

12. Star Wars: The Old Republic

We’ve already mentioned Neverwinter in our list, but another very interesting MMORPG that is easily one of the best free games on PC is Star Wars: The Old Republic. Of course, this one is even better if you’re a fan of George Lucas’ saga since, after all, you can finally become a Jedi (or a Sith)!

It can be played for free, but also offers a monthly subscription for those who want to unlock all the perks. The most interesting part is that it has very unique campaigns for each character type and is a great single-player game if you don’t want to be very social with the other players. You can download it on this link.

13. World of Tanks

World of Tanks is a very different type of MMO since it has battle tanks as its “main characters”. And, because of its quite unique concept, it ends up being extremely fun. If you’re looking for fast and chaotic group matches, this might be the one for you.

Your goal is to battle with your tank alongside other people, but a quite cool aspect is that you have a very interesting customization system to modify your vehicle in any way that you want. Download right now on this link.

14. StarCraft II

StarCraft II has always been a very popular game, but a part of its player base got diluted when other high-quality games started showing up in the market as free-to-play alternatives.

Then, Blizzard decided to do the same thing and StarCraft II finally could be enjoyed without any cost for its players. If you enjoy real-time strategy games that are very competitive, there’s no reason not to try it out. Follow this link to see more about the game!

StarCraft II

15. Apex Legends

Following Fortnite’s and PUBG’s success, many other Battle Royal games got released. Among the ones that drew the most attention and got a decent number of players was Apex Legends. The game developed by Electronic Arts (EA) manages to bring a different and more interesting gameplay for those who wanted more from this genre.

In this game, you don’t rely only on how well you know the map, where you spawn or the weapons you find since each character has their own special skills that will help you achieve victory in battle. It’s an almost perfect mix of Overwatch and PUBG that can easily be considered one of the best free games on PC. To learn more, just follow this link.

16. Emily is Away

Very different from most of the games we’ve mentioned in this list so far, Emily is Away places you in the spot of a teenager who talks to her friends via a messaging app, much like an ICQ or MSN at the end of the 1990s and the beginning of the 2000s.

The entire story unfolds according to what you decide to tell each one of these friends, especially to Emily. And, because of that, it is possible to have many interesting interactions and different endings, so it is worth playing more than once. Learn more by following the link!

17. Heroes of the Storm

Since we’ve already talked about League of Legends and about Dota 2, we have to mention another very popular MOBA game. Heroes of the Storm is by far much more simple and easy to learn, although its player base is quite limited when compared to the alternatives.

Since the game is developed by Blizzard, you can play as many characters and in settings of the other games of the company, something that, by itself, is already a huge advantage for those looking for a different MOBA to try out. Learn more through this link!

18. Magic Arena

It doesn’t matter how many trading card games there are, Magic: The Gathering will always be remembered as the game that made this genre popular. Happily, Wizards of the Coast has released a great online version recently.

Of course, there are other virtual games inspired by it, but Magic Arena is the one that managed to bring a more modern look to the game. Just like in many others, you can play it to get cards without paying anything, but there are advantages if you’re willing to pay a bit (or a lot). Follow this link to see more!

19. Guild Wars 2

There are no doubts that Guild Wars 2 is one of the best free MMO games for PC that you can find. Instead of forcing players to experiment its adventures on their own or to look for groups themselves, it automatically forms a party with any other nearby player that’s on the same quests.

That along with the fact that combat is much more dynamic and the missions aren’t very repetitive make the game much, much better than most MMOs. You can see more on this link!

20. Forza Motorsport 6: Apex

One that’s always been an Xbox exclusive, Forza has finally reached computers on Forza Motorsport 6: Apex. And, happily, this installment is free-to-lay for all Windows 10 users.

It is recommended for all who like racing games, as you can imagine. It is worth noting that it has 12 different tracks and 63 unique vehicles for you to choose from, which makes it one of the best free games on PC. Learn more on this link!

21. EVE Online

Another very interesting MMO game you can play for free on PC is EVE Online. Unlike many of the ones we see around, it has a space theme, ideal for those who’ve always loved science fiction games and stories.

Of course, not everything can be accessed by the free players, but most of the game is indeed open for everyone. You can see more by following this link.

22. Z1 Battle Royale

If you like the previously mentioned Battle Royale games, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t try Z1 Battle Royale. It can be considered one of the pioneers of the games that inspired this genre until its popularity soared.

In the game, you will find yourself in a 150 player battle in which only one can come out as the victor. You can learn more about it on Steam.

23. Gwent

Gwent is yet another card game, but this one is inspired by the minigame you can play on the The Witcher franchise. It works similarly to other trading card games, but with some very unique rules.

If you don’t have any of the latest The Witcher games, you can download Gwent for free and play against online opponents. To learn more about it, just follow this link.

24. Brawlhalla

If you’ve ever heard about and got interested by the classic Super Smash Bros, there’s no doubt you should try out Brawlhalla. It is very similar to Nintendo’s fighting game franchise with the advantage of being one of the best free games on PC.

There are many stages and fighters available, as well as many different items that just pop out of the sky to help you out (or get in your way). In its free mode, there’s a weekly character limitation, but that won’t make the game unfun. Learn more by following the link.

25. Fallout Shelter

The Fallout Franchise is one that has always been extremely successful, but it still is not possible to find its main games for free. However, Bethesda has developed a very fun spin-off called Fallout Shelter, which can be found among the best Android games as well.

In this game, you’ll take care of your own underground shelter in which you can help people who are running from the dangers of the radiation that runs rampant in the game’s world. This way, you can keep expanding the shelter, creating different rooms, and assigning the residents so that they take care of specific tasks. See more here!

26. The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

If you enjoyed Life is Strange, we highly recommend The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, a game made by the same developers that is set in the same universe as Life is Strange.

The difference is in the characters and in the situations, which are completely unlike the other game. Even so, the time travel thematic and taking decisions that can impact the lives of people around you is still here. It is a phenomenal option, easily one of the best Free games for PC! Follow the link to see more.

27. Doki Doki Literature Club

If you search for Doki Doki Literature Club you’ll have the wrongest opinion you’ve ever had about a game in your life. It looks like a typical visual novel game in which the objective is to get one of the characters to fall in love with you.

Unfortunately, that’s all we can say without ruining all the surprises the game has to offer. For that reason, we heavily recommend you download the game and don’t get fooled by its looks. Learn more by following the link.

28. Planetside 2

In Planetside 2 we find another very interesting MMO that has an intergalactic thematic. In this game, what really matters are the huge battles that happen when fighting for resources and territories your faction might or might not dominate.

Your actions also determine the reputation of the faction of which you’re a part, something you have to take into account in a completely online game. You can see more about the game by following this link!

29. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike’s game franchise is extremely well-known and popular for many years, but it is the Global Offensive version that’s the most played one by the franchise’s fans, whether casually or in championships.

After a long time of being a paid game, it finally was made free with a few restrictions. Happily, all that really matters in an FPS such as this one is available for its free players. Follow this link to see more.

30. Dauntless

Finally, Dauntless is a very interesting fantasy RPG that is heavily influenced by other games such as Monster Hunter and Dark Souls. In this game, you’re one of the hunters that have to end the creatures known as Behemoths, who feed on the few remaining humans on Earth.

With the resources you get in these hunts, you can improve your equipment and weapons, all so that you are able to hunt even more powerful creatures. This is by far one of the best free games on PC, so it definitely is worth checking out by following this link.

Did you get interested in any of the best free PC games?

What are your thoughts about the games we’ve selected to include in our list? By playing them, you can have access to a lot of amazing content without paying anything. Leave a comment with your thoughts and don’t forget to check out all the Minecraft console commands and the best browser games!