54 tips to make money online

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Whether you are looking to open an online business to change your life or to earn extra income in this after-coronavirus world, these tips to make money online are sure to come in handy.

Here, you’ll learn how to make money in dozens of different ways. Each of them has its own requirements, but for most all you need is to have a smartphone or notebook with an internet connection.

Create websites or blogs, test apps for Android or iPhone, do freelance work, or simply answer online surveys. All these activities earn some money, which can be forwarded to your favorite digital bank.

Without further ado, here are our tips to start making money on the internet right now!

1. Creating a blog

One of the tips for making money on the internet mentioned in the introduction is blogs. They’re a good way to generate passive income, in addition to being very easy for those who want to work from home. Therefore, learning how to create a blog is an excellent starting point.

On the other hand, it is important to understand that blogging requires dedication, patience, and strategy, as it is a platform that will make you money in the long run, not immediately.

To learn how to make money blogging, check out this article right now!

2. Set up an online store


You can create a website to sell physical or digital products online. Currently, there are several platforms for virtual stores that make it possible to create your online store in just a few minutes.

Besides the fact that everything is carried out online, the process is not much different from traditional commerce: you need to update your inventory, provide post-sales service, and include attractive product descriptions to attract your customers. In addition to this, you need to properly market your products. You can use an online SMS gateway to send out new product launches or notify your clients of sales, discounts, or special deals.

Another positive point is that an online store is more likely to generate money faster for you, even if it’s not enough in the first few months.

In this regard, we recommend Shopify, a platform that can connect to your Instagram profile, making it possible to place a price tag on available products in a feed post or in Stories.

That is, you earn money selling both on social networks and on the website you set up with Shopify.

Click on the link to get to know the service right now!

tips to make money online store

3. Create a newsletter

Another type of content that has been gaining popularity is the newsletter. Using email marketing, content producers can create exclusive content for customers, who receive them by email.

The newsletter is an excellent way to work online with written content, but it is necessary to cultivate an audience that trusts your content so that they can give you permission to receive emails.

It is worth mentioning that you can also use the platform to sell physical and digital products, in addition to using the affiliate marketing that we have already mentioned in the article.

Tip: One of the best email marketing platforms you can use to create a newsletter and work from home is E-Goi. Learn more about the service by visiting the link!

4. Create a YouTube channel

Is the idea of recording videos more interesting than creating a blog? So maybe earning YouTube subscribers and making money from your videos is a more interesting option for you!

You can create a YouTube channel for free and publish videos right away. Before that, however, it is necessary to study how the platform works, what are the best ways to earn money on YouTube, and how to record content that generates engagement.

On YouTube, it is also possible to earn money from sponsored videos, advertisements, and affiliate marketing, which we have already mentioned earlier in the article.

tips to make money online Youtube

5. Create podcasts

The content format that has been in evidence is the podcast. To get a sense of its growth, even New York Times is investing in the format.

Podcasts work like the old radio shows, in which a presenter presents a topic and talks about it. This type of content can be done either alone or in a group, as a kind of round table.

You can earn money by creating podcasts in a variety of ways, such as affiliation – letting your listeners know that the link to purchase a product or service is in the description – or even advertising products on your program, as in sponsored blog posts or YouTube videos.

Let’s talk a little more about making money with the content platforms we’ve mentioned so far in the next few items.

6. Affiliate marketing

Ever heard of affiliation or affiliate marketing? In this method, you earn money by using your digital channels to promote a product.

This money comes in the form of a commission, every time the product is sold through the personalized link you indicated in your post. Affiliate marketing is widely used by those who create blogs or content sites.

In addition, you can also use affiliate marketing in your post ideas for Instagram or any other social network.

7. Create a subscription service

Netflix uses one of the most profitable models on the internet, which is the subscription service. Instead of selling just one product, you can offer a subscription to products or services to your customers.

There are already some examples pretty much wherever you live, such as the various nerd boxes available. When you sign up for them, every month the company sends you a box with various pop culture-themed products. These boxes can contain shirts from Netflix movies or popular multiplayer games, for example.

You can also create subscription services for digital products like courses and even exclusive content. There are several online business models that use recurring subscriptions and researching the ideal one for you is one of the best tips to make money online that we can give.

8. Sell ad space on your website or blog

Have you already learned how to create a website or do you have your own blog? Then you must have heard about Google AdSense. The tool makes it possible to use space on your website to place ads for companies. These ads generate a financial return when clicked.

Its problem is that it takes a few million users to make good money. Alternatively, you can sell this ad space directly to the niche companies you work for.

For example, if your site is about browser games, you can contact developers and offer the space to advertise thegames on your page.

tips to make money online website

9. Create and sell sponsored content

It doesn’t matter if you create content through a blog or using social media, that content can be monetized. If you already have a follower base on Instagram, for example, you can receive messages from companies asking you to make the famous publipost.

The publipost is nothing more than the money you earn to produce specific content for a brand. So keep creating content even if you haven’t received any offers.

tips to make money online sponsored content

10. Become an Amazon Affiliate

One of the pioneers in affiliate marketing, the wide variety of products sold by the e-commerce giant caters to diverse niches.

That’s why you chose to follow the path of the content producer after reading these tips to make money online, you will probably find your first income with affiliation on Amazon.

11. Be a digital influencer

As we mentioned earlier in the article, the digital influencer profession has been booming in recent years. So much so that even shows like Big Brother Brasil called influencers to participate in its 2020 edition.

It’s not too late to try your hand at making a living as a digital influencer, using your content to build a following and sell space on your profile for brands and companies to advertise their products.

But don’t think it’s just glamour: before enjoying the privileges and pampering of influencers. Before that, it is necessary to understand a lot about digital marketing and how to create content that generates engagement.

Tip: If you’re thinking about using Instagram as a base for your digital influencer career, then you can’t leave without checking out these 6 tips to gain followers and raise engagement on Instagram.

12. Sell your website

Although it’s not the best tip to make money online on a constant basis, have you ever thought about selling your website?

You may be feeling fed up with your project or simply want to focus your efforts on another project. The reason doesn’t matter, but it’s perfectly possible to sell your website for a person or company to take care of as if you were selling your physical store.

13. Create digital products

Also known as info products, digital products are nothing more than things that you sell exclusively over the internet.

A paid Android app, for example, is a digital product. An online course or ebook that you buy is also good.

There is no lack of variety of digital products that it can offer. If you’ve ever thought about having a business and developing your own product, this is perhaps the best tip for making money on the internet that we can offer you.

tips to make money online digital products

14. Create online courses

One of the most popular types of info products, online courses are a booming market these days. This is happening because of the coronavirus pandemic, which forced us into quarantine. On the other hand, there is no shortage of people at home using their free time to improve.

Do you have any skills that are useful and can bring results to your customers? So you can create online courses and make extra income on sites like Udemy!

15. Write ebooks

We already talked about ebooks in the item about digital products. Digital books are a highly sought-after type of product, as well as being much easier to publish than a regular physical book.

On the internet, you can publish your book digitally without a publisher, completely independently. If you’ve been a blogger for a while or an aspiring writer, you can start your career using this and other tips to make money online that we show above.

16. Sell photos

There is no lack of image banks that need to renew their collection daily. If you already work as a photographer, this is one of the tips to make money online made for you.

Most of these banks are international. That is, they will pay in dollars if you have photos they need to increase their collection.

Alternatively, you can offer your service as a photographer, for example.

17. Create and sell your programs

Another alternative is to sell your programs yourself, as a digital product. For this, it is necessary to research several niches and find the one that seems most profitable, while having the ability to develop software that covers some needs in that niche.

18. Create and sell mobile apps

One way to increase your income as a developer is to create mobile apps. You can also create a free app and charge for premium versions, and sell the app directly on Google Play and App Store.

Another alternative is to sell apps directly to companies, in the same way as we talked about in the previous tip. There is no shortage of tips to make money online for those who want to learn to program.

tips to make money online sell mobile apps

19. Create and sell games

If you like to play games on your phone, computer, or console, you have certainly thought about creating games as a career. Do you already have programming skills? So how about using your skills to develop your own games?

In that case, you can create a game for any device. However, it is important to study some concepts before developing your game. One of them is the audience that is likely to be interested in your game. Where do you usually play? Which platform is the most suitable for the type of game you want to develop?

These are some questions you should answer before bringing your project to life, be it one of the online games for PC or a game similar to Candy Crush for smartphones.

20. Give online classes

You don’t need to create an online course to be able to make money on the internet. While creating the course is an excellent option for generating passive income, you can offer to teach online classes directly, using apps for team meetings.

You can do this in two ways: by offering your services directly to family, friends, or acquaintances or by registering on an online class platform. These platforms usually pay a fixed amount per hour of class, as is already the case in the market.

Tip: To increase your customer acquisition, you can produce content to grow a following and sell your online classes to them.

21. Produce webinars

The webinar is nothing more than an online lecture. Its name comes from the combination of the words web and seminar. In other words, an internet seminar.

You can record or broadcast webinars for two purposes: to increase your authority on the network to sell your online course or tutoring or mentoring services. Or simply to sell these webinars and make money online.

Webinars can be live – using apps to meet online – or recorded. In the second case, you can be present to answer questions in the webinar chat.

So far, we’ve shown you some types of digital products you can create and sell online. But nothing stops you from selling physical products on the internet!

See some options in the next items.

22. Sell used products

Don’t want to set up an online business, but simply make money on the internet with what you already have at home? So you can sell your used products and make extra income without spending anything.

There are several websites specializing in buying and selling. Many of them you may know from TV ads. Each of these sites has its own regulations, but they allow you to sell almost any type of product.

tips to make money online sell used products

23. Sell products on the marketplace of major retailers

We can understand this tip as an extension of the one we mentioned about selling products on the internet. You don’t need to create your own virtual store, nor depend on whether your ad is found on sites like Craigslist.

In fact, you can sell your products on the websites of major retailers, such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. Through its marketplace system, you can register as a seller and list your products in the inventory of these sites, increasing your chances of being found.

24. Sell by dropshipping

Dropshipping is a type of business in which you don’t handle inventory. In fact, you create an online store to sell products, but you only buy them from the supplier when the customer makes a purchase.

See how the dropshipping process works below:

  • You create a virtual store;
  • A visitor accesses your store;
  • The visitor closes the purchase and makes the payment;
  • You separate the profit from the purchase;
  • You buy the product from the supplier;
  • You request that delivery be made directly to the customer’s address.

The advantage of dropshipping is that you don’t have to deal with the logistical processes of keeping stock and coordinating deliveries to customers, even if you lose some of the money you would receive if you took care of everything yourself.

25. Import and resale of products

Importing certain types of products can be cheaper than buying locally. If you have contacts outside the country, you can create agreements with them to sell your products in the country, or contact companies specialized in exporting for resale.

In this model, you buy the products and resell them, with a share of the profit. This model is quite effective for dropshipping and even large retailers work with this import and resale model.

26. Sell clothes on Instagram

As the quarantine imposed by the coronavirus has paralyzed the activities of thrift stores, you can take advantage of this moment to invest in the tips to make money online that we show here to sell clothes on Instagram.

The fashion area is one of the most attention-grabbing on Insta and this platform is one of the ones that offer you the greatest chances of being able to sell online. A benefit of selling clothes through Instagram is that you are no longer dependent on the dates offered by the thrift store organization, being able to sell at any time. That is, you will not be stuck on earning extra income just on the weekend.

To start selling clothes on Instagram, you will need to learn how the platform works and the best ways to gain Instagram followers. At first, you can contact your thrift store customers and let them know that you continue to sell your clothes, this time through Insta.

It is also worth mentioning Instagram Shopping, which allows you to put a price tag on the clothes you post on your profile. This tag takes the follower to your virtual store, where they can complete the purchase.

tips to make money online sell clothes

27. Sell your services

Who said your business needs to be done only on the internet to be profitable? It is perfectly possible to use the tips to make money online from this list to sell an in-person service.

You can even create a website or blog with the aim of attracting new customers. Just know what niche you want to target and create relevant content for it.

In this way, you will be recognized for the knowledge you, becoming an authority and selling your services to the public that accompanies you.

28. Take freelance jobs

Do you have a useful skill but don’t have the time to show a course while you don’t earn the money? So taking freelance jobs is one of the best tips to earn extra income online.

There is no shortage of entrepreneurs in need of freelancers to complement their skills or simply to avoid doing something they don’t like.

In addition to being able to prospect clients on your own, you can access sites like Freelancer.com, Workana, and Fiverr to get independent jobs, where you receive cash on delivery.

29. Website management and hosting

Do you already have any experience in creating websites and dealing with hosting platforms? So you can sell your experience to entrepreneurs who don’t want to waste time dealing with technical or managerial issues on their pages.

In this type of service, you hire a hosting platform plan. Instead of creating your own website in this plan, you rent this space, receiving websites from your customers and managing them.

This means that you can manage your email accounts, resolve support issues on behalf of your customers, and refer essential tools to the websites of those who hired you.

tips to make money online hosting

30. Work as a translator

Being a translator is one of the professions with the most opportunities for those who prefer to work from home. There is no shortage of pages and blogs needing to translate articles or the site itself to reach an international audience.

Another advantage of working as a translator is that many international companies pay in dollars for the service, resulting in more income (depending on where you live and your currency, of course). If you have training in the area, working as a translator is one of the best tips to make money online.

31. Narrate audiobooks

Not everyone has the patience to read these days. Others, due to a vision problem, may have a hard time reading ebooks or physical books.

Therefore, there is a good demand for audiobooks, which are nothing more than audible books, narrated by someone. Do you have a good voice and an understandable reading pace? Then you can be that someone who narrates audiobooks!

32. Gerencie mídias sociais

Do you like social media and are you studying how to use it to earn extra income working from home? You are quite correct in doing this!

Managing social media is another highly sought-after activity on the internet and it is easy to find jobs that allow you to work from home. By understanding digital marketing well and how networks like Instagram or TikTok work, you can sell your knowledge to help companies achieve better results.

33. Offer SEO consultancy

Have you ever created blogs or worked producing content for one? So you probably have some knowledge of SEO.

An acronym that means search engine optimization, the practice consists of techniques and programs to improve a website’s positioning in Google searches. These techniques are part of both the technical and invisible parts of the site and the contents themselves.

If you have enough knowledge in the area, you can offer your services as an SEO consultant, analyzing and applying techniques to improve the positioning of your client’s website in search engines.

tips to make money online SEO

34. Traffic manager

Sponsored ads are the best way to boost the results of your internet endeavors. If you already have experience creating ad campaigns on Google or on networks like Facebook and Instagram, you have just gained more tips to make money online.

As an ad manager, you will be responsible for managing the client’s budget, in addition to bringing results to the ad campaigns you develop.

35. Be a virtual assistant

The ideal type of business for anyone who wants to know what to learn to make extra income on the internet, the virtual assistant career is booming.

With the rise of brands and digital influencers building their businesses on the internet, so has the demand for people who can take care of tasks like producing and editing content, scheduling meetings, and having someone take charge of your day’s schedule.

These are some of the tasks performed by the virtual assistant, who works remotely and aims to help their client save time in their daily tasks.

36. Do online service

Have you accessed your favorite online stores and solved everything you need through online chat? Although there is automated online support, it is also possible that a service professional has solved your problem.

You too can be an online service professional, especially if you already have customer service experience. Online service can be done either by chat or email and, in some rarer situations, by voice conversation, such as the telephone itself.

Working with chat service can be a good way to build your resume in the field or start to understand how a company works on the internet.

Tip: Looking for an online chat platform to serve your website visitors in real time? Then click on the link and get to know JivoChat!

tips to make money online, online service

37. Do copywriting

Unlike the production of content for blogs and the creation of ebooks, the copywriter is a professional who specializes in writing for sales. This skill is useful for the blogs themselves, but also for those who work with paid ads, for example.

If you’re particularly good at this type of writing, you can market yourself as a copywriter and offer essays that help your customers convert more to your online offerings.

In addition to writing well, the copywriter needs to understand subjects such as mental triggers, digital marketing, and how to talk to the audience he is writing for in order to get sales.

38. Become an email marketing manager

Social networks can rock with their hashtags, but the platform that generates the most sales on the internet is still email marketing. Due to more direct communication with the consumer, distractions decrease, and the chances of them buying a product by email increase.

However, it is not enough to simply send an email with offers to sell well. As an email marketing manager, you should study how the tool works and how to generate profitable email campaigns.

By acquiring this knowledge, you can offer this service to companies that are looking to increase their online sales. Consequently, you end up taking advantage of one of our tips to make money online!

marketing manager

39. Respond to online surveys

One of the main questions of companies on the internet is how to reach their niche. To discover a profitable niche, they need hard data about consumers.

How do they get this information? Through companies specializing in online surveys! These companies offer cash to those who register in their database and respond to these surveys.

If you don’t mind revealing data about your income, interests, hobbies, and problems that make you demand a certain type of product, these surveys can yield you a few bucks without you having to make much effort.

40. Image Editor

Have professional skills in image editing applications? Then you can use the internet to get jobs in the field!

It is possible to get both a steady job and freelance work. The image editor is responsible for handling the visual identity of brands when creating images or improving the quality of photos, among others.

41. Video Editor

We don’t need to tell you how hard it is to edit videos. Can you imagine someone who works as a YouTuber and needs to record videos and publish them every day?

Someone who is just starting out in their career will hardly be able to pay for the service. But a YouTuber or brand with a YouTube presence is looking for professionals to get rid of this part of the work. That’s where you and your video editing apps come into play.

Like the image editor, the video editor can be hired on a fixed basis or on freelance contracts.

42. Sell your services as a developer

Are you trained as a programmer? There are two tips to make money online that we can give you. The first is to offer your services as a developer for companies.

You can either apply to be a permanent employee or work as a freelancer.

43. Test software, games, and apps

Best suited for those with programming experience, you can earn money by testing apps of all kinds, including games.

In this case, you can be hired by the app developer itself or by companies specializing in app testing.

Test software, games, and apps

44. Test sites

If you have some knowledge of website and online store design and know how to recognize problems or improvements that can be applied to a page, you can make money from it. Several institutional sites and virtual stores hire research companies to receive feedback on the design of their pages.

You are paid simply for visiting a site, browsing its pages, and writing a report on the site’s problems and improvements. This feedback can also be given verbally or even in video, using apps to record your PC screen, depending on what the company that hired your requests.

45. Create websites for companies

Have you learned how to create a website and even developed some? So you can put your knowledge and experience at the disposal of companies that can’t create a website on their own.

Freelance work platforms have several proposals for website and web page developers. Alternatively, you can search for companies in your area and offer your service.

46. Work as a freelance writer

If you have writing skills, but prefer to offer your services to companies and content creators rather than creating a blog on your own. Then you can work as a freelance writer!

Although the basis of writing is, well, writing, it can be done in many ways. One of them is writing for blogs. Copywriting is also an option. Another alternative is to produce scripts for videos or podcasts, which can bring you closer to YouTubers and podcasters, catering to this niche.

In addition to good writing, it is also interesting to learn particularities about the type of platform you are writing about and acquire some knowledge in SEO. The objective of most of your articles will be to make them have a superior position in Google searches.

Tip: Click the link right now and learn about The 11 best laptops for freelancers!

Work as a freelance writer

47. Offer digital marketing consultancy

Do you already have a solid knowledge of digital marketing? Then you can help other companies sell more through the techniques you already know.

As well as SEO consulting, social media management and website building, you can offer your services to local businesses in your area. Social networks like LinkedIn are also a good way to find jobs or contracts as digital marketing consultants for companies.

48. Become a consultant or mentor

Unlike those who give online courses or online classes, you can offer your knowledge to advise or mentor other professionals in your field. Unlike an online class, here you will meet a specific person or group.

You will get to know the needs and problems of this group and you will have to use your knowledge to advise them on how to solve these situations and how to improve your results. If you already have a lot of knowledge and experience in a certain area, offering mentorships is one of the best tips to make money online.

49. Work as a travel agent

The coronavirus pandemic will not last forever. If you are trained as a travel agent, you can work remotely from your home.

If you’re still looking for ways to make money online, this could be a career option. The travel agent is responsible for helping people who are looking for tour packages to make their dream trip.

Your role will be to find offers that meet the customer’s needs, in addition to organizing everything necessary for the trip, such as ticketing, and booking hotels, and attractions that the traveler intends to do.

It will also be your role to inform clients of any bureaucracy required to travel to the location, such as what vaccinations need to be taken, whether to obtain a passport or visa and present travel insurance offers to cover medical expenses in countries that do not offer this for free, for example.

50. Work with online accounting

Many entrepreneurs are preferring to work with online accounting services, mainly because they have an easier time dealing with digital issues, something that not every accounting firm is prepared to do.

If you have knowledge of digital marketing, you can use it to have your own online accounting platform or provide this service directly to customers. Another alternative is to offer your services on freelance service platforms.

51. Make video transcripts and subtitles

Capturing videos is one of the most labor-intensive tasks in video creation. The same with spoken interviews. Therefore, many professionals prefer to outsource this work to a professional.

As automatic transcription services are still far from perfect, there is a space for those who want to take advantage of tips to make money online.

Finally, the last tips to make money online are for those who have money to invest in a business that can bring a quick profit, but not without risk. Meet them below!

Make video transcripts and subtitles

52. Buy websites with potential and improve them

You don’t have the patience to create a website from scratch and prefer to invest in a website that already exists and has potential. Then you can make a purchase offer to its owner!

Many internet site owners keep them there because they generate some income or simply because the hosting contract has not expired. Selling the site is an interesting solution for them and one of the tips to make money online.

By purchasing and taking ownership, you can revitalize the site and even revise its strategy in order to improve the income it generates.

53. Invest in cryptocurrencies

Although the stock market is entirely online, cryptocurrencies are exclusively digital currencies, created through a technology called a blockchain.

These cryptocurrencies are mined by computers around the globe, but they require a large investment to make a profit. However, you can use money that is saved for investments to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

The most famous of these is bitcoin, but there are several other bitcoin apps that you can also buy and sell. There are even cashback apps that return a percentage of your online purchases in bitcoin! However, keep in mind that this is extremely risky, as cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile.

54. Combine affiliation with paid ads

So far, we’ve said that affiliate marketing is ideal for anyone who has chosen to make money online as a content producer. But this is not a rule written in stone.

You can participate in affiliate programs and invest in paid advertisements to promote these links. This takes all the work out of nurturing a following, but you need to understand a lot about paid ads on Google and social media before you get started.

After all, working only with paid ads to earn commission as an affiliate is a risky business, even though it can generate a lot of profit if you create successful campaigns.

What tips to make money online will you take advantage of?

With this list, we believe you will find one or more ways to increase your income that is in line with your profile, in addition to the skills and knowledge you already have.

Share this article with any friends who also need to supplement their incomes!