82 Ways to make money online every day

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Among all the positive aspects and all the possibilities that the internet offers, there’s always hope of using the web to make some extra money online every day. It might be difficult to earn the same as a regular job, but it is still possible to make some extra cash in a simple manner by using several different websites that search for specific services.

During the past few years, I’ve been working with some of them and now I’ve selected the best ones for you. To learn more about these websites to make money online, just keep reading and check out our detailed list below!

1. Jivochat Affiliate Program

One of the best online chat platforms, Jivochat has a huge affiliate program that helps to make websites that work with chats much more profitable.

It works in a pretty straightforward way: you recommend that a friend uses Jivochat on their website. If they accept and choose to become a paying customer, you will receive 30% of anything they pay.

The past part of Jivo is its recurrency, meaning that you only need to recommend once to get paid forever (or as long as your friend pays them). The platform has technical support to its affiliates, monetizing by inserting links on your website’s or blog’s posts.

To learn everything you need about how to join their affiliate program, follow the link.

Jivochat affiliate program make money online

2. Shopify

Currently, Shopify is considered to be by far one of the best e-commerce platforms anywhere in the world. They offer a complete service that is easy and quick to use if you want to manage your products and automatize your sales.

Among its many functionalities, the ones that stand out the most are: customizable layouts that are optimized for mobile, integration with Google Analytics and with many of the biggest online payment (such as PayPal) and shipping (such as UPS) platforms.

Other than that, it also has integrations with some marketing tools, like Facebook, Instagram Shopping, and much more. It also offers a lot of free content about online sales and e-commerce to help you prosper. Follow the link and see more!


3. WikiBuy

One of the largest cashback apps anywhere, WikiBuy has been around for longer than most. It even started off exclusively as a website and Google Chrome extension.

It works in a pretty simple manner: when you are about to buy something online, just head on over to the website and activate the extension. It will check if the store offers cashback, then activating the percentage and giving you back part of what you spent.

Even better: WikiBuy also brings to you discount coupons for many of its partner stores. The discounts and the cashback offers will be sent to you via both the Chrome extension and the app. Follow the link to sign up right now.

WikiBuy make money online

4. Hostinger

If you want to make money online, one sure-fire way is to have a website, a blog or an e-commerce, and for that you need a hosting platform. Hostinger is one of the most recommended options due to its plans being quite cheap to start off your own website, starting at $0,99 per month!

One of the premises of digital marketing, for instance, is that by having a blog about something your services are about you will become a reference on the subject, resulting in people looking for you to access the service or product.

Even more, only by having a website will you be able to implement strategies to reel in new contacts and start new relationships with potential clients.

Among the best website creators is Zyro, a website creator that is owned by Hostinger. It works in the drag and drop style, which makes creating a website particularly easy if you have no experience in the area.

Now, if you’re more experienced, the best platform to make your website is WordPress, with one of the templates offered. Learn more about Hostinger by following the link!

5. Flexoffers

Flexoffers is a huge affiliate marketing network. One of the biggest advantages of this platform is that they usually pay the affiliates much quicker than the competitors.

They have more than 10 years of experience in the field, which means they’re extremely trustworthy. They might not offer anything much better than the others, but they shine when it comes to their tools and features.

With well over 15 thousand different affiliate programs for you to choose from, it is almost guaranteed that you’ll be able to find something that fits your needs. Follow the link and learn more about them!


6. AspireIQ

A relatively well-established influencer marketing platform, AspireIQ is continuously improving the offered features. Since the beginning (even more now) it has been very strong in the influencer management tools, which are good enough that big clients want to use them.

They don’t accept everyone into their platform, however: your profile will be audited by their algorithm to decide if they want you as client. Currently, there are over 500 thousand influencers in their systems. Click here to see more.

7. Affiliate Window – (AWIN)

Yet another affiliate marketing program, AWIN claims to work with well over 15 thousand active advertisers (people to promote) and over 200 thousand publishers (their affiliates).

It is particularly easy to use, with a very simple and handy user interface. Among their advertisers, you can find some big names, such as Etsy.

It is certainly a great way to make money online, particularly for more experienced affiliates who can do their job without guidance or feedback from the network. The biggest downside is that you have to pay 5 USD to apply to become an affiliate which you lose if you’re rejected. See more through the link.

8. ShareASale

ShareASale is one of the biggest affiliate networks around. It currently is a part of AWIN, mentioned above. The platform works with over 4000 partners, with about one quarter being exclusive to them.

They have a big advantage, which is how easy it is to compare multiple offers, based on metrics. They also pay once a month, which might be considered a downside, since some of the alternatives pay twice a month (or even more frequently). Follow the link to see more.

9. Freelancer.com

Have you ever heard about freelancers? They are professionals who provide services in exchange for a pre-determined amount of money. They don’t have a fixed contract with any company, accepting some projects, and getting paid. There are several areas of work fro freelancers, such as:

  • Writer: you write texts for other websites;
  • Programmer: you work programming websites or applications for other companies;
  • Web designer: you design websites or artworks for companies
  • Designer: you create logos or business cards for companies, for instance;

There are many other areas of work for freelancers. By using Freelancer.com you can sign up as a freelancer and work on projects in order to make money online. You create your profile, offer your services on the best-suited projects and, if someone hires you, you perform the task, getting paid via the platform.

Which means you only get paid for the projects in which you work. The best part about platforms such as Freelancer.com is that it ensures that you receive what you’re owed when you complete a task since the customer pays them before you’re even hired.

To start making money using Freelancer.com, follow the link!

10. Udemy

It is quite likely that you’ve heard about Udemy, a website that works as a platform for many professionals who want to teach what they know to others through varied online courses. If you are good at any area of knowledge, be it photography, writing, programming, designing, drawing, or whatever else, all you need is to create and upload your course to Udemy and then receive money when a student buys it.

I have been working at Udemy for a while and it has netted me with ease a constant amount every month. See:

It is possible to make at least 8 thousand dollars in certain cases, but for that, you need to set up a quality material to attract new students (customers), of course. After uploading your online course, you can also join Udemy’s Facebook group.

There, you can ask questions about questions you might have and also be in contact with other content creators.

The platform pays you 50% of each sale, keeping the other half for themselves. It is a fair deal, though, since they are responsible for promoting your courses, investing in online marketing on Instagram, Google, and Facebook, for instance. Follow the link to learn more.

Udemy make money online

11. Fiverr

Another one of the most popular websites for those who want to offer up their artistic talents is Fiverr, where you can make money online creating music, editing photos, writing, making graphs, and much more. Each task you complete is worth about 5 USD, but it is possible to make more, depending on what it is. Click here to get to know the website.


12. Constant Contact

One of the largest and fastest-growing email marketing services in the entire world is Constant Contact, which also is likely one of the easiest to use and most beginner-friendly.

By using this platform, you can easily manage your email lists, email templates, contacts and much more. They also offer access to easy tracking and reporting, native social media sharing tools, integration with Facebook ads, among other advantages.

By signing up for the premium plan, you’ll gain access to some particularly powerful features, such as email automation, coupons and online donations. Follow the link to enjoy their 60-day free trial!

13. AGORA Images

A great app for anyone who wants to sell their pictures online to make money, AGORA images is available both for Android and for iOS. You don’t have to pay anything, commissions, membership fees or otherwise. They also allow you to sell the same picture multiple times, amplifying the earnings potential. See more here!

14. Rakuten

A great website for those who want to earn some money while spending is Rakuten, which works by providing cashback to its users. They offer up to 40% cashback on over 2500 stores. Even better, they offer discount coupons of up to 72% off. Go to their official website to learn more.

15. User Testing

On User Testing, you can register and complete a video test, after which you’ll start to receive several tasks offering you different tests for you to complete and evaluate. Usually, it takes about 15 to 20 minutes to finish and you get paid about 10 to 15 USD for each task. Follow the link to learn more.

16. Foap

Another of the best websites to sell photos you take on your smartphone is Foap. The best thing about it is that there are several of the biggest companies using the app to buy images, so it is possible to make a decent amount of money. Currently, you can make about 5 USD per image you sell. See more about the website here.

Foap make money online

17. InboxDollars

If you want to make money online, using InboxDollars might be one of the best options. There are several methods to earn cash on this app, such as answering surveys, reading emails, playing games and much more. To withdraw, the minimum limit is 30 USD. Check it out!

18. Twenty20

One of the biggest website for photographers that want to make money online is Twenty20, where you can share and sell the photos you take. There are over 300 thousand photographers registered to the platform, which you can use directly through this link.

19. TopCashback

Great for those who like going on online shopping sprees, TopCashback allows you to get some of what you spent back. Since it is a pretty large website, there are several stores that partner with them, making it easier and more likely to make money here. Click the link to see more.

TopCashback make money online

20. EyeEM

Another option to sell photos is EyeEM. It even allows you to use some special filters for free to improve your pictures. To sell, you can use your smartphone cameras or DSLR, you just need to take quality photos. Follow the link and learn more!

21. GrabPoints

GrabPoints is a website that lets you collect points by completing surveys, watching videos, playing games and partaking in contests. When you have enough points, you can trade them in for money or gift cards. Click here to learn more.

22. MobilePrints

On MobilePrint’s website you can use your Instagram pictures to make and sell simple copies that can be framed or printed on business cards. It is also possible to design t-shirt stamps to sell, if you’re at all experienced at this. Follow the link to see more.

23. CashCrate make money online

CashCrate is a website that basically pays people to try out several products and services from other companies. Through this website you can watch videos, partake in contests, experiment products or play games in order to make money online. Click here to see more.

CashCrate make money online

24. Superpay

Similarly to CashCrate, Superpay also pays you to perform some online activities. You can choose whether you prefer to fill out surveys, to watch ads or some other offers, but by doing any of them you’ll start to make money online. Click here to go to the website and see more.

25. KidStart

Yet another cashback platform, KidStart lets you earn part of what you spend back on over 2300 retailers, like Apple and John Lewis. The only catch is that the money you get has to be put towards a child’s savings, and they promise to know if you’re using it on yourself. Follow the link to see more.

26. Sinclair Customer Metrics

Certainly different from the other websites mentioned in this list is Sinclair Customer Metrics. It lets you know new online stores and offer rewards should you choose to buy from them or review them. Follow the link to learn more.

Sinclair Customer Metrics make money online

27. Paribus

Working differently from the other cashback alternatives, Paribus cannot guarantee to give you a cashback. In fact, you will only get a cashback if the price of something you bought on one of their partners drops. The platform will then reimburse you the difference. Click here to learn more.

28. Market Force

Similar to Sinclair Customer Metrics, Market Force also pays its users to get to know and buy from new stores. What makes this an interesting option is that it also does that to restaurants, which means you can get paid to eat your meals on certain spots. Click the link to see more.

29. TryMyUI

The website TryMyUI offers about 10 USD for you to use and evaluate several different websites, which usually takes about 20 minutes each. All you have to do is visit the website requested and give your detailed opinion about it and your experience using it. Follow the link and see more.

30. FundsForWriters

A great website that pays you to write several articles is FundsForWriters. They offer to pay about 50 to 60 USD for each text averaging 500 to 600 words that gets accepted by the platform. Click here to register and start to use the website right now.


31. Extrabux

Another cashback website is Extrabux, which returns around 30% of whatever money you spend on any of their over 2000 partner stores to you. With so many options it is quite easy to find the perfect store in which to use this great advantage. Click here to learn more.

32. Scoopshot

Scoopshot is another website for photographers from all around the world who want to make money online. All that is needed is for you to take a photo, send it to the platform, add a description and location and then sell it for profit.

In general, the clients themselves define what they’re looking for and how much they’re willing to pay for it, making it easier to know how much you’re going to make for each job. Click here to learn more.

33. Shop At Home

Shop At Home is yet another cashback website alternative. The best part about it are its partnerships with some of the biggest franchises that are present anywhere in the world, such as Walmart. Follow the link to know more about the website.

Shop At Home make money online

34. MainStreetSHARES

Just like the above website, MainStreetSHARES also works by giving part of your money spent with online purchases back to you. You can sign up to the platform and get to know about its main partnerships through this link.

35. People per Hour

Similar to UpWork, People per Hour is not as sophisticated as the alternative. In reality, it is a great place to apply your skills in short-term projects. There, you will find all sorts of work related to design, to development and new content, just as a few exemples. Click here to learn more.

36. AngelList

An amazing website for investors anywhere around the globe, AngelList is particularly focused on those who want to be involved with startups. It is very well-known for connecting startups, investors and several professionals. Click here to see more.

AngelList make money online

37. WeWorkRemotely

WeWorkRemotely is a platform for advertising jobs with opportunities for remote work. There, you can find almost any king of work almost anywhere in the entire world. In general, the adverts are for full-time jobs, but it is also possible to find some part-time gigs there too. Click here to learn more.

38. Rype

Rype is a great website where you can work and make money online as a remote language teacher. Even if you only know your native language, it is possible to teach it to others here. The platform personalizes the language classes depending on the needs, goals and skills of all participants. Follow the link to see more and start earning while teaching online.

39. Handy

A great website that offers the possibility of performing several manual tasks, Handy is great for those who wish to work with cleaning, home repairs, delivery and much more. The platform is available in the US, in Canada and in the UK. Click here to see more.

40. Uber

As we all know nowadays, Uber is one of the largest transportation services in the world, working much like a cab. If you have a car and some free time, it is possible to make quite some money as a driver. Click here to learn more.

Uber make money online

41. Second to None

Second to None is another option that offers you new and smaller stores where you can make purchases and review them. Depending on the required tasks that you complete, it is possible to get up to 100 USD for a single day’s work on the platform. Follow the link to see more.

42. BeFrugal

BeFrugal is also a platform that returns part of the money you spend on online shopping back to you. The website has partnerships with several well known stores, such as Amazon, making it a great opportunity. Click here to learn more.

43. Clarity

Clarity is a website for advice about any kind of subjects, available for people anywhere in the world. If you have the knowledge and the experience on a specific area, you can sign up and easily make money online. The most sought after subject tends to be design, so it might be a very profitable source if you’re as proficient designer. Click here to learn more.

Clarity make money online

44. Branded Surveys

Another website that pays its users to complete surveys, Branded Surveys might be one of the best, since they can pay up to 5 USD for a simple 15 minute survey. Its simple to use and very user-friendly. See more following the link!

45. Skillshare

Yet another option where you can learn about almost anything is Skillshare, where people from all around the world will teach you about anything, ranging from how to use Adobe Lightroom to how to start a business from scratch. You can advertise yourself as an expert and make money online on the platform. Click here and learn more.

46. Ibotta

Back to the cashback services for stores and apps, we have Ibotta. You can make purchases on many big franchises and save money directly on your smartphone. Follow the link to see more.

Ibotta make money online

47. Toptal

A website specifically made for developers is Toptal. If you’re good a programming you can get a decent job on the platform, working with some of the biggest companies anywhere. Besides that, it also is a great opportunity if you want to work remotely. Click here to learn more.

48. Intelli Shop

Intelli Shop is a website that rewards you money if you get to know, use and review many different online stores. For the companies it is a great way to learn about their brand through the customers’ eyes. Click here to see more.

49. Freelance Writing Jobs

If you’re passionate about writing and you’re looking for new places where to publish your articles, Freelance Writing Jobs might be a good place to start. The website receives daily updates with new opportunities for writers to make money online doing what they love. Click here to learn more.

50. 99Designs

99Designs is a website meant for designers who are searching for new freelance jobs. There, you can apply for several different offers to create new logos, shirt stamps, business cards and much more. The biggest downside is the amount of competition you will have to face on the platform. Click the link to see more.

99Designs make money online

51. Analysia

Analysia is a platform for people and for companies who want their websites to be tested by common users who will then give their opinions. You can sign up as a tester and review each website you test, getting paid in average 10 USD per website. Of course, you need to be a good reviewer. Follow the link to see more.

52. StartUpLift

StartUpLift is a website that pays you to answer questions about many varied websites. Naturally, the question can change depending on the client’s needs, but the price is always the same: 5 USD. Click here to learn more.

53. Enroll

Similar to the previous alternative, Enroll is a great website for people who wish to test platforms to make money online by sharing their experiences on several websites. You only need to sign up and wait until new tests are available, something that’s always notified by email. Click here to see more.


54. UX Booth

UX Booth is another website for writers who are willing to make money by writing new articles about all sorts of subjects and areas. They usually pay about 100 USD for each article, which might seem great but since the competition is heavy it is hard to get accepted. Besides that, each article needs at least 1200 words and extremely well written. Follow the link and learn more.

55. A List Apart

Another great alternative for writers, A List Apart pays 200 USD for each article. However, since they post rather infrequently, they need less content than the alternatives. Each article is at least 600 words long, but the average is 1500. Click here to see more.

56. Maximiles

Maximiles is yet another alternative website that pays for its users to watch different kinds of videos, short ads and much more. There are new offers for you to watch every day, so make sure to check in frequently. Follow the link to see more.

Maximiles make money online

57. Slidejoy

Offering an easy and clever way to help you earn money on the fly, Slidejoy is great for Android users. The app works by replacing your lock screen to show ads that might interest you. You don’t have to do anything other than installing the app. Follow the link and see more!

58. Field Agent

Field Agent is a website that pays you to complete simple tasks, such as taking photos of products or filling in a questionnaire. You just need to download the app, search for jobs in your location, complete them, and make money online. Click here to see more.

59. Roamler

Another website that pays its users to complete simple tasks is Roamler, which usually pays about 4 USD per task, but the price may vary. All you need is to have your smartphone with you. The tasks can be checking if a product is in stock at a store or taking pictures. Click here to see more.

Roamler make money online

60. TaskRabbit

A platform owned by IKEA, TaskRabbit allows its users to search for handyman to fix things around your house for a set price. To become a Tasker, you need to pay a registration fee and fit into the requirements. Click here to see more!

61. Workana

If you’re particularly skilled at any specific area – for instance, if you were or still are a blogger – you can use Workana to get new jobs writing online and make money. The website is one of the best alternatives for those who need to complement their income by using their PCs.

However, Workana is not exclusive to writers and content producers. On the platform, companies also look for web developers, designers, translators, editors and many other areas. Follow the link to sign up to Workana.

62. UpWork

Similar to Workana, UpWork is another website for those who are looking for freelance jobs. There are several categories you can choose from, such as design, programming and writing. You can use the platform completely free by following the link!

63. Mechanical Turk

Owned by Amazon, Mechanical Turk is a website that allows you to perform several small tasks online, such as verifying photos or visiting websites. With enough focus on your part, it is possible to make a fair amount of money online on this platform. Click here to see more.

Mechanical Turk make money online

64. eLance

Yet another alternative for freelance workers is eLance, a great website where you can offer your services and find clients who are looking for specific professionals. Click here to start using the platform for free.

65. Adobe Stock

Much like many of the websites we talked about in this list, Adobe Stock is another website where you can sell photos that you took. Here, you receive a big percentage of the price you sell for, but of course the website takes a part of it. Follow the link to learn more.

66. Swagbucks

On Swagbucks you can answer several surveys about many different subjects and themes throughout the day. Typically, they are surveys about your experiences as a customer or with specific products. They are relatively quick to complete and reward a nice sum of money. Follow the link and see more.

67. Udacity

For those who want to teach online courses in order to make money, Udacity is a great option. The courses offered have a basis on the current industrial requirements and are beneficial for anyone who wants to learn more about web or mobile development, programming and many other technologies. Click here to see more about the platform.

68. Lyft

One of the biggest and most well known apps for transportation, Lyft has solidified itself on the market as the biggest competitor for Uber. All drivers have to go through a rigorous background check so they can be hired, ensuring the safety of all its passengers. Learn more here!


If your deal is teaching and you’re after options to do it online, there are some different websites for that, such as VIP KID. It is a great exemple. Here, you can become an English teacher for Chinese children who wish to learn remotely. You have full autonomy to choose when you want to teach and how much you want to make per hour. Learn more by following the link.

70. BuddySchool

Another website for distance learning is BuddySchool, which allows you to become a teacher in many areas. Unlike VIP KID, it is not focused solely in English, but also has classes in exact sciences, humanities, art, and design among others. If you master a field and speak English, this might be a great way to make money teaching online. Follow the link to sign up.

71. Neobux

Neobux is by far one of the best websites to make money clicking ads. There, you’re paid for each ad you click on and the amount you get depends on the quality and type of ad. There’s not a limit on how many you can click per day, making it a good option to get your online income. The minimum amount to withdraw is 2 USD and they transfer the money in different ways, such as PayPal or bank transfer. Follow the link to see more.

72. GPTplanet

Similar to Neobux, GPTplanet is a website that pays 0.01 USD per ad that you click, also offering the possibility to make more money online by partaking in surveys or filling forms. A big difference is that you can recruit more people via an affiliate program, receiving part of what anyone who registers using your link makes. If you’re interested, learn more on their official website!

73. ScarletClicks

Another option to make money by performing online actions such as click ads is ScarletClicks. They pay up to 0.01 USD for every ad you click, with a minimum withdrawal value of 2 USD. With this tool, you can keep an eye on your earnings and results. Sign up by following the link and start earning some extra income right now!

74. Clickbank

Clickbank is a platform that works basically like an affiliates marketplace, which means that it is one of the best places to find products you might want to promote to your contacts and followers. It offers a huge amount of categories, such as education, fiction, games, health and fitness, computers among others. You will find the best affiliate program according to your needs here. Follow the link and start searching.

75. SurveyJunkie

If you enjoy or at least don’t mind filling out online surveys you will like SurveyJunkie. It is one of de most famous GPT (Get Paid To). It works in a pretty simple manner: sign up, start filling out surveys and get paid, to easily make money online. The payments are processed via gift cards or PayPal. Click here and learn more!


76. MyPoints

Similar to SurveyJunkie, MyPoints also looks for people who are available to fill out and answer online surveys. During the registration, you can introduce yourself and the platform will be responsible of sending you the best suited surveys for you, considering preferences and interests. As you fill them out, you’ll receive points which can be turned into gift cards. Start right now on their website.

77. ClickPerks

Differently from the previous alternatives, ClickPerks is not solely focused on surveys. It offers a big number of different online actions you can perform in order to get points to eventually trade into gift cards. The registration process is completely free and you even get some free points to start off. All you need is to click ads, watch videos wand fill forms. Learn more about this simple and easy platform following the link.

78. Pinecone Research

One of the best paying survey websites around is Pinecone Research, which pays on average 3.89 USD for a 15 minute long survey. The website is invite-only, but you can find invitations on other websites or banner ads. Click here to see more.

79. PrizeRebel

Yet another great alternative is PrizeRebel, which also lets you supplement your income by answering surveys. As a neat difference, you can exchange the points in for Steam, Amazon or eBay gift cards or get paid directly via PayPal. Signing up doesn’t take more than 10 seconds, since you can even use your own Facebook account for that. Click here and learn more.

80. YouTube

Of course, we couldn’t not show you how to make money online on the biggest social networks. Starting with YouTube, as you likely already know, you can create and monetize videos. For that, you need original content, meaning not using images or sounds that break copyright.

Many content creators make money this way, like musicians, actors, and gameplay video creators, among others.

81. Facebook

Did you know you can make money on Facebook? Not only is it a great platform for influencers, but this network also offers several other ways to generate your income. Among them, you can create your own online store on Facebook or use it to stream yourself online. If you do that, you can use some of the free screen recording software available!

82. Instagram

Finally, we have Instagram, yet another excellent way to make money online, whether you are an offline business owner, an online business owner or even work with affiliate marketing.

Tip: To help you out on Instagram, we have several articles, including the most popular Instagram hashtags, the best Instagram bio ideas, a guide on how to save a live video on Instagram, a list with the best apps to get Instagram followers, and many more!

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