Top 9 manga apps for Android available in 2022!
Top 9 manga apps for Android available in 2022!
Top 9 manga apps for Android available in 2022!

Top 9 manga apps for Android available in 2022!

Mangas are extremely popular all around the world, and they became even more popular due to the rise of anime – check out the best apps to watch anime -. Of course, not many people have the sort of expendable income required to buy the physical versions of their favorite Japanese comic books, and so using one of the best manga apps for Android is a good idea.

In that category, you will be able to find a really large number of apps developed for those who want to read digitally and create their full collection of comics, books, manga, and more, on a smartphone or tablet.

For those reasons, we’ve decided to select the best manga reader apps for Android available nowadays. Simply keep reading down below to find out which ones they are!

1 . Kindle

Kindle manga apps for Android

Our first suggestion is actually a really simple and obvious one that works for anyone who wants to read mangas, comics, or even regular old-fashioned books.

The Kindle app lets you store and read any eBook on your phone, whether you have purchased them from Amazon or simply downloaded it on your phone. To download this app, go to the Play Store!

2. Animo: Communities and Fandom

Next up, we have Animo: Communities and Fandom, an amazing app for fans of Japanese animation and comics. It works more as a great social network, letting you easily find recommendations by other users and discover new content!

Its interface is extremely well-detailed and easy to use, and the app itself is entirely free to use. Unfortunately, you can’t read manga directly in this app, but it certainly is the perfect spot to find new suggestions. You can download it by following this link!

3. ComiXology

ComiXology is one of the most well-known alternatives among the best manga apps for Android. However, its fame comes from its western-style comics, much more so than its Japanese counterparts. Even so, you will find a good range of manga on this app.

And since this app is made specifically for this sort of reading, its interface is much more pleasant than most other apps that are geared towards most conventional ebook formats. You can download this app by following this link!

4. Crunchyroll Manga

If Netflix is the best video streaming services, Crunchyroll is certainly the best by far among the apps you can use to watch anime. The best news i sthat this streaming service even gives you access to thousands of different manga!

All you need is to be a subscriber to this service to be able to enjoy the anime and the manga on your Android at any moment. To download Crunchyroll Manga for free, go to the Play Store!

5. Google Play Books

Google Play Books manga apps for Android

Google Play Books is an amazing option for all Android users when it comes to the best manga apps, particularly so since it is a native Google app and everything will be connected to a single account on your phone, which you can access on your PC.

It works pretty much like Amazon’s Kindle, with the difference that you can buy ebooks and manga on the Google Play Store. Other than that, you’ll be able to read all ebooks on EPUB and PDF formats that you add on your phone, so you don’t even need to actually purchase from this specific store. Download the app by following this link.

6. MangaZone

MangaZone is another app made specifically with reading manga in mind. Its interface is actually quite simple and functional, and it lets you navigate and search for specific editions easily and quickly.

It offers thousands of titles for you to read at any moment, and you can even discuss about your favorite manga on a special section for the users. The app (and the manga) can be downloaded for free, so it is great for those who can’t spend too much money.

Unfortunately, it is not available on the Google Play Store, but you can download it and install it by following this link. If you’re unsure on how to install external apps, check out the first section of our article about the best Google Play Store alternatives!

7. Moon+ Reader

Moon+ Reader is not only one of the best apps to read manga, but also to read ebooks in general on Android. It offers full support to a myriad of formats, including EPUB, PDF, HTML, CBR, CBZ, FBZ, and many others.

Luckily, this means that most of the manga formats can be read whenever you want, and all you need is to manually add the chapters or editions on your smartphone. This app can be downloaded for free by following this link.

8. Nook

Nook is another great reading app that follows the same vein as Kindle and Google Play Books. It offers you a pretty comprehensive internal catalog of ebooks you can download and read.

This includes hundreds of different manga from which you can choose and synchronize with other devices, including your PC. Go to the Play Store to download this app completely for free!

9. Manga Rock

Finishing off our list, we also have Manga Rock. It is another option that is not present on the Play Store, unfortunately, but it does have a huge library with thousands of options. This app also offers you reading recommendations so you can find out new authors and alternatives.

Through this app, you can download the mangas to keep reading offline, which will ensure your leisure time anywhere you have your phone. If you’re interested, go to the official website to download it for free!

Manga Rock manga apps for Android

Did you like any of the best manga apps for Android?

Did you enjoy our list and learn of any great apps you were unaware of? Let us know in the comments what you think, and don’t forget to also check out the best free games on Steam, the best free PC games, and the best lightweight PC games!

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