Best free games on Steam: The top 15 in 2023

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Among the thousands of games that are available on Steam (one of the biggest digital game stores on PC), many of the most interesting ones end up having a hefty price tag and you might not always want to wait for the next sale. Unfortunately, there isn’t much to do in these cases, but there are many free games you can download for free at any time on one of the best digital stores, Steam.

Of course, some of them have microtransactions, but most of them don’t require you to pay something to enjoy the largest portion of it. To get to know some of the best free games on Steam, check out our list down below!

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1. Paladins

Our first suggestion is Paladins, an amazing first-person shooter where you play with a team of five players to defeat the enemy team that’s also featured among the best online PC games. What makes it interesting is that each character has its own characteristics and skills.

The graphics are beautiful and stand out, which also makes it pop up when compared to similar games. As you can expect, the game is free and can be download through this Steam link.


2. Dota 2

It is quite likely that you’ve at least heard about Dota 2, easily one of the most popular MOBAs in the world. With hundreds of characters available, you can choose the one that fits in best with your game style, since each one is different from another and has several unique skills.

The goal is pretty simple: you have to use your troops to capture your opponent’s base. The game is played between two five-player teams on a big map, where you must face off against each other to advance and win. The gameplay can be intense and competitive, but always fun. Click here to download the game on Steam.

3. PlanetSide 2 ​

PlanetSide 2 is a game with thousands of futuristic tanks, machines, fighter jets, soldiers, and anything you can imagine. It also has three huge continents and six distinct classes for you to choose how you wish to play.

In fact, the game tends to be a bit confusing for beginners, but you just need to venture into the world for a while to learn everything as you go. Click here to download the game for free.

PlanetSide 2

4. Path of Exile ​

Like many of the games on our list, Path of Exile is an action RPG very similar to Diablo III, but with a very obscure theme. The game also offers incredible graphics that can easily be compared to the AAA games of the newest generation.

You play as a criminal among many other prisoners and must complete several quests along the game. Click here to download Path of Exile for free on Steam.

Path of Exile best free games on Steam

5. Team Fortress 2

Like Dota 2, Team Fortress 2 is another very popular game across the world. The game is a team-based shooter with distinctive graphics that pops out. Even though it was launched over ten years ago, it still is very fun, competitive, and full of players.

On Team Fortress 2, two teams face off just like in any other shooter. The game has several different character types with very unique skills. Since the matches tend to be quick and chaotic, it is very usual for everything to change in a matter of seconds, which makes things that more exciting. Click here to download the game, one of the best free PC games!

6. Neverwinter

One of the best free MMORPG games on Steam, Neverwinter has many features which are usually only available on paid games. It is set in a great kingdom you can explore at will, find many interesting creatures, and complete the quests related to the main story.

The characters found along the adventure might not be that interesting, but the story and the setting make up for it for the most part. Click here to check out and download the game.


7. Warframe

Another very popular free game, in Warframe you can even play as a space ninja robot, which may already be interesting enough to draw the interest of most. The game is based on a third-person cooperative experience where you have to keep improving your character and their skills during the playthrough.

Even though it has a main story to be followed, the most fun part is found in its multiplayer mode, where you can compete or cooperate with your friends. Follow the link to download the game.

Warframe best free games on Steam

8. Smite

Another of the best free MOBA games on Steam is Smite, which has some mechanics and details that differ from other titles in the same game category. An example is its camera, positioned behind your character. It may seem insignificant, but it changes the game style drastically, making it its own.

This position makes the game more interesting since the players don’t have top-down vision and can’t see their enemies from afar. Of course, you can choose from over 100 different characters, each with a special skill. You can download it through this link.

Smite best free games on Steam

9. Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is an amazing multiplayer game that has both a free and a paid model. While you can’t play the most recent content for free, you still have access to a lot without needing to pay anything. The game has many different worlds and maps, dungeons, PvP and PvE content, and more.

You play as a Guardian, and you can choose from several different classes to use, with a vast array of guns, and more. The game is an FPS that’s very fun to play and is quite different from similar games. Check it out!

10. EVE Online

EVE is yet another MMO game. This one is set in space and focuses a lot on spacecraft battles. There are many huge maps for you to enjoy, which guarantees good diversity to players who don’t enjoy staying in the same place for long.

With thousands of players across the globe, the game is very active and is great for those searching for a hobby that is at the same time light and competitive. The game also values strategy and can be even more fun when playing with friends. You can download it through this link.

EVE Online

11. ArcheAge ​

One of the few free games that don’t require its players to spend money on microtransactions is ArcheAge, having it as a great advantage. As any online RPG, the game has the player choose their character to experience several missions to gain experience points, but its story and mechanics end up being uniquely captivating.

You can focus on combat, fishing, building, farming, and many other fun activities that can be quite relaxing. If you’re a fan of MMOs and wish to enjoy a free and beautiful game, there’s no reason not to try ArcheAge. Download it through this link, but take notice that it might not be available in your region.


12. Brawlhalla ​

Next up, we have Brawlhalla, which is an amazing option for those looking for platform fighters. While free, the game receives seasonal updates and regular new fighters, weapons and gadgets. As such, the game always feels new and fresh. One of its most amazing aspects is that there are characters from many different franchises, including Avatar: The Last Airbender, for instance.

To use some of the newer characters, you need to spend some money, but you can still have a lot of fun without spending a dime. In a way, it is very similar to Super Smash Bros, but of course, the characters and maps are entirely different. Learn more on Steam!

Brawlhalla best free games on Steam

13. Apex Legends

If you know about Apex Legends, it might seem weird to see it in this list. After all, the game is made by EA! However, it is available to be downloaded right on Steam, entirely for free. The game follows the popular Battle Royale genre, which is always fun.

It receives regular updates for free, with new characters, ever-changing game modes, new weapons, events, and more. The only things you can spend money on are cosmetic items, so you realistically don’t need to spend anything! Check it out!

Apex Legends best free games on Steam

14. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO)

One of the most famous FPS games around, Counter-Strike has been around for more than two decades, with its first title released in 2000. CS: GO was released in 2012, and it still reigns among the most popular games around, even more so among the FPS games.

The game centers around learning how to use the weapons and choosing the best ones for the right maps. There are no different characters, so it is more restrictive, and the graphics are outdated (which might be good, as it can run on pretty much any computer). Learn more!

15. War Thunder

Finally, we have War Thunder, a game that takes you to the Second World War in a different way from other similar games, especially since this isn’t a first-person shooter. In fact, this title is an online war simulator that manages to reach the perfect balance between an arcade game and a military theme.

The game forces the players to think of the best possible strategy to position their vehicles as to defeat and conquer the enemy. Download the game through this link.

War Thunder

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