Android apps 2023 – Learn about the best 10 for the year!

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2023 is beginning, and with it, there surely are many people who want to download new Android apps. There are many options of apps in many different categories that could’ve taken a spot in our list, but we’ve curated it to offer you the best options right now.

So if you want to explore new applications on your Android device, just start reading our article down below!

1. BeReal

If you’re into social media but you want to find out something actually new, BeReal shows promise. It is truly the simplest photo-sharing app in which you will need to share a picture, once a day, to showcase your life to your friends.

At a random time of the day, every day, you will receive a prompt to share a picture. And you will have two minutes to take it and share! As such, everyone gets a real-time update on everyone else’s lives. Its camera takes both a selfie and a normal picture at the same time. Learn more!

BeReal Android apps

2. Dream by Wombo

AI art is a truly controversial topic, but it also is quite amazing. The fact that you can type in a few words, select a style and get a painting, as a result, draws many people in. However, you must keep in mind that nothing generated by AI truly is original, and these apps copy from other real artists.

With many different art styles, Dream by Wombo is one of the best Android apps for those who need to generate cool art for different purposes. Learn more on the Play Store!

Dream by Wombo Android apps

3. Sketchbook

Sketchbook is probably the best option around for anyone who wants to either paint or draw on their phones. With the larger screens that most devices have nowadays, this becomes very feasible. It has a very clean and unobtrusive interface through which drawing and sketching are easy.

It offers a lot of types of brushes, including pencil markers, airbrushes, watercolor, and a lot more. All of it is customizable! It also has guides and rulers to improve your precision. Further, the app supports layers, which makes it much easier to create good art. Go to the Play Store to see more.

Sketchbook Android apps

4. Amazon Kindle

Do you like reading? If so, Kindle is one of the best Android apps for you. While its main purpose is to let you read the books you purchase from Amazon, you can still read eBooks that you download externally. Further, by subscribing to Kindle Unlimited, you will have access to over 1 million books, without any restrictions.

With many customization options, this is a very well-rounded option. You can choose font size and type, margins, orientation, how the pages turn, if the pages are black or white, look up information while reading, and a whole lot more. Start reading by following this link!

Amazon Kindle Android apps

5. Telegram

Telegram is a messaging app that has become extremely popular in 2022 thanks to a few missteps by Meta, the owner of WhatsApp. The platform offers apps for all sorts of operating systems and smartphones, fully encrypts your chats (if you want) and even offers themes for customization.

It is also a great option for file sharing, as it lets you send files without any size or format restrictions. All of your messages are synced on all platforms, regardless of whether or not you have an app installed on your phone. Overall, it truly is a very complete and good option, granting its spot among the best Android apps. Learn more on the Play Store!


6. Apex Legends Mobile

Alright, say you’re looking for a fun game to play while connected to the internet. Well, Apex Legends Mobile, released in 2022, is a pretty good choice. It follows the (in)famous Battle Royale format, in which you are part of a squad fighting for survival. Your squad is made up of three people, and you have to be the last ones standing against 59 other squads.

You find weapons and equipment upgrades while running around the map looking for enemies to kill. The game receives regular updates that come in the form of new characters, new weapons, events, and a lot more. Check it out!

7. Marvel Snap

Do you like card games? Marvel Snap is a 2022-released game that’s created by the same creator of Hearthstone that offers a lot to its players. First, it has all of your favorite Marvel characters, which can generate quite a bit of fun. While it has paid elements, you don’t need to spend a dime to have a lot of fun!

Further, the game is much more concise than other CCG options. Your deck has only 12 cards and each match lasts for 6 turns (with rare exceptions)! The result is that each match can be played in a matter of minutes, making it a good option among the Android apps for even the busiest people. Learn more!

8. Cookpad

Cookpad is an app that promises you the possibility of always cooking something new. It connects you with a large array of recipes, lets you add your favorite ones, manage your shopping lists, and more.

Further, you can search by ingredients to find out what to cook with what you have left in your pantry or fridge. One of the best parts, truly, is that it has a vast community of home cooks that will always be there to help you out. Follow the link to see more.

Cookpad Android apps

9. Spotify

A good option among the best Android apps for those who like listening to music is Spotify, a very well-known application. Even so, it deserves a spot in this list. That is because of the sheer amount of music you can listen to, from all sorts of genres and artists. It also has a good selection of podcasts for those who like the format.

While it has a free version, it is exceedingly limited, which makes it almost necessary to pay its monthly fee. But it sure is worth it! While there are alternatives, Spotify remains the king of music streaming. Download it right now!


10. Plant Parent

Last, we have Plant Parent, which is a great app for anyone who has recently become a, well, Plant Parent. The app offers great solutions and suggestions for caring for your plants, reminding you when to water, fertilize, prune, repot, and a lot more.

Say you have a plant in your yard but you’re not sure what it is. Well, PlantParent offers identification functionality, so just take a picture and you can identify what it is! It also offers guides on finding out what illness afflicts your plants and how to heal them, and more. So check it out!

Plant Parent

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