Coin Master: all you need to know about the game!

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One of the biggest social games nowadays, and in recent years, is Coin Master. In it, the payers have the goal of building and leading villages. There are many different sides to this game, making it a very complete and fun experience.

If you like playing mobile games, you most certainly have already seen some ads within another game about this one, with public figures such as Terry Crews and even members from the Kardashian family starring in it.

Now, if you’re interested about Coin Master and you want to learn everything you can possibly know about it so you can start playing too, just keep reading our complete guide down below!

What is Coin Master?

Coin Master is a game with many aspects and social elements that anyone either on Android or iOS can download entirely for free. Its main goal is for you to build and lead villages while you attack those belonging to your friends and defend your own.

It is good that we mention before anything else that the game itself lets you know it has a lot of frequent simulated gambling elements. That is to say, if you have a gambling problem or you’re prone to addiction to similar things, this is not a safe choice for you. And it is also not a good idea for children to play!

So you can have a good village, you will need to learn to defend yourself well, collect all the rewards, and to be able to progress fast. This is achieved via a virtual slot machine where you will get rewards such as coins, shields, and weapons to use.

In Coin Master, the characters will travel through time to become the best pirates, hippies, kings, warriors, Vikings, and a lot of other historical things.

The game’s social aspect happens via Facebook, as your account in the social media platform is used so you can connect with your friends who also play the game.

What is Coin Master?

And how does Coin Master work?

There are many different facets to the game that make it really fun and diverse. In this section, we will talk about some of the most important aspects of it so you can understand it a bit better!

1. Slot machine

To explain everything in a very simplified manner, Coin Master is a virtual slot machine for your phone under a lot of pretty graphics. As you play and progress, you will get spins.

When you get enough of these spins, you will be able to spend them to play in a slot machine that will give you rewards in the form of coins, shields, chances to attack and raid other players’ villages, and even items from the game’s events.

Below you can find a list of the things you can get from the slot machine:

  • Pigs: if you get three pigs in a spin, you will then get the chance to raid the person who shows up above your slot machine to get the indicated amount. You have three chances to get this amount and steal it from the other person;
  • Hammers: if you get three hammers as the result in your slot machine spin on Coin Master, you will be able to attack the village of the person who shows up or choose to take Revenge on someone who has attacked you. If the person you attack has a shield, you’ll get less rewards;
  • Shields: if you get three shields as the result, you’ll get a shield that will protect you from attacks on your village. The maximum number of shields depends on your village’s level, but it starts at three;
  • Coins: the amount of coins you get depends not only on how many coins you get as the result of your spin, but also on your level and the map you are currently on. Of course, when you get three coins, you will be awarded a much larger sum than if you have one or two;
  • Coin bags: it works in a very similar fashion to the coins, depending heavily on your level and your map. Still, getting three bags will get you a lot more rewards than one or even two;
  • Items: it is possible to get a lot of items that let you unlock several prizes from the slot machine, as well as items from events. Regardless of the number of items that shows up, you’ll get something, but if you see three as a result, you’ll get a lot more;
  • Energy capsules: lastly, if you get three energy capsules as a result on your spin, you will get 10 extra spins!

Other than that, you can also do what is called a Super Bet. To do it, you need to have a lot of saved-up spins, and then you’ll be able to bet several times at the same time to get the rewards according to the number of spins you use.

Slot machine in Coin Master

2. Ways to get spins in Coin Master

As you must have realized, the spins are some of the most important things in this game. That is, learning about the best ways for you to get them will help you out a lot in progressing faster!

Here, we have a list of some of the best ways through which you can get spins quickly. Check them out!

Aqui, nós temos uma lista com algumas das melhores maneiras pelas quais você pode ganhar os giros. Confira:

  • Passively: without doing absolutely anything, entirely passively, you will get 5 spins per hour on Coin Master. The game lets you store up to 50 spins in this way. That is, you can stay up to 10 hours without collecting them and you won’t miss out on anything!
  • Facebook: if you choose to connect your Facebook account to the game, you will get a unique bonus of 50 spins. It is yet another incentive to be more social in the game!
  • Facebook invites: another incentive to the social aspect of the game, you can invite your friends to play by using a link that’s only yours. If they download the game and lot in using Facebook, you’ll get spins according to your level. The higher your level is, the more spins per friend you’ll get!
  • Slot machine: as we mentioned, it is possible to get spins in the Coin Master slot machine. When you get 3 energy capsules in the slot machine, you’ll get 10 spins.
  • Exclusive events: another easy way through which you can get spins in Coin Master is by winning the event items from the slot machine. As you accumulate these items, the prize you can get from them will increase.
  • Tournaments: this game also has tournaments that are always going on. If you get a good placement, you will get gifts, and when you open them up you might find a lot of spins!
  • Send and receive: it is possible to send spins to your friends, and they can also send spins to you. And, of course, the spins you send do not come from your own spins. They’re extra spins for everyone!
  • Cards: when you complete each card collection, you will get spins as rewards.
  • Gifts from the game: last, another way for you to get spins in Coin Master is by getting the gifts that the game itself offers to you. Keep checking their official Facebook page and your e-mail, as you might get coins and spins as gifts through these platforms!

3. Villages (and attacks)

Alright, you have already understood how the slot machine works! Now, let’s talk a bit about the villages and the possibility of attacking.

As we have said, you will get coins by playing on the slot machine within Coin Master. With these coins, you will be able to build and upgrade your village, which is the game’s main goal.

For that, you will upgrade the buildings until they get to 5 starts and each upgrade is more expensive than the one before it. When you manage to max out every building in your village, you’ll then go to the next village, where you’ll have the exact same goal: to get it to the max level!

The best part is that each village is set in a different place and map, making the game much more interactive and fun.

And, of course, using the rewards you get from the slot machine it will be possible to attack and raid other players’ villages so you can get more coins and then use these coins to upgrade your villages more and more!

Villages (and attacks)

4. Social aspect

This is the thing that Coin Master focuses on above all else. After all, attacking your friends can be an extremely fun activity, as it creates a friendly rivalry between you!

The game encourages its players to connect with their friends by using their Facebook account from the very first moment they open the game. In fact, you’re actually incentivized to invite your friends to play.

Something that makes it so playing with your friends and inviting them even better is that you’ll get rewards when they start playing. To top it off, you’ll be able to send them free spins and coins and receive the same things from them, as well as giving your repeated cards and trading them.

Something quite odd is that, even though the game aims and claims to be extremely social and that you can even see the picture of whomever you’re attacking, you just can’t communicate with other players from within the app!

Of course, it is possible to play as a guest without connecting with your social media.

5. Cards in Coin Master

The game has thematic cards that the players can (and should) collect. These cards are part of different collections, and each of them has 9 cards in total. When you complete a collection, you will receive rewards (such as pets, spins, and extra coins).

It’s also worth mentioning that in order for you to be able to start to collect coins, you must have unlocked the third village. Before that, you won’t receive any.

As we already mentioned, it is possible to send cards to your friends and to trade with them, which you can use to complete your collections much faster. In fact, the game recommends a specific Facebook group for card exchange!

6. Pets

The pets are a very important part when it comes to progressing in this game. When you reach level 3, you’ll be able to start to get the pets in Coin Master. They will help you in several different aspects and make it so the villages’ progression is much more rewarding.

The pets will increase in level, unlock more skills, and become much stronger. For that, it is necessary to evolve them and feed them, and the food will come from the store, in special events, or from the slot machine.

There are three different pets with distinct skills and purposes:

  • Foxy: Foxy, the fox, will increase the percentage of rewards you get from each one of your raids by digging a fourth, extra hole. Every time it is present in a raid, it will get experience points;
  • Rhino: it has the goal of helping you in the defense of your village, being more effective than even shields. For that, it has a chance of blocking the enemy’s attack and making it so you don’t lose any coins;
  • Tiger: this Coin Master pet is ideal when you want to attack. By using it, you’ll get a huge bonus to every reward for attacks, and the bonus will increase as the pet levels up.

Pets in Coin Master

7. Do I need to spend anything?

Well, this is a quite… interesting question. After all, the app is free to download both from the Play Store and the App Store, but you won’t have that many spins you can use without spending your hard-earned real-world money.

To purchase more spins or coins, you will in fact need to invest, and this investment is not small.

Other than that, it is important that we make it clear (once again) that Coin Master has a very strong gambling aspect, which makes it quite possible for many to feel forced to spend their real money.

It is extremely important that small children don’t play it. After all, they can very easily develop gambling problems! That is, you should definitely use one of the best parental control apps and install some good children’s games so your small ones can have some fun.

Tips to achieve success in Coin Master

With all that out of the way, it is safe to say that you already know a lot mroe than most other players about how the game works, and you will certainly be at a good advantage over them. If you want to increase this advantage even more, check out down below some of the biggest tips so you have success playing!

1. Whatever you do, DO NOT save up your coins!

This can feel extermely odd, particularly as we are talking about mobile games. After all, the most commonplace thing is that we need to save up our coins (or in-game currency) so we can achieve more difficult and expensive goals.

And, even though the gold coins are extremely important for Coin Master, being absolutely fundamental to evolve your villages and upgrade your buildings, stocking up on them will always be counterproductive in this game.

That is due to the fact that there will always be attacks and raids in the game, and when they happen you will lose a chunk of your coins. That’s where the idea of not saving up your coins comes in, as if you don’t have anything, whomever raids you won’t take anything!

Whatever you do, DO NOT save up your coins!

2. Participate in the events on Coin Master

The game offers many different events through which the players will be able to stock up on different rewards quite quickly. They are particularly good for those who don’t want to spend anything or want to spend as little as possible in real money.

These events occur quite frequently and offer up different rewards. There is one that will offer you a lot of discounts to build and upgrade your village, another that will give you a lot of coins, and even one whose reward is up to one thousand free spins!

3. Remember to keep a pet active

The pets are a fundamental part when it comes to the gameplay in Coin Master. They evolve as they are used and they need to be frequently fed so they don’t sleep and you don’t lose its bonus.

Once a day, you will get a free food to use wiht them. Unfortunately, this is not nearly enough, as the pets will get hungry more frequently than the food is available. There are three ways for you to get food for your pets:

  • By using real money and purchasing from the shop;
  • In special events that have food as its reward;
  • Or as one of the rewards in the slot machine, which is quite rare.

4. And make sure it is the best pet for the occasion!

As we have already mentioned, there are three different pets. However, you will only be able to keep one active at once, and the choose of which one to keep is very important due to the bonuses that they offer you.

Think well about their rewards so you can choose which one to keep active, which will depend on if you’ll be actively playing or not, for example. Basically, you should:

  • Use Foxy when you want to raid on Coin master so that you’ll get the maximum number of coins you can get fom the fourth hole;
  • Use Rhino when you want to stop playing the game, go to sleep, or anything of the sort, as it can block attacks even better than shields can;
  • Use Tiger when you want to attack enemy villages, as it gives you a decent bonues even if you hit shields.

5. ALWAYS get your daily bonus

This tip to follow in Coin Master and be successful in the game is particularly vital if you want to avoid more than anything spending your real money.

Just as is the case with most other smartphone games, this one also offers up a daily bonus, as we mentioned above. It’s worth mentioning that it will only be available after you have gone past all the initial villages.

6. Try to always unlock all new villages

If you’ve read all the way here, you certainly already know that the main goal within Coin Master is to unlock and upgrade all the villages the game has to offer.

Of course, it will be necessary to spend a huge amount of gold coins (or real money, if you so choose), but you’ll get free spins and coins for each village you unlock!

You must be wondering how many villages are in this game, right? Well, up to the moment this articla was written (June 2021), it has over 300 unique and different among themselves villages!

The developers promise that this number will always be growing, so in theory you should never be able to “finish” the game!

Try to always unlock all new villages in Coin Master

7. Connect with your Facebook account and use the social aspects in Coin Master!

The last really important tip is that you should not only connect your Coin Master account to Facebook, but really use it and take advantage of what this can actually bring you. After all, playing with your friends will bring lots of benefits, including free spins.

Other than that, there are a lot of Facebook groups for the game. In them, it will be possible to find other players who are willing to trade their repeated cards, for instance, making it much easier to complete all the collections and get a lot of rewards.

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