The 26 best Android games available for 2022!

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Do you like to use your smartphone to play games? Mobile games are a great way to pass the time and get distracted, even more so on long trips. However, nowadays not all mobile games are meant to be played more casually, with some really long games where you need to dedicate yourself over time to reach bigger goals.

The amount of games you can find on the Google Play Store is absolutely huge, so sometimes it can be hard to find one that pleases us. For that reason, we’ve created this list of the best Android games for 2020!

Keep reading down below and find out which ones are the best and, if you’re interested, follow the links to download them!

1. PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is the official mobile version of the hit desktop game PLAYERUNKNOWN BATTLEGROUNDS. You will have access to the same weapons, maps, and customizations as you had in the other version.

PUBG is a shooter and survival game where you have to be the absolute last survivor in a battle with a whopping 100 players. Find your own weapons and ammo, use vehicles, and eliminate your opponents on a remote island.

As the matches time goes on, the safe area of the island keeps getting smaller and smaller, which serves to make everything even more intense and hectic. Download it for free on Google Play Store!

PUBG Mobile best Android games

2. Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is a shooting and survival game much like PUBG. The matches tend to last about 10 minutes and the players will face each other on an island with other 50 opponents.

On the island, you will find equipment, fire weapons, vehicles, ammo, and much more so that you can survive. In order for you to win a match, you have to be the last living player on the island.

The users can create groups of up to four players to have some fun with their friends. To start playing one of the best multiplayer mobile games, just follow the link and download it!

3. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The Grand Theft Auto (more known as GTA) franchise is extremely famous and known worldwide. GTA: San Andreas was one of its biggest releases for consoles and for desktops in 2004 and 2005 respectively. Now, Rockstar Games, the developer of all GTA games, brings to your smartphone the complete version of GTA: San Andreas with optimized graphics and performance for mobile devices.

Control the streets of San Andreas state and live Carl’s history directly on your phone. It is important to mention that GTA: San Andreas is not recommended for minors. Just like its console and desktop versions, it is not a free game. Go to Google Play Store to buy it right now.

4. Among us

Among Us is still a highly popular game in 2022, even though it was released way back in 2018 and it became a hit in 2020 and 2021. With really simple graphics and mechanics, the game focuses on the interaction between players.

For the unaware, in Among Us 10 players gather as the crew of a spaceship with the goal of repairing several areas. However, one of the players is an impostor in charge of killing all others without being discovered. And that is where the fun lies, as it is up to the players to defend themselves or accuse other players so they don’t get kicked out of the ship.

This free app can be downloaded on this link.

5. Pokémon UNITE

Pokémon UNITE is a strategy game in which you can face competitors from all around the world in 5v5 battles. The story is set in the island of Aeos, a magical place in which the Pokémons get even more powerful.

In this game, teamwork is absolutely paramount. It is possible to fight against opposing or wild Pokémon, collecting the rivals’ energy, and the team that gets the most points wins. After every win, the player gets rewards, such as unlocking new characters and outfits.

Pokémon UNITE is free, but it does have in-app purchases.

6. Minecraft

The mobile version of Minecraft brings to your Android device all of the available resources you can find in the desktop game. Explore the world of Minecraft and its many biomes, fight against zombies, skeletons, witches, and many other very powerful enemies.

Access to the Nether, a different and dangerous world inside the game, is also available in this mobile version. Build castles, create complex mines, find diamonds and so much more. You can choose to play by yourself or with up to 10 other players.

Just like in its desktop version, Minecraft for Android is not free. Go to the Play Store to buy it. Remember to check out our list with the best cheats and console commands for Minecraft on PC!


7. Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a game in the same universe as Clash of Clans. You will quickly find many similarities in their graphics and their characters. It is a card and strategy game in which the player must create their own deck and use special troops in order to defeat other users in real-time.

Destroy your opponent’s towers, play your cards right and dethrone the enemy king to win. Find chests and unlock new cards for your deck inside the game. Clash Royale is free to play but also offers in-app purchases for the most interested users. Download it by following the link!

8. Plants vs Zombies 2

With over 100 million downloads on Google Play Store around the world, Plants vs Zombies 2 is another one of the best Android games, easily gaining a spot on this list.

In the game, you have to prepare a line of defense using shooting plants to defend yourself from the zombie hordes that want to end everything. Find hundreds of different plants and zombie types, which will always make the game even more dynamic and fun.

On Plants vs Zombies 2 you can do battle in eleven different worlds, grow and improve your plants’ powers and so much more. Download this highly awarded game completely for free by following the link!

Plants vs Zombies 2 best Android games

9. Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a highly acclaimed strategy game in which you can build your own empire, attack other players’ bases and defend your own. You can also create a clan or join one created by other users in order to increase your odds of winning.

Develop your base, train all your troops, and use the many improvements you can gain access to by researching in order to make your empire even stronger.

Clash of Clans has over 500 million downloads from across the world, with thousands of players every day. Download it completely for free!

10. eFootball PES 2021

The most recent update for eFootball PES 2021 mobile was released at the start of the year. This is a game for those who like soccer, particularly soccer games for consoles and the PC.

Easily gaining a spot on the list of the best Android games, on eFootball PES 2020 you can choose to play with some of the most famous teams and national teams of the world. Play with your country’s team or with some of the most well-known teams in the world, such as FC Barcelona or Liverpool.

eFootball PES 2021 is free to play and it also allows you to challenge other players for matches. Download it right now!

11. Call of Duty

The phenomenon that is Call of Duty has reached the smartphones in 2021 and it beat all records possible. The game managed to bring the original multiplayer experience from the PC and consoles to its mobile version. Here, you have access to several different battle modes against other players, especially the highly acclaimed Battle Royale mode. If you want to play by yourself, the game also offers a really fun zombie mode.

The game gets constant content and event updates, always offering a really fresh experience. It definitely is a good option for the FPS fans around. Download it for free!

12. Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is a simulator in which you have to build and perfect a shelter for all of humankind in a world after a nuclear war. Create sections and adjust the structure of your shelter built on the underground of a mountain.

Send trained survivors to explore the world on the surface, find new equipment and items that you can use to help you to survive, and much more.

Help all of humankind to survive in a happy way and repopulate after the nuclear apocalypse in Fallout Shelter. It is a really fun game to play and worth a shot. Download it for free!

Fallout Shelter best Android games

13. MARVEL Future Revolution

MARVEL Future Revolution is the first open-world action RPG within the Marvel universe for mobile devices. Free and with high-quality 3D graphics, you’ll be able to feel like one of the heroes such as Spider-Man, Iron Man, the Black Widow, Captain America, and others.

There are five different game modes: Blitz, Special Operations, Raid, Omega War, and Dimensional Duel. For those who like the thrill of playing online, the game offers a real-time coop mode.

Download it right now by following this link!

14. Evoland 2

Evoland 2 is a game that will give you more than 20 hours of fun. It is categorized as one of the best RPG games for Android, but it also fits in several other game categories, swapping several times during the playthrough between 2D and 3D graphics, introducing shooter games gameplay and even TCG.

Evoland 2 is extremely fun and has received many awards. At first, it was launched exclusively for desktop, where it quickly sold over 500 thousand copies. If you’re into RPGs, Evoland 2 is a great choice. Like its desktop version, it is not free to play. To buy it, go to Google Play Store.

15. Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9 is one of the best car racing games for Android smartphones. It just had to take a spot among the best Android games. Take part in races against up to 7 online players, unlock new powerful vehicles, and have fun with famous car models such as Ferrari, Porsche, and Lamborghini. In Asphalt 9: Legends, you’ll find more than 70 cars to use in your races!

If you like racing games, you’ll be pleased to know that Asphalt 9: Legends is free to play. Are you interested? Go to the Play Store and download it right now!

16. Candy Crush Soda Saga

Candy Crush Soda Saga most certainly couldn’t stay out of our list that includes all the best Android games. It is one of the most famous you will find here with over 100 million downloads across the world.

Candy Crush Soda Saga uses the same game style “match 3 puzzle”. In the game, you will find over 2000 different levels that increase in difficulty gradually. Besides, on Candy Crush Soda Saga your contacts and friends will be able to help you gain access to more things in-game. Download it for free!

17. Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run is an infinite race game in which you can take control of many classic characters of Nintendo’s Mario universe. You can play as Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Princess Toad, and many other iconic characters.

You control the character by touching the screen while it runs continuously. Eat the famous mushrooms to grow in size, collect coins and defeat some of the most infamous bosses such as Bowser in this action-filled game.

Super Mario Run is very fun to play and really does deserve a spot on our best Android games list. Download it for free!

Super Mario Run

18. Brawl Stars

From the creators of Clash of Clans, Clash Royale e Boom Beach, Brawl Stars is yet another excellent option that really earned its spot on our list. It is an arena battle game that allows players to play in a multiplayer mode made of extremely fun group battles.

Unlock and choose from the many different available characters and find the ones that have the gameplay you like the most. The game’s graphics are very well made and help to bring to the screen the fun and intentionally messy appearance of the combat arenas. Check it out!


The game from Roblox Corporation is another one that couldn’t escape our list of the best Android games. With over 15 million reviews (mostly extremely positive) on Google Play, the game that merges many elements such as exploration, shooting, racing, and much more is really an amazing option.

On ROBLOX. you can play with your friends at any time, have your own RPG adventure, find enemies in many distinct worlds and personalize your avatar inside the game in many different ways, by using the hats, clothing, equipment, and much more. The game is quite extensive, very well made, and will entertain you. Follow the link to download it for free.

ROBLOX best Android games

20. Final Fantasy VII

The first Final Fantasy to have 3D maps and CGI movie scenes, this dramatic tale is still widely loved by countless fans all around the world. The battle stages are also fully in 3D for the first time, which brings an even bigger feel of admiration and spectacle to the combats in Final Fantasy VII.

Customize your characters in any way you want by using the fanatic “material” system that allows for an infinite spell and skill combinations.

New cheat codes make the story experience easier without you having to fight too much. Purchase the app by following this link!

21. Genshin Impact

It is an action-filled RPG game that’s free and was created and published by miHoYo. To sum it up, the game is based in action using points of elemental energy and swapping characters.

Other than that, it uses the monetization called gacha games for the players to get new characters, weapons, and other resources.

This is a world in which the seven gods rule and meet and you can download this app entirely for free by following this link!

22. Traffic Rider

If you like motorcycles, you’ll certainly love this game, as it brings a very detailed experience all the while keeping the fun and simplicity of Traffic Rider. You can pilot your bike in endless races, facing traffic, improving, and purchasing new bikes, all in a first-person view.

Did you like it? Then go ahead and download the app for free!

23. Gardenscapes

Gardenscapes is a game full of fun puzzles. The classic match 3 genre, in which you need to join three of the same piece to destroy them, combined with simulator elements.

You’ll be able to restore, manage, and decorate different areas in your garden, investigating all the hidden secrets. Eventually, minigames appear between the levels for you to complete and get extra resources.

As it reminds a lot the famous Candy Crush, Gardensgames has gotten a lot of followers and players, and it has actually got an equally successful continuation, Homescapes.

Gardenscapes best Android games

24. Stardew Valley

An agricultural simulation RPG that became a modern indie classic, Stardew Valley is a game that will entice you to play on a daily basis to complete all of your farm tasks.

Raise animals, grow all sorts of crops, customize your farmer and, if you want, you can even form a family with 12 different candidates! An app that’s sure to hoop you. Are you interested? Then purchase it by following this link!

25. Valorant Mobile

The last item on the list goes to the highly awaited game in its mobile version, that unfortunately still doesn’t have a set release date. Developed by Riot Games, Valorant Mobile fits in the FPS category and will come with a futuristic look.

In the game, 5 players that look like agents form a team where each element has a different skill and a type of force that will develop as you play. The characters evolve and become more powerful, getting money to purchase new items such as ammo and weapons.

We’re anxiously awaiting for Valorant Mobile, what about you?


Solitaired features some of the most classic card games of all time like solitaire

On their app, players can create accounts where they can track their progress, change difficulty settings, and watch the leaderboard as they climb the ranks. The app also offers players several guides and strategy tips, making it perfect for players of all skill levels.

Best of all, some of their games like Yahtzee, are available online.


Did you like our list of the best Android games?

Do you already play any of them? Do you think we missed any? If we helped you find a game that pleases you, let us know in the comments! Now, if you’re after games to play on your computer, check out our list with the best free games on Steam!