The 9 best online truck games for Android and iOS!

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There are many games that focus in racing cars, motorcycles, and even bicycles, but until relatively recently it wasn’t common at all to see games about trucks. This type of game has been getting popular in the past few years, with some of the best online truck games, such as Euro Truck Simulator for the PC, getting released.

The good news is that there are many amazing games in the same vein for mobile devices, both Android and iOS. If you’re interested in this type of game, you can check out our suggestions down below. Check them out!

1. Euro Truck Evolution

Starting off our list, we have Euro Truck Evolution. It is very similar to the Euro Truck Simulator game we mentioned previously, but made specifically so that mobile users can have fun!

In the game, you can travel through many European countries, whether you do it on the career or the online multiplayer mode. The controls are also great, with a lot of challenges, and surprisingly good graphics for a mobile game. Go to the Play Store or to the App Store to see more!

Euro Truck Evolution best online truck games

2. Heavy Truck Simulator

In our list, you’ll certainly see many of the best online truck games that are set in European and American cities, but Heavy Truck Simulator is one of the few that offers a lot more variety, going, for instance, to Brazil!

Other than that, you can choose from a lot of different truck models, enjoy its beautiful graphics, deal with the holes on the roads as well as the dangerous locations, and more. You can download it by following this link.

3. World Truck Driving Simulator

Next up, we have nothing less than World Truck Riding. It also puts you in the shoes of a truck driver who needs to deliver goods all over the world.

A really cool aspect is the variety of truck models it offers, with American trucks, European ones, and even Brazilian ones. Other than that, the gameplay is quite realistic, including dangers, transit laws, and more. You can download it for Android right now!

4. USA Truck Driver

USA Truck Driver’s very name makes it crystal clear that the goal here is to get you to travel through American roads. The game itself is really simple and it resembles many of the best online truck games we’ve talked about thus far.

You need to deliver goods traveling through different American roads, and the game offers you many different American truck models from which you can choose. As it is entirely free, there’s no reason you shouldn’t check it out on the Play Store!

USA Truck Driver best online truck games

5. American Truck Driving 3D

As you might have noticed, there are many of the best online truck games that are focused on American lands, which is the case of American Truck Driving 3D. It outs you to work I’m many different cities in the USA and follows the traffic laws to a T.

The truck models available are also all American, but there is a quite good variety of them. You can learn more about this game and download it for Android by following this link!

6. Truck Simulator USA

Truck Simulator USA is another entirely American game. That is true to the roads you’ll take, the laws you must follow, the standards for the trucks and even the types of maps available.

Even though it doesn’t have specific cities, you can drive through arid places, urban cities, mountain ranges, and snowy locations. There are also different types of cargo you can transport. Learn more about it!

7. Army Truck Driving

The name makes it pretty clear: Army Truck Driving is quite different from the other best online truck games on our list. It is particularly focused in an Army theme. The types of cargo you can take are very different from normal, usually being related to wars.

Other than that, the landscapes are different, as well, and you need to deal with certain dangers, including earthquakes, sinuous turns, and floods. You can download the game on your Android phone entirely for free!

8. Truck Simulator 2018: Europe

In Truck Simulator 2018: Europe, you can not only take jobs for other companies, but you can even open and manage your very own business! It is very focused in the realism side of things, including graphics, gameplay, and transit laws.

The landscapes are all European, but there’s a good diversity when it comes to the models of trucks available. The best part is that it supports more than 25 languages, so anyone can play! You can download it right now on the Play Store or the App Store.

9. Truck Simulator Pro 2

Finally, we have Truck Simulator Pro 2, one that focuses, maybe a bit too much, in realism. It lets you create your own truck transporting company, and you can also drive at will.

There are several different models of American and European trucks, as well as many different landscapes. The transit system and the way you drive are also quite detailed. You can even use more complex controllers if you want to have full control over your truck. Download it for Android or iOS!

Truck Simulator Pro 2 best online truck games

Did you like any of the best online truck games?

Let us know in the comments if you found any good titles to play by reading our list, as well as if you think we forgot to include any. Don’t forget to also check out the best free shooting games for Android, the best Android games, and the best iPhone games!