The 20 best Android MMORPG games in 2022!

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Now, more than ever, we have a lot of game developers placing their chips on creating all sorts of games for smartphones and tablets. Among them, the MMORPG genre is included, and a lot of the best games have been getting their very own Android versions recently!

The biggest defining trait of this genre is the massive amount of other players you’ll be able to find and interact with (at least, most often than not) in order to chat, make groups to quest, or even fight against each other.

If you want to play on Android, and you’re after the best MMORPG games available for this operating system, check out down below our updated list with some of the biggest and most successful titles you can find on the Play Store.

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1. Ragnarok M

When we talk about MMORPG games, one of the most famous ones is Ragnarok, one which you most likely have at the very least heard about when searching online. The original Ragnarok was for computers, released in 2001 in South Korea, and it was one of the most popular games around.

Ragnarok M is the latest installment of the game, which brings all the classes, monsters, and iconic maps to your phone screen, with improved 3D graphics. In this game, you’ll be able to create your character, choose a class, and level up by killing monsters and completing challenges.

Beyond that, you can also create groups and clans with other players to face off against harder enemies or to take part in clan wars! Ragnarok M is one of the best Android games and you really should try it out, for free, on the Play Store!

Ragnarok M

2. Dungeon Hunter 5

With over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store, we also had to include Dungeon Hunter 5 among the best Android MMORPG games. It brings several Hack N’ Slash elements and a really interesting character progression. Those who are familiar wtih eitehr Diablo 3 or Path or Exile will feel right at home destroting hordes of enemies with their character.

In this game, you can join up with up to 3 other players that control their heroes in multiplayer matches. You will also have the opportunity of building your own fortress to defend yourself against other hunters’ attacks. Dungeon Hunter 5 is one of the best mobile multiplayer games, and can be downloaded by following this link.

3. Order and Chaos 2

Create your character, find new equipment, evolve and ride dragons or winged horses in what is one of the best MMORPG games for Android. Order and Chaos 2 has amazing 3D graphics that are optimized for mobile and it offers a somewhat different experience with its open-world.

Choose from the races orc, humans, elves, mendels, and kratans on the character creation and pick the class that best suits your play-style from Blood Knights, Rangers, Mages, Warriors, and Monks. The game is free to play and offers online PvP battles. Learn more by following this link.

Order and Chaos 2 best Android MMORPG games

4. Villagers & Heroes

Villagers & Heroes, this game offers a really huge array of content you can play. Through it, you will be able to build your own village, train professions and forge your equipment, join up with other players to defeat huge enemies, and take part of several different in-game events.

A quite interesting differential is that Villagers & Heroes can also be played on your computer, sharing your progress with its mobile version, so you’ll have the same characters. Follow this link to download it for free.

5. Old School RuneScape

As the name itself indicates, Old School RuneScape is the exact same RuneScape we could previously play in the classic version before the game was relaunched updated. It certainly had to take a spot among the best Android MMORPG games.

In this game, you can create your character, but not necessarily choose a class. In fact, you just have to train the skills you wish to master! Get your equipment, form groups with other players, and venture into an extensive open-world map. The map is, actually larger in the mobile version than it originally was. Download it for free and have fun.

Old School RuneScape best Android MMORPG games

6. Celtic Heroes 3D

With good mobile optimized 3D graphics, Celtic Heroes is another really good MMORPG game you can play on your phone. In this game, you can chosoe from 5 classes when creating your character, and you can customize them according to your playstyle.

The game offers an open-world map in which you can find, interact with, and even battle against other players, with a really active commerce between the players. It is worthwhile to check it out to start your adventure by following this link.

7. Arcane Legends

Arcane Legends is one of the best and most popular MMORPG games you can find on the Play Store for Android, with over 10 million downloads across the world. It has received a lot of positive reviews from websites such as Forbes, Kotaku,, and others.

In thsi game, you choose from 3 classes and customize your character with several skills and equipments to play as you want. The game also offers a really good pet sustem that makes your adventure that much more interesting, and has both PvE and PvP battles. Follow this link to download it for free.

8. Lineage 2: Revolution

Lineage is still a name in the mind of many older MMORPG players. With really good and graphics optimized for mobile devices, in Lineage 2: Revolution you’ll be able to create a character choosing from several races and enjoy a dual-class system that gives you loads of customization possibilities.

And, of course, you will be able to join up with your friends to fight against mmore challenging enemies in the open-world or even in PvP battles. Follow this link to download it for free right now.

Lineage 2: Revolution best Android MMORPG games

9. Warspear Online

For those who like more old-school graphics, or even for those who are after games for less-powerful or older phones, Warspear Online is a really good choice. The game has two different opposing factions for you to choose – which makes somewhat akin to World of Warcraft.

It also has a wide variety of classes, such as paladin, priest, wizard, mage, hunter, ladin, shaman, warlock, death knight, guard, and explorer, among others. If you’re interestd, follow this link to download what is one of the best and most famous Android MMORPG games.

10. AdventureQuest 3D

Adventure Quest is a game that had its first installment released in 2002 for web browsers, and now it can be played in a much better and improved version called AdventureQuest 3D, for Android.

As if creating a character and going into an adventure where you kill many different types of enemies wasn’t enough, it is worthwhile mentioning that the game has different events. Diferent in the sense that even the band Korn had an album playing in a sort of music arena in the game! If you’re curious, download it right now.

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11. Eternium

With extremely nice graphics considering it is a mobile game, Eternion also feels much like Diablo, or the highly acclaimed Magicka for PC. In 2017, it included the possility of being played online with other players. It has a really good sound track and, considering it was launched in 2014, it is a really well-established option.

The game has extremely attractive visual effects, including the spells and attacks, the lighting, and even how the characters and the monsters you find in its world look. Eternium is free to play, and if you want to play it, you can follow this link.


12. Rucoy Online

For those who like old-school and pixel art graphics, Rucoy Online is a safe bet. The game offers you three classes from which to choose: knight, archer, and mage. It has an extremely cool open-world in which you can play with or against other players!

A neat extra is that you can change your character’s class whenever you want, which makes it more versatile and less tiring when it comes to its playability, particularly so if you didn’t like your first choice. Rucoy Online is free and lightweight, ideal for older phones. Follow this link to download it!

13. Tales of Wind

Tales of Wind is really a quite fun game that has great graphics. In it, you will be able to join up with your friends to fight against hordes of enemies and face off against really difficult bosses.

The game offers several classes with different variations and a huge amoung of systems, such as, for instance, the possiblity of marrying other players in-game, managing your own farm and doing several quests. It is a good option to try out for free by following this link.

14. MU Origin2

Lust like Ragnakor and Lineage, MY was one of the biggest and best MMORPG games for PC and, now, it can be played directly on your Android smartphone in its updated version. With really shiny weapons and armors, and amazing graphics, MU Origin2 is a great alternative in this list.

Get together with other players to defeat bosses and enjoy a large amount of systems through which you can propel your characters’ progression. It is also free to play, and can be found on the Play Store.

15. MapleStory M

If you are a fan of the classic MMORPG MapleStory for computer or simply are after a great 2D game to play with your friends, MapleStory M is a good option. Its main difference is that the game is essentially a platformer in which you control your character and kill many different enemies.

The game also has a huge variety of classes, all of which you can find in the classic computer version. It is extremely fun to play, even more so if you have a controller to play on Android. It is worth checking it out and playing by following this link.

MapleStory M best Android MMORPG games

16. Black Desert Mobile

One of the most well-known action RPGs for computers and consoles, the Android adaptation of Black Desert Mobile doesn’t leave anything to be desired, either. Unlike slower RPG games, here you almost don’t feel like you’re playing a game of the genre as it is full of quick and hectic action.

Black Desert Mobile is also highlighted due to its amazing graphics, which can make it hard to play on low-end devices. In the game, you can join up with other groups of players to go on adventures that the game presents as well as organize to find battles against other players. Follow this link to download it!

17. Dungeon Legends

Another that has a more Hack N’ Slash-like combat, Dungeon Legends is definitely one of the best games in this list. Other than offering combat against several different types of monsters, it also offers the possibility of fighting against other players in an arena.

The game’s dungeons are really extensive and get harder at each level you pass, which helps to keep the game entertaining for hours on end. Follow this link to download it for free.

18. Sword Fantasy Online

Sword Fantasy Online is another 2D game, but it is really different to MapleStory M, which we’ve already mentioned before. In this game, you control your character and get together with your friends or other online players to fight against several enemies with simplified controls so you can even play single-handedly.

Other than that, it also has many mini-games and the possibility of creating clans with several players to fight against even harder and stronger enemies. Follow this link to see mroe about what is one of the best Android MMORPG games!

Sword Fantasy Online

19. Curse of Aros

With a more old-school art style, Curse of Aros is a good option for those who like pixel art. The game is a bit more slow-paced than most other options with fast and hectic combats, but it has really strong RPG elements.

In this game, you can create groups with your friends and explore a huge world, capture pets to help you in combat, and find many different items. Curse of Aros is free to play and can be downloaded on the Play Store.

20. Era of Legends

Finishing off our list, we have reached Era of Legends. This game offers really good 3D graphics, it is extremely fun to play, and obviously can be played with several other players simultaneously.

Explore a huge world, be a treasure hunter, find secret places, and choose from 8 different classes in Era of Legends. The game is also a good option for those who like collecting, since you can find mounts, pets, different skins for your characters, and more while having fun. Era of Legends is another free game that can be downloaded by following this link.

Did you like any of the best MMORPG games for Android?

It is not easy to find new games that will keep you hooked, but at least one in this list will do the trick. Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to check out the best lightweight PC games, the best lightweight Android emulators to play these games, and the best free Android apps!