The 12 best dress up games for Android and iOS!

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One of the best and most popular types of games, especially for children, is dress up games. With no stages or many challenges, this kind of game is very good for the little ones to exercise their creativity. Despite its basic premise, which is to dress a digital doll with several clothing options available, these titles play with different themes.

These titles can bring current fashion options or be inspired by real-life or use clothes inspired by famous designers. Check out 12 of the best dress up games for Android as well as all iOS devices and choose the ones that best suit your style!

1. Covet Fashion

Suitable for those who want to dominate the catwalks from an early age, Covet Fashion is inspired by the world of fashion, bringing real brands and clothes.

The better your style score, the more rewards you earn, allowing you to unlock more fashion items for your character. The title can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

Covet Fashion best dress up games

2. Fashion Star Boutique

With a much less realistic style than the previous game, but also based on real fashion items, Fashion Star Boutique was launched in 2012 and remains active today!

As such, it brings the opportunity for its players to create their own dresses for the game’s models, who also have their own tastes and needs. It’s only available for iOS.

3. Hollywood Star

More of a celebrity simulator than the other games on this list, Hollywood Star brings much of what is imagined to be the life of a star.

You will create your own character, defining your style and clothes, starting to climb the steps of stardom, participating in films, commercials, meeting with great artists, and, of course, running away from the paparazzi! Hollywood Star can be played on iOS devices and is one of the best and more complete dress up games.

4. Style Me Girl

As if playing with dolls, Style Me Girl brings three-dimensional characters to create your style. It is one of the most complete titles on the list, as it also brings challenges to players.

In them, you will receive instructions on which style to adopt and must dress the character according to the requests, sending them to photo sessions and scoring according to the chosen look. Check out more of Style Me Girl on the App Store or Amazon, one of the best Google Play Store alternatives.

5. Pretty Ballerina

In addition to one of the best games to dress up, Pretty Ballerina also allows you to create ballet choreographies for your characters. The game has three stages: the first in which you create the dance that your dancer will perform, the second in which you dress her according to the performance and the presentation itself at the end.

But be careful because your dancer can also get hurt if it gets too intense! Check out more about Pretty Ballerina on Android, as well as on iOS devices.

6. Music Idol

From the same producer as Pretty Ballerina, Music Idol is for those who prefer to create styles and choreographies in a more “rebellious” way.

Instead of ballet steps, it is possible to put your character to rehearse, in addition to preparing her look before the big show, personalizing clothes, accessories, and instruments that she will use, making it one of the best and most creative dress up games. Download it from the Play Store or the App Store.

7. Nikki UP2U

In the style of Japanese cartoons – or anime for the most intimate – Nikki UP2U uses the mechanics of dress up games to tell a story to its players.

The game contains a number of different styles and combinations, allowing you to create your own to face the challenges of the game. Nikki UP2U can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

Nikki UP2U best dress up games

8. Mall Girl

If you are short on cash, at least in Mall Girl it is possible to pretend to be wealthy and spend it on shopping at the mall. You can easily find all sorts of clothes and try on them.

That is in addition to going to beauty salons, adjusting the hairstyle and makeup used by your character. Mall Girl is available only on iOS, and it even lets you adopt a pet dog to accompany you for the ride.

9. Model Story

Mixing management games with one of the best dress up games ever made, Model Story puts you in charge of a modeling agency. Here, you will not only create a character.

Instead, it will be necessary to manage the look of several other ones, sending them to fashion shows. You will personalize their look, put them on photo shoots and have challenges to overcome in order to improve the types of clothing available to your agency. Download it from the App Store.

10. Beauty Idol

Also inspired by anime, Beauty Idol mixes dress up games with RPGs, as if it were a “fashion RPG”. This means that you will create your character and will be able to guide your story, making you become a music star, try life in cinemas and theaters or as a supermodel.

For that, you will be able to score new jobs and get new clothes and accessories, improving the style of your character as it rises to stardom. Beauty Idol is exclusive for iOS devices.

Beauty Idol best dress up games

11. CocoPPa Play

Being able to create up to three models, CocoPPa Play brings a more childlike look compared to most of the games listed here. In addition to assembling the look of your dolls, it is possible to prepare a show, choosing the choreographies they will use.

It is one of the few dress up games with a “farm” mode, which allows you to raise sheep to make new clothes. The game has a mission system that unlocks new items regularly. It can be played on Android and iOS.

12. Shopping Mall Girl

Not to be confused with Mall Girl, as they are different games. However, they do share a really similar premise, so if you like one, you’ll like the other. In Shopping Mall Girl, you’ll do much more than just strolling through stores and spending virtual money on clothes.

You can also participate in beauty contests, giving a more competitive tone, allowing you to see other competitions, and casting your vote. The title can be downloaded from the App Store or from Google Play and it is one of the best dress up games available.

Which dress up games do you think are the best?

With a good variety of styles, tell us: which of these games did you find the coolest to play or present to someone you know? Which of these did you find the most interesting? Comment down below, and don’t forget to also check out the best online truck games!