How to make money on Instagram in 2022!

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We can no longer say that Instagram is a great novelty, as it maintains the position of one of the most used social networks in the world. Already established and with a user base reaching the billions, competition has become fiercer. But that’s not to say it’s impossible to learn how to make money on Instagram right now.

Even though there are other options to make money on the internet – such as creating websites or opening a YouTube video channel – Instagram is one of the social medias with the most content possibilities that you can take advantage of. See below the types of publications you can make on the network.

  • Posts with an image in the feed;
  • Posts with several images in the feed;
  • Videos of up to 1 minute in the feed;
  • Videos longer than 1 minute on IGTV, but with previews that can be placed in the feed;
  • Instagram Stories;
  • Live broadcasts.

That is, you have ample freedom to publish what you have to say in any of these formats so you can make money on Instagram later this year. Before that, though, you need to build a following.

For that reason, let’s start this article by showing you some foundations you need to create to gain followers on Instagram. These will be the first steps before learning some of the top strategies on how to make money on Instagram before the year is over.

Stay with us and prepare your notebook to start sketching your tactics and make extra income with your Insta profile!

1. Create a professional and optimized description

Your Instagram description is the gateway for many users to assess whether it’s a good idea to start following you. When they hit the follow button, they will have taken the first step towards purchasing your products.

That’s why it’s interesting to have an Instagram bio that looks professional. In this article, we’ll show you some Instagram bio ideas that can serve as inspiration.

In addition, it is necessary that you enter your contact information, especially if you choose to sell services through the platform. It can also include a link to a page of yours, either the homepage of your website or a WhatsApp link, for example.

Tip: Have more than one interesting page to promote, but are you stuck by the limitation of just one link? Then meet, a tool that allows you to place multiple links on your profile. Go to the page to start using it for free!

Apptuts bio make money on Instagram

2. Build your audience profile

One of the first lessons to learn when working from home on the internet is that, even before starting your business properly, it is necessary to build the profile of your audience. We are not speaking in a generic way, separating them only by age and gender, for example.

Online success depends on hitting a niche with a good amount of audience, but also being profitable. This goes for anyone learning how to make money on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok or any other social media.

This niche is identified through its interests and issues. That is, your content and product must reach one of these points to catch the attention of users who belong to this niche.

If you’re selling a product you’ve always been interested in, you can start discovering your niche according to your own characteristics.

3. Have a consistent content strategy

Another important tip, regardless of the online platform where you choose to distribute your content, is consistency. Instagram receives a massive amount of posts daily, all vying for the public’s attention. If you don’t have consistency and stop posting, then you will hardly get followers on Instagram.

The best way to achieve this consistency is to develop processes and habits that will facilitate planning and execution. See the list below with a small step by step to achieve this.

  • Have a notepad or note-taking app on your phone and jot down ideas for posts that come up;
  • Then create a posting calendar and distribute those ideas;
  • Take the ideas that come up and create the content in advance. It helps to create them all at once and schedule them as you finish creating them.

For this last step, we recommend using tools to schedule posts. Even though it is possible to do the scheduling natively on a computer, some platforms make it easy to view content through their own calendar.

In this sense, we indicate Grow Social as a good alternative. It allows you to schedule posts in your feed, which are automatically published on the day and time you set. The app also has automatic interactions to gain new followers and has its own tool to analyze your performance on the social network.

So click on the link to try Grow Social for FREE for 3 days!

Grow Social make money on Instagram

These are the three pillars for expanding your Instagram following. In this way, you will soon start to be able to close your first sales and get the hang of how to make money on Instagram.

If you have extra money to invest in the business, we also recommend that you study about sponsored ads. When well configured and targeted, these ads will allow you to reach more users on the network, allowing you to increase your followers or sales.

Automation on Instagram: what is it?

A few paragraphs ago, we mentioned Grow Social, a tool that schedules posts. We also mentioned its automatic interactions functionality. How do they work?

One of the ways to expand your follower base is by interacting on the network, liking, commenting and following users who may be interested in your content. Grow Social and other tools can help you achieve that goal, while saving a few hours or minutes out of your day.

Grow Social is not the only tool capable of this. We have an article that can help you out where we talk about the best scheduling apps for Instagram.

4. Sell sponsored posts as an influencer

When we talk about this social network, it is almost impossible to get rid of the influencer image on Instagram. Therefore, it is legitimate to mention this career so that you can make money on Instagram this year.

With this career, you depend on your content and the loyal followers of your personal brand. By adhering to the title, you exert influence, being able to use it to recommend products to the niche in which you work.

There is no shortage of companies looking for digital influencers to promote their brands and boost their sales. You can be the influencer they are looking for!


5. Affiliate Marketing

Relying solely on sponsored posts can be problematic, especially if there aren’t many companies in your niche that are looking for this professional profile. But there is an alternative, especially for those who already use Linktree alternatives to put more than one link in their profile.

That option is affiliate marketing. In it, companies or professionals that sell products enable influencers to generate a sales link. When a follower clicks on that link and makes a purchase, the influencer receives a commission for helping with the sale.

Since the link is always on your profile, you can use affiliations as a way to generate recurring income. Another alternative for those who already have more than 10,000 followers on Instagram is to use a link in Stories and highlight them in the bio.

6. Instagram Close Friends list

Despite some controversy, your Instagram Close Friends list can also become a source of income for your business as a digital influencer.

This restricted list allows you to place only a few followers, who will have access to exclusive content that you post there. You can sell a monthly subscription that allows those followers to access this content.

After all, it’s worth remembering that the audience follows you because of your content. In other words, your content is valuable and there’s nothing wrong with selling it, as long as you keep posting free posts for the general base.

However, the Close Friends list doesn’t have the best interface to manage it natively. Grow Social, which we’ve already mentioned previously in this article, can help you with that. So click on the link to try Grow Social for FREE for 3 days!

Grow Social features make money on Instagram

7. Selling products on Instagram Shopping

Another interesting but useful tool for brands selling consumer products is Instagram Shopping. Through it, you can tag products that you post in your feed or Insta Stories.

These tags can be clicked, taking your follower to a sales page, where the buyer can pay and receive their product a few days later.

Using Instagram Shopping and selling through Instagram is simple, but requires a few essential steps. The first one is to have a Fan Page with a store on Facebook.

Your catalog must be sent to that store and then you will be able to place the Instagram Shopping tags. In addition, you also need a page where your followers can pay for the product.

If you’re still learning how to make money on Instagram and you’re having a hard time setting up these services, there’s an easier solution.

Shopify is an online store platform that offers the service of creating a Fan Page, store and Facebook catalog, leaving everything configured for you to sell through Instagram Shopping.

You will also be able to create payment pages and even have a website to sell directly, allowing you to diversify the platforms you use to sell your products.

8. Sale of services

Even if you can’t use Instagram Shopping to sell services – it’s only for items that can be shipped via the Post Office! -, service providers can also offer their services on Insta.

You can use Instagram Direct and its quick replies, which speed up the service. You can do all the service scheduling and customer follow-up directly through the tool.

Regarding content, you can use your profile to give tips on how to attract the attention of followers. You can also show the day to day of the service, the results that your service provides or even teaching and giving tips that your followers can do at home.

Spreading knowledge and becoming an authority on what you do is an excellent way to get more customers through social media!

Start your Instagram career right now!

Now that you know everything you need to make money on Instagram this year, how about digging a little deeper?

So stay with us for a few more minutes and check out this complete guide with the most used hashtags on Instagram!