10 best Linktree alternatives for your Instagram bio

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Your Instagram bio is an important element for anyone who wants to earn money online. However, even if it is one of the best strategies to gain followers, it is extremely limited and only allows you to include an external link. That is, you must use Linktree or one of its alternatives to include more than one link!

Linktree is the most famous escape for this problem. With it, it will be possible to create a link that directs your followers to a second page with several of your links.

But before creating a Linktree account in a hurry, we invite you to get to know some of these alternatives. Among them, we can highlight:

So, if you want to be able to use multiple links in your Instagram bio, check out our selection of the best Linktree alternatives below!

1. Taplink

Taplink best Linktree alternatives

Taplink is an amazing tool that was developed with the goal of allowing the creation of a small website for the dissemination of as many links as you want so that users can greatly increase the reach of their publications on Instagram!

With Taplink, you’ll be able to use a single link to promote all your other links, be they social networks, WhatsApp, blogs, virtual stores, or anything else. Further, it allows you to add a form or video to give it that special touch.

With the tool, you can tell more about yourself and your products easily, create special offers directly on your Taplink mini-website, create buttons so clients can contact you, and even receive requests and payments online.

The tool offers you statistics on how many clicks each button is receiving, so you can have better control over what is generating engagement, in addition to knowing how many people signed up for your form.

It even lets you customize the page as you wish, adding company colors, your logo, or even the Facebook Pixel to advertise! And all this at a very affordable price!


  • Extremely customizable;
  • Add links, FAQs, pages, and much more;
  • You can create buttons for easy contact;
  • You can add forms and accept payment online;


  • Limited free plan;
  • You need to opt for the most advanced plan for most features


  • Pro plan: $3.00 per month;
  • Business plan: $6.00 per month.

2. Link in Profile

Link in Profile is a landing page tool that leads to different business pages, such as a sales page or blog. It also offers analytics tools, showing you where the clicks came from to see how effective it really is. One benefit is that it works with e-commerce apps like Amazon, WordPress, and Shopify, which makes it easy to use.

3. Campsite.bio

Campsite.bio best Linktree alternatives

Campsite.bio is a tool that allows you to create links to place on any social network. It allows you to customize the links page in the free version. In premium, it also removes the watermark, you can use your own domain, and it brings integrations with email marketing platforms.

4. ContactInBio

One of the most popular best Linktree alternatives, ContactInBio brings a lot of features. It allows you to add a contact form, text blocks, image carousel, buttons, videos, payment links, and even make sales!

5. Tap Bio

In turn, Tap Bio is a very complete tool, even though it is extremely simple. It’s very simple to use, with a smartphone interface even on your desktop. Through the platform, you can add links, videos, Twitter posts, and much more. They also promise to add the possibility of putting your products on  display soon.

6. Lnk.Bio

Lnk.Bio is another very good option that’s very similar to Linktree. With it, you can create a good page, with unlimited links even in the free plan! In addition, it allows Call to Action buttons as you wish and much more.

7. Shorby

Among the best Linktree alternatives, Shorby could not be missing. The tool is complete, allowing you to create a page in a few minutes, including as many links as you want, adding Facebook pixels, and much more. However, it does not have a free version.

8. Bio.fm

One of the most interesting options on the list is Bio.fm, which works as a media aggregator. In it, you can add content from different networks, forms to capture emails and leads, GIFs, links, and much more. And of course, it’s extremely customizable, you can even create your own theme!

9. Tap.link

A very complete option, Tap.link allows the creation of a small website, with many templates, forms, text blocks, and much more, all in the free version. If you want information such as clicks on each link or purchases on the page, you need to get the premium plan.

10. Milkshake

To finish off our list, we have Milkshake, a tool similar to Bio.fm. In it, you can create a website, adding media and content based on the cards offered. Users can use many templates and customize them as they like. The tool is free, but it has a watermark that you can’t remove.

What is Linktree and what is it for?

Linktree is a platform that allows you to create a “mini-site” with multiple links inside that you can add to your Instagram bio to direct visitors to your other pages.

What replaces Linktree?

The best Linktree alternative is AppTuts.bio, a simple and complete tool that allows the user to customize the link and appearance of the page from many themes with ease.

How to use Linktree for free?

To use Linktree for free, just go to the official Linktree website and create a free account there. Afterward, just add all the links you want and put your link in your Instagram bio!

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