iPhone 11 colors: which one should you choose?

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Owning an iPhone is not simply a matter of practicality and good customer service, but also of style. There’s a good reason the iPhone’s camera is one of the best to take great smartphone pictures! For that reason, you have six different iPhone 11 colors from which you can choose, according to your profile.

It’s also worth mentioning just how good the company’s support is, since it can help you out in situations where your iPhone won’t turn on or it won’t charge.

But, after all, which one of the iPhone 11 colors should you choose? For that, take into consideration your personal tastes, as well as some of the details and suggestions we’ll give you. It’s also good that we tell you we’ll be showing a picture of the device for each one of the colors it has!


A color that wasn’t really that popular in the past but that has become a trend in the tech world, if yellow is your favorite color you can count yourself lucky!

In a more pastel tone, this one among the iPhone 11 colors looks like it was meant for the beach. It has a much lighter and discreet look. Check out down below how the yellow variant looks like!

Yellow iPhone 11 colors


The classic iPhone color simply had to take a spot in this list. If you’re a long-time fan of Apple’s smartphones, this is likely the color among the iPhone 11 colors you just can’t give up on, even though there are so many options.

For those who already know the brand, this is the color they’ll most likely choose. On the other hand, it’s worth keeping in mind that electronic devices in this color tend to get a yellow tint as time passes.

Considering just how good the iPhone 11’s hardware still is, it’s likely you will keep it for at least a couple of years, so you also need to take that into account. Check out down below how the traditional white variant looks like!



Did you come from a black Android smartphone and, even though you’re jumping ship, you still prefer the black color? Well, you can rest easy, since one of the iPhone 11 colors available is black!

Other than that, the black color is by far one of the best, since it hides dirt, fingerprints, scratches, and even smaller cracks, making it look like new, even if you’re not the most careful person when handling your phone.

Check out down below how the black variant of the iPhone 11 looks like!

Black iPhone 11 colors


Another simpler tonality, the green iPhone 11 also gives the same levity vibe that the yellow one does. This is due to its lighter tonality, making it a bit more discreet.

On the other hand, it’s worth mentioning that this color doesn’t really hide scratches, bumps, and bruises, which will render it somewhat uglier looking after a few years, no matter how careful you are.

Check out the green iPhone 11 down below!



We’ve spoiled the iPhone 11’s purple version in the previous image, where we showed two of the iPhone 11 colors available. This is the perfect balance between the lighter tones such as green and yellow, but not looking that light.

The color is ideal for those who want to bring attention to themselves when using the device, but not something that’s too flashy. Its levity and its clarity mean that eventual scratches, bumps, and bruises will be evident after a few years of using it.

Tip: Apple’s devices are some of the best smartphones around, but even so you should be particularly careful to avoid making any of the most common iPhone charging mistakes!


The last of the iPhone 11 colors is red. Also available in some of the previous models, this is the ideal variant for those who want something extremely flashy and want the intensity it brings.

In a darker tonality, it will be able to hide quite a few bruises, but not nearly as well as the black version, the best one in these cases.

One of the advantages of this model made in partnership with the Product Red brand is that part of the value you pay for the color is given to a good cause. Originally, it was for institutions dedicated to fighting HIV, but now it’s to fund the combat against COVID-19!

Check out this variant down below

Red iPhone 11 colors

New colors?

Nearly two years after it was released, it’s extremely unlikely that the iPhone 11 will get new colors. After all, we are already at the iPhone 12!

Let us know in the comments if you liked our article and if we helped you out, telling us which one is your favorite color as well. Don’t forget to also check out our guides about what to do if you think you have a dead iPhone and how to extend iPhone battery lifespan!