The top 35 TikTok Challenges you should do in 2022!

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TikTok is one of the best platforms for you to make and share funny videos with any soundtrack you like. This is something you can do using an idea you might have or by following the trending TikTok Challenges.

These challenges tend to be relatively simple to complete, involving typically performing a simple action or dancing to a specific song and then posting to the social media for your followers. If you want to get more popular, we have a list with the best apps to get Instagram followers, many of which can be used on TikTok!

It is worth keeping in mind that, sometimes, you’ll find some dangerous TikTok Challenges (of course, every single challenge we’ve included are safe), so be wary. In particular, one that has made the news is the “benadryl challenge”, one you should not do, as it is potentially extremely harmful.

The best thing you can do is to follow the same thing the other users are doing, include one of the best TikTok hashtags, but try to complete the challenge in a more interesting, cooler, or more fun way than other people have done. We have a few tips on how to stand out on this platform in our how to use TikTok guide, if you’re interested.

Now, we decided to select some of the best and most popular TikTok challenges in the list down below, so that our readers can take part in them and be successful. This way, you’ll be able to have a lot of fun watching them or try to get some inspiration to create your own TikTok videos!

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TikTok challenges introduction

1. School bathroom

In this first challenge, we see a lot of different teens using their school’s bathrooms as a background for their videos. There is no specific song or a particular theme you should go along with other than the location itself.

There are those who will dance, those who will perform a comedy skit, or even those who might sing something in this unexpected location. Maybe because of all of these reasons, this is one of the challenges where you can be the most creative on TikTok.

2. Art challenge

In this challenge, the TikTok users, need to use their videos to showcase their artistic talents online to their followers. All it requires is that you show off a bit of your creative process. That is, some of the steps it takes to create the art you want to show.

There are those who prefer doing something that’s more standard, such as a drawing, but you have to consider that some of the most interesting videos will be about unconventional types and styles of art. This is definitely one of the TikTok Challenges that can surprise the viewers the most.

3. DNA test

Although the name might imply something completely different, the DNA test challenge has nothing to do with taking an actual real test. In this challenge, you’ll use the Truth Hurts song by musician Lizzo and then pretend to be taking a DNA test.

However, instead of finding out if someone is related to you by blood or your ancestry, you will only “find out” a trait that defines you in some way. It might be as a sort of joke or something based in reality, such as your nationality, for example.

4. “Respect the drip”

In this challenge, what’s proposed that you do is choose your weirdest and most unmatching outfit and then show it only from the legs down. Then, the reveal of how it looks as a whole comes in the end of your video, when you’ll film a mirror.

This is one that will work better as a skit of someone frustrated that their step-parent didn’t approve of their clothing style and didn’t know why.

5. “Obsessed”

In the next one among the TikTok Challenges, we see the app’s users using the Obsessed song by musician Mariah Carrey. With the track playing, people will then perform a relatively simple dance with few steps for the camera.

The dance itself can have a lot of variations, which means you can get extremely creative and make it your own. Something interesting to be noted is that Mariah Carrey herself has already done this challenge, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t too.

6. “Beautiful People”

Here we have another one of the TikTok Challenges that make use of a famous song as background music. This time, the one chosen is Beautiful People by singer Ed Sheeran, and the motivation behind this challenge is much sweeter than in the others.

When searching for this challenge in the app, you’ll find videos in which the users show their appreciation for their friends, their family, and all their loved ones. That is, all the Beautiful People in their lives.

7. Fake trip

This is a challenge that has a quite self-explaining name, since in this one you have to try to use pieces of scenery, furniture, and objects from your daily life to make it seem like you’re on a trip. It can be extremely fun to do since it requires you to put your creativity to work!

Of course, the intent is not actually fooling anyone (for more than the duration of the video), but to simply be funny.

8. “Don’t Rush”

In this challenge, the person will show a bit about how they look like when just waking up, without making up for a few seconds. Then, they’ll show an object as if they’re about to start getting ready (such as a hairbrush or a makeup utensil) and suddenly transforms into their prettiest version as if about to leave their house.

Then, they will throw the object they used to get ready, which is in turn caught by the next person who’s going to make this challenge video. Partly because of this, this can be considered one of the most fun to watch challenges, especially if you happen to watch all the videos in the correct order. And, of course, all of this is performed while Don’t Rush is playing!

9. Flip and Switch

This challenge can be extremely funny, even more so if it is done by people who have extremely different styles. In fact, that is one of the reasons many couples do this one among the TikTok Challenges, so you can also try it out this way.

In this challenge, two people will stay in front of a mirror and dance to a song (whichever one they choose). At a certain point in the song, you will then change not only positions, but also what you’re wearing!

10. Fingers challenge

The next challenge might seem to be much simpler, but very few people can do it for a decent amount of time. Here, you’ll have to do a finger gun with one of your hands and point it at your other hand, and hold just four fingers up with it.

The challenge comes by you having to switch up between both hands as quickly as you can. Of course, this will become increasingly difficult as you do it, since not only you can mix something up, your fingers might start cramping!

11. Plank challenge

There are also some who prefer doing challenges that are all about physical exercises on TikTok. The planking challenge, for instance, is one that asks you to do this specific workout to the sound of whatever music you want – check out the most popular artists on Spotify to use on your videos.

A pretty neat part of this one is that you can do this challenge by yourself or with someone by your side, as well.

12. Handshake

This is a perfect challenge for anyone who is a fan of the 1998 movie The Parent Trap, which features a very specific handshake at the beginning of the movie.

The challenge’s premise is simply to recreate this extremely complicated handshake with someone else.

13. Questions and answers

This is one you can try to do with your significant other. In this one, you will get several pre-made questions ready for this specific challenge about your relationship and you have to give your answers by pointing to you or to your partner.

The questions are very simple and don’t require any (too) personal information. For instance, some of them are who started the conversation between you, who initiated the first kiss, and such.

14. You Can Really Dance

This is another very fun option among the TikTok Challenges that you have to do, at the very least, as a pair. In this one, you will choose a song and will dance in a somewhat similar way (don’t worry about choreography), but you have to look like you’re competing against one another.

Something you can do to bring more attention to yourself is to escalate things or try to do more and more ridiculous videos. Many of the most famous TikTok users have done this before, so it is worth a shot.

15. “A-Punk”

This is one of the most classic types of TikTok Challenges there are. After all, it basically just asks that you perform a dance move to a specific song. The chosen track is A-Punk by the Vampire Weekend band.

The step itself is simply raising one leg up and trying to perform a dance, but it is also necessary to swap between them, as well, which in the end makes it a lot harder than it may seem at first glance.

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16. “No Mercy”

For those who like gaming, this might be a really cool music challenge. Even though it’s become deeply disliked by many Overwatch fans due to its extreme popularity which resulted in many people being unable to even stand it anymore.

To sum it up, you will perform a duet of the No Mercy song by The Living Tombstone, simulating a conversation between two players who are in an Overwatch match. The song itself is quite good, but the challenge ended up becoming memetized.

17. Stairs challenge

This is one of the most difficult and hardest to complete TikTok Challenges you’ll find in our list, and largely because of this we do not recommend that everyone tries doing it.

In this one, the user who wants to do it has to go up some stairs while dancing on their side, which is somewhat dangerous, particularly if you’re not well-coordinated or an experienced dancer. Check out the best workout apps to get fit in no time!

18. Gummy challenge

This challenge is much more fun than it actually is challenging to do, since all it requires that the users to is to use gummies (in many different animal shapes) to simulate an Adele concert.

You use one of the gummies to represent the singer and several others to play the part of the audience. Then, the video will start off with “Adele” singing the Someone Like You song, but with the gummy-audience singing the end.

19. Sharing your work

This is definitely one of the coolest TikTok Challenges on our list. It doesn’t require the user to perform any sort of dance moves, skits, or honestly pretty much anything we typically see on the app.

Instead of all that, people are simply sharing a video showing a little bit of what it is they do, exactly, at their jobs. It is really something interesting to see, especially because you’ll find out about some very uncommon jobs.

20. Shoe challenge

The shoe challenge is much more entertaining to watch than to actually do, in most cases. Here, the TikTok user will show up sitting on the floor, wearing an outfit, and with some music playing.

Following the beat of the song, they will put on and remove their shoes in front of the camera, and every time they do it, they have to be wearing a totally different outfit!

21. Hit or Miss

This is definitely one of the best TikTok Challenges if you want to embarrass yourself in public. In this one, the person doing the challenge will yell the phrase “Hit or Miss” and then wait to see if anyone there answers.

If they get a response, that will mean there is another TikTok user close by who knows about the challenge. If they don’t, well, just act as if nothing has transpired!

22. Grandparents challenge

With the potential of being one of the cutest TikTok Challenges on our list, in the grandparents challenge you have to get your grandparents to be a part of your TikTok video, usually by doing some sort of dance.

The coolest part is that the grandparents that are in the already uploaded videos do indeed look like they’re having a blast much more than simply doing something to please their grandkids.

23. Young grandparents

Another great challenge that is all about the TikTok user’s grandparents is simply showing them off when they were younger. All you need to do is to upload a photo of how they look like right now and then many of when they were younger.

Not only is this very fun to see, if you do it you’re gonna get that little bit closer to them!

24. Duets

Although it is not that specific, this is one of the types of TikTok Challenges that most people take part in, even today. All you have to do is to find a song that has a duet in it and then sing it with someone else.

This is something you can do when both of you are together, by doing a FaceTime call with your friend or even simply recording individual videos, each for a singer.

Tip: You might even want to add text to videos made this way, to help people follow to the lyrics!

25. Karma

Even though it is not so obvious, even more so because it is so short, this challenge is a way to show how someone who was considered ugly can become extremely beautiful. For that, the user will show themselves messy and with simple, comfortable clothes.

Then, using any cloth (a blanket, a towel, a sheet), they will “wipe” the camera and reveal a much more made-up version of themselves right after.

26. Dressed up animals

Of course, you should never force an animal to wear any clothes that make them feel uncomfortable (that means, no dressing up your cats!). Luckily, this is not the case in these TikTok videos.

In these videos, the app’s users will show off their dogs in funny and cute clothes while some music plays!

27. Cosplay

It’s not brand new information that doing cosplays is a popular thing, but dressing up as a fictional character while singing a song has seen a lot of growth on TikTok and is one of the best challenges you can do. The best recommendation we have for you is that you sing a song related to the cosplay you’re wearing.

28. Prank Wars challenge

Videos where people prank each other have been popular for quite a while now. And on TikTok, the most interesting challenge involving this is when people will do prank wars with one another (but remember, only do things that have been agreed upon).

It is possible to do it in a single video, with several pranks one right after the other, or if you prefer you can upload several videos where the prank victim will take revenge on the prankster and so on.

29. Eating their own fingers

For some reason, the challenge where people pretend that they’re eating their own fingers has become a huge hit on TikTok. Some do it in a very simple way, while others put a lot of effort into it and even show how they prepare or season their fingers.

This is something that first became popular way back when TikTok was still known as, and, believe it or not, people are still doing this challenge.

30. eGirls making up

eGirls are one of the biggest phenomenons on TikTok, and so we had to include at least one of the challenges they like to do. Typically, you will see girls dressed in a pretty normal/usual way, only to then transform into a stereotypical eGirl.

That means a much more elaborate outfit, colorful hair – check out the best apps to change hair color – with a good style, heavy makeup, and more. The challenge can also be made by an eGirl transforming into something else.

31. Lipstick challenge

This challenge has a pretty simple premise, but it in fact is quite hard to do. Here, all you need is to spread lipstick on a fine line in the middle of your lip, and then spread it over the rest of your lips in few seconds.

It quickly went viral among men, women, and everyone else, and most people ended up making more of a mess than anything else.

32. Rotation

Here we have another challenge example that does seem to be simple, but isn’t so in practice. It asks that the user starts recording themselves in front of a mirror and then rotate their phone as much as they can.

It’s another one that went viral, since people wanted to show off how much they managed to rotate their phones effortlessly.

33. Masculine transformation

This is a challenge done by more feminine TikTok users who want to show off how well they can pull off a “male” stereotype. They start with their usual looks and then show their best imitation of what a “man” should look like. They change everything, including outfit, hairstyles, accessories, and more!

34. Shoe change

This challenge is very similar to the shoe challenge we’ve talked about previously in our list. The difference is that instead of changing your entire outfit when placing the shoe on the camera, you will just change your shoes.

It’s a good way for you to show off all your shoe collection in a short amount of time, particularly neat if you have many different styles of shoes!

35. Eating to the beat

This is a good TikTok challenge for anyone who really enjoys eating. After all, it requires that you eat anything you want to the beat of whatever song you want as background to your video.

It might take a while to actually pull it off, so prepare a good stock of food!

Did you like the TikTok Challenges?

So, did you already know all of these TikTok Challenges? Did you take part in any of them? Leave a comment letting us know and giving us suggestions, and don’t forget to also check out the most popular Instagram hashtags, all our Instagram bio ideas, and even learn the best ways to make money online!

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