7 best apps to change hair color in 2022!
7 best apps to change hair color in 2022!
7 best apps to change hair color in 2022!

7 best apps to change hair color in 2022!

Brunette, blond or ginger might be the most common hair colors nowadays, but they’re far from being the only ones. Hair colors out of the ordinary are becoming more common as the days go by, and it is almost impossible that you aren’t at least curious. But how would your hair look with a more different hair color? Have you ever wondered about that? If so, checking out all the best apps to change your hair color might be a good idea!

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To help you figure out how your hair looks best, with the ability to pick and choose what color you want, we have selected all the best apps that change your hair color, making it easier to choose one. Remember, the apps listed here might be Android-exclusive, iPhone-exclusive or work for both platforms!

1. ChouChou Virtual Hair Try-On

The first among the best apps you can use to change your hair color is ChouChou, an iPhone-exclusive app. It does more than just changing colors, though, allowing you to try out several different haircuts.

If you’re a fan of Japanese culture. ChouChou might be even more appealing: the app was created by a beauty salon franchise in Tokyo to test the hair cuts and dyes they want to perform and use on their clients.

Which means that, beyond testing new colors, it is always up to date about hair trends in Japan. The whole process is done via a 3D representation of your face. Check out more on App Store!

ChouChou Virtual Hair Try-On

2. Hair Color Dye

Now this is an app specific for changing the hair colors. To use Hair Color Dye, you just need to upload a picture of yourself, select the area where your hair is and choose the color you want to try out.

It is really easy to use and has may features from photo editors, allowing the users to erase or undo any mistakes made when testing. It is worth noting that you can share your results on email or on social media. Remember, sharing your hair experiments could be a great post idea on Instagram!

Hair Color Dye is another iOS exclusive app, which is available by following the link.

3. Hairstyle Makeover

If you’re reading this, you most likely are looking for apps to change the color of your hair. If you’re not, however, that’s not a problem. Hairstyle Makeover might be the perfect solution for you.

That is because this app brings many different hair styles and colors that work for anyone, of any gender. besides that, it also offers beard and mustache options so that you can customize and try other colors.

Just like the other apps in this list, all you need to do is upload your photo, choose the hairstyle and color and see the result, which you can then share on any social network. Follow the link to download this iPhone-exclusive app.

4. YouCam Makeup

Using augmented reality technology, YouCam Makeup is an app that works whether you wish to try different colors for your hair or if you want to try out many virtual makeup styles.

Due to the technology it uses, the color models and the haircut styles is as close to reality as it can get, making it easier when you take to your hair salon the style you want. It also comes with some great filters so that you can take perfect selfies. YouCam Makeup can be downloaded for Android and for iPhone.

5. Hair Color Changer

With a pretty straightforward name, Hair Color Changer has an exclusive focus on coloring your hair. The app has a huge variety of hair colors, also allowing you to create more colorful stripes, ideal for those who want to color locks in different colors.

The app also makes it easier for you to edit your images with basic tools to undo actions, adjust image blurring and change the size of the brush you use to make the modifications in more specific points of your hair. Download Hair Color Changer for iPhone by following the link.

Hair Color Changer apps to change hair color

6. Hair Color Booth

Even though there’s a serious lack of creativity when making up names for the apps to change hair color, Hair Color Booth is one that brings a lot of great tools when testing out new colors.

Just like the previous option, this app also lets you color specific parts of your hair, ideal if you don’t want to dye your entire hair, but only a few locks. Another exclusive for Apple’s smartphones, Hair Color Booth lets you share your tests on social media and can be downloaded on App Store!

7. Style My Hair

Finally, we have Style My Hair, an app created by L’Oréal itself, one of the biggest cosmetics and hair products companies in the world. Style My Hair has one of the largest color palettes and, since it is made by a hair products company, you can also make your tests a reality.

One of the unique functionalities found in this app is the possibility of taking comparative pictures. That is, you can compare your current hair color and style with  the one you’re testing in the app. You can also see how your hair looks if you were to apply techniques such as Ombré Hair, among others.

The best part is that it is available on all mobile platforms, whether you are an Android or an iPhone user!

Style My Hair apps to change hair color

Which one of the apps to change your hair color have you used?

Even though iPhone has more options, the apps that are available for Android are pretty great at helping you choose your new hairstyle. Let us know what colors you want to use and tell us what is your favorite app. Don’t forget to check out our list with the best dating apps for you to use!

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