The 20 best workout apps available in 2023!

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Fitting your workouts into your routine is no easy task. Work, studies, and household chores are things that make themselves ever more present in our daily lives. To help you with the task that is exercising, we have selected some of the best workout apps.

They usually offer sets that you can do in small amounts of time. Other than that, they adapt to your needs and your availability.

It is worth noting that they don’t replace a PE professional, such as a personal trainer, serving only as a basic guide to keeping your workouts up to date. There are even apps that help to work specific areas of your body, such as your legs or that help you do push-ups.

In this article, we will show you all the best options among the workout apps, which can be used for general exercises, runs, walks, or to tone specific parts of your body.

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Check out our full list down below and choose your favorites!

1. Nike Training Club

One of the most used workout apps in the world, Nike Training Club is also one of the most complete, with around 150 options for you to work out, all of which are accompanied by video instructions.

These sets are divided into several difficulty levels, which means you can use them in case you’re starting your fitness lifestyle or if you’re already a regular member of a gym. The app also has a strong community in all the largest cities around the globe, with in-person events for users.

The app has workout routines inspired by the ones that some well-known celebrities use, such as Michael B. Jordan and tennis player Serena Williams, among others. Download the app for your Android or iOS device to start working out right now!

Nike Training Club best workout apps

2. Freeletics

Meant to help you work out at home without using any weights or stationary bicycles, all you need to do is download the app which will present you with sets that use only the weight of your body.

Freeletics is also among the best workout apps and is one of the most popular anywhere. It brings you high-intensity training but always keeps in mind the beginners. The app has personalized workout plans that improve in quality the longer you use it.

It also has a huge variety of options to do workouts, with about 1000 sit-up variations, exercises for your butt or to lose weight. Learn more about Freeletics on Android or on iOS.

freeletics best workout apps

3. Sworkit

Another app that promises to work around your routine is Sworkit. When opening it up for the first time, it will ask you which kind of workout you want to do and how much time you have available for that in your day.

After that, it will create your personalized set. This is one of the workout apps most focused on those who know best what kind of training they need but helping along the path of creating the workout habit. Download Sworkit on App Store or on Google Play.sworkit health best workout apps

4. Peloton

By far one of the best workout apps is Peloton, which is compatible with a myriad of platforms including Android, iPhone, iPad, and Chromecast among many others. It offers you a huge choice of workouts to do, recording your activities so that you can easily track your progress.

It is particularly great for its spin sessions that are led by professional coaches live. They also offer workouts that don’t require any equipment (or very little), making using them particularly easy. Go to Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store to download.

peloton best workout apps

5. Google Fit

You don’t need to search deep in Google’s or Apple’s app store for a solution to accompany you in your workouts, since Google Fit already does the job quite well.

Unlike the previous apps mentioned in this list, Google Fit was not made to suggest new workouts for you, but to journal your own. On the app, you can see how long you’ve been moving around and track how well your goals are progressing.

It also offers you tips on how to better take advantage of the workouts you’re doing and gives you suggestions of goals based on your activity. Even though it is a Google app, you can download Google Fit both on Android and iOS.

Google Fit best workout apps

6. 7 Minute Workout

Using a scientific principle when making the app, 7 Minute Workout brings along 12 different types of high-intensity workouts, which are performed during 30 seconds with a 10-second interval. This training is equivalent to a full hour of lower-intensity workouts!

Because of that, it is particularly recommended for those who don’t have much time available. It is worth noting that the 12 training options come with instructions and don’t require any gym equipment. Learn more about 7 Minute Workout on its Play Store or its App Store pages.

7 minute workout best workout apps

7. Workout Trainer

This voice personal trainer also helps make life easier for those who need to work out at home. Workout Trainer is one of the best workout apps that don’t require you to have any sort of equipment and is adjustable accordingly to how fit you are.

It comes with several different workout methodologies, which is ideal for those who wish to experiment to find out the ones that work best for them. The 7-minute workout, available in the previous app, is among them. Workout Trainer can be downloaded both on iOS and on Android.

workout trainer best workout apps

8. Adidas Running

Is your goal running or going on walks in order to lose weight? Adidas Running might be the best option among the workout apps available. Particularly focused on these long-duration exercises, the app lets you monitor your runs. It shows information such as the distance you’ve run and how long you’ve been running for.

It also brings workout suggestions and goals for you to achieve, making it easier for you to focus when you’re choosing how your training is going to go down. Download Adidas Running on your Android or iOS device.

running best workout apps

9. Fiit

Fiit is a great app that you can use if you want to connect with personal trainers anywhere in the world instead of using an app to work out alone. Fiit brings lessons in many different languages and different types of workouts, whether you want to do weight lifting, runs, or even yoga.

One of the best things about this app is that you can connect it to your TV by using your Wi-Fi so that you can watch the workout lessons on the big screen. Fiit is available for both Android and iOS.


10. Asana Rebel

Are you a yoga fan but you tend to prefer doing something with a bit more movement or that is more focused on one body part? Asana Rebel could exactly what you’re looking for.

It brings to you several workout packages according to your goals, be they burning fat, improving flexibility, or getting stronger. The app brings instructional videos so that you can do the workouts better, also allowing you to track your progress. Download Asana Rebel on Android or iPhone!

Asana Rebel best workout apps

11. 30 Day Fitness Challenge – Workout at Home

This is another one of the workout apps that follow one of the best methodologies, the 7-minute workouts. You can easily create your own 30-day challenge, which is ideal to set in stone the habit of working out.

It comes with notifications to remind you to train, also helping you to track your progress and bringing to you instructional videos with each exercise. You can also do specific challenges, such as toning your legs. 30-Day Fitness Challenge can be downloaded on iPhone’s App Store or Android’s Google Play Store.

30 day fitness best workout apps

12. Fitness Point

Fitness Point doesn’t come with many news or differences when compared to the other apps in this list. It allows you to create your own workout plan or use already existing models in the app. It also records and shows your progress.

Its workout collection comes with text descriptions and animations teaching you how to perform them. Other than that, it also specifies the exact muscle groups that a workout is for. See more about Fitness Point on its page for Android or iOS.

fitness point best workout apps

13. Pocket Yoga

If you prefer doing yoga, Pocket Yoga is the ideal app for you, perfect for those who can’t afford a private instructor. This app guides your entire session, all you need to do is place it right in front of your mat.

Pocket Yoga has about 150 postures distributed in 27 lessons, appropriate for different levels of knowledge about yoga. This app is so complete that you can find even the proper breathing for each exercise. Learn more about it on App Store or on Play Store.

pocket yoga best workout apps

14. Runkeeper

Are you into outdoor running? Then perhaps Runkeeper is the best choice for you! With Runkeeper, you can keep your own profile and keep track of all of your statistics, not to mention you also have access to workout plans made to fit your routine.

Runkeeper also features a premium version with prescribed workouts and progress insights, in case you want to invest the money in getting better feedback. Download it for Android or for iOS!


15. Daily Yoga

Just like Pocket Yoga, this app is ideal for anyone who doesn’t have the availability to go to classes. Daily Yoga’s difference from its alternative is that with it you can create a good habit of consistently practicing, which nets it a spot among the best workout apps.

It also brings a larger variety of lessons and postures for you to practice. You can easily create workout plans according to your goals and yoga knowledge. Daily Yoga can be synchronized with Google Fit and is available on iPhone and on Android.

Daily Yoga best workout apps

16. Six Pack in 30 Days

Another workout app that works to help you best create a habit is Six Pack in 30 Days, one that promises you a quite out-there promise: that you’ll have a six-pack in 30 days!

It also brings two ambitious goals for you to choose from: losing belly fat or a hard-as-a-rock abdomen. From there, it will then create a 30-day plan for you to reach this goal.

The app brings you several videos and animations showing you how to perform each exercise and sends you notifications so that you never forget to do your sit-ups. Download it on your phone or tablet, whether it is Android or iOS!

six pack in 30 days best workout apps

17. Lose Belly Fat at Home

From the same developers as Lose Belly Fat at Home and 30-Day Fitness Challenge, in this app, the main goal is to lose belly fat. The app’s mission is to make it so that you can lose all the fat you want with exercises that last only 10 minutes every day.

It brings different workouts according to the user’s experience and ability. You can sync it with Apple Health, and track your fat loss progress and you don’t even need to buy anything else for that. Learn more about this app on its Play Store or its App Store pages!

Lose Belly Fat at Home

18. Fitbit

Fitbit is an app that works as a virtual trainer. It means that the app will register your activities and will recommend workout plans according to how much you’re training daily and which exercises you’re doing.

That is, Fitbit can be considered one of the best workout apps, being one of the most complete on this list. It also allows you to personalize your workout times and brings a great variety of exercises so that you don’t feel like you’ve entered a routine.

One of the best things about it is that it lets you listen to music online, meaning that you don’t need to use any of the best free music download websites or websites to download YouTube videos. Install Fitbit on your Android or iOS device right now!


19. BTFIT: Online Personal Trainer

Originally created by a large Brazilian gym network, BTFIT: Online Personal Trainer can easily be considered an extension of your gym. You can access lessons about functional training with an instructor and other participants.

This sort of tool is ideal so that you don’t feel lonely when working out. The lessons tend to last about 20 minutes each and come with a large variety of activities, such as ballet, yoga, and cardio dance, among many others.

One of the biggest advantages of this app is that you can also hire an online personal trainer, which is great for those who don’t really enjoy socializing. Download BTFIT on App Store or on Play Store.


20. Home Workout

To close off our list with the best workout apps we have Home Workout, an app that specializes in offering all sorts of workouts without any equipment. It lets you create general and localized workout routines, whether you want to focus on your abdomen, legs, arms, or your full body.

On the app, you’ll also find warm-up workouts and stretches to lessen the exercise’s negative impact on your body and avoid lesions. You can customize your session and receive notifications as a reminder to go practice. Download Home Workout on your Android or iOS device!


Which one of the best workout apps do you use?

Now that you’ve seen our full list of recommendations, start testing your favorite alternatives and move your body. We hope you find one that perfectly suits your needs and if so, share this article with friends ho also want to workout! Don’t forget that working out is one of the best ways to improve your chances when using any of the best dating apps!