The 31 best study apps for your phone and your computer!

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Many people find it difficult to study in a more traditional way, but this can be easily circumvented by using any of the best study apps or websites. Currently, there are many different options through which you can study languages and subjects of all kinds on any of your devices.

If you want to know which ones of these apps are really worthwhile, just check out our main suggestions in the list down below!

1. MathBoard

MathBoard is suitable for those who want to improve their knowledge in mathematics, as it is an app specifically focused on this subject.

In addition to addressing many important themes and concepts, the app also provides several types of exercises for you to put your learning into practice. It can be downloaded by following this link.


2. Human Anatomy Atlas

Human Anatomy Atlas is a great application for those who need to learn more about the human body, as its own name already indicates.

It teaches more about several terms related to the body and its locations, which is great for health students, for example. You can download it for Android or for iOS and, while it might be an expensive app, it really is quite worthwhile.

3. TED

It is very likely that you already know or at least have heard about TED, as the lectures named “TED Talks” are very popular around the world. And, of course, it has what is one of the best study apps around, letting you keep track of them easily.

There is a vast range of subjects you can learn more about on this platform, including pretty much anything you can think about. If you are curious about it, just follow this link.

4. Reading Trainer

A good way to improve your study is to start reading and interpreting texts much more quickly. Reading Trainer is an app that can help you with just that, even more so if you use it every day!

The app has several specific exercises to help you read quickly and retain the information contained in the questions easily, not letting anything behind. Download it on the Play Store.

5. Duolingo

Even those who have left school for a long time can start to study another language at some point. To reinforce your studies, you can use Duolingo, the best of the apps to study for learning languages. And if you like teaching languages, it can also work as one of the best remote work websites for you!

It uses a much more interesting system for learning almost any language, working almost like a game. As such, the user always ends up coming back to do the exercises and learn something new. Check it out right now!

Duolingo best study apps

6. Maths Formulas Free

Maths Formulas Free is one of the best applications for those who have difficulties with mathematics, as it brings several formulas and calculations for you to learn more efficiently.

All the topics it has to offer are very well explained and you even have exercises to understand everything in a simpler way. Follow this link to download it.

7. Stellarium

Stellarium is a great app for those who love astronomy and want to learn more about it, as well as those who really need to study the subject efficiently and thoroughly, making it one of the best study apps you can find anywhere.

It uses augmented reality technology to give students more practical examples, which already makes the subject much more fun and interactive, and easy to understand. Go to the official website to learn more and start using it on any computer.

8. My Class Schedule

There are people who just can’t do their tests and exercises in an efficient manner, especially when it comes to managing their time for each question.

The My Class Schedule app is perfect in those scenarios, letting its users create a well-defined routine of study hours and what subjects they will be dealing with every day. You can download it by following this link.

9. Semper

Semper is a great app for those who want to improve their logical thinking, so it is not a study platform nearly as conventional or typical as the others on our list.

Even so, it has many exercises and questions about general knowledge, other languages, and math, for instance, while being particularly geared towards learning languages. If you’re curious about it, just go to the Play Store!

10. Wattpad

Wattpad is a very interesting alternative among the best study apps, and it works more like an ebook reader, which is great for those who need to read specific books while studying but don’t have a proper e-reader such as a Kindle.

This way, you don’t have to carry the physical versions everywhere and still have the advantage of reading whenever you have some free time. You can download it by going to the official website.

Wattpad best study apps

11. Udemy

Udemy is an amazing platform for online courses that’s been featured among the best money-making apps for teachers. Here, you can find all sorts of subjects in pretty much any category you can think of.

The interesting thing is that any institution, company, or individual can upload their courses and classes to this service, which will ensure a lot of diversity. You can learn more about the platform on its official website, where you can even acquire some free courses!

12. SpeakingPal

SpeakingPal is a great application for anyone who wants to learn to speak English. As an upside when compared to similar tools, it has a much greater focus on conversation than just theoretical exercises, making it easily one of the best apps to study English and one of the best language exchange apps.

The cool thing is that it provides several videos with people chatting for you to become familiar with the language without relying on subtitles, for example. The only downside is that it only lets you learn English. You can download the app on the Play Store or on the App Store.

13. King of Math Junior

Another great application for those who have difficulties with mathematics is the King of Math Junior, an app that’s much more suitable for children than teenagers or adults.

The app works pretty much like a game and offers several challenges in the form of problems and mathematical calculations for children to solve.  You can download it for free for Android and for iOS!

14. Coursera

Coursera consists of a platform that offers several classes (both free and paid) provided by universities from all around the world, covering a myriad of different subjects and skills.

You can find over 100 distinct colleges and universities registered on Coursera, including the biggest names, such as USP from Brazil, Oxford from the UK, and many more. You can learn more about this app by following this link!

15. Complete Chemistry App

If you are looking for an application to help you out when it comes to chemistry-related matters, we recommend that you try the Complete Chemistry App, easily another one best apps to study this subject.

As it is aimed at chemists or people who need help in the area, Complete Chemistry App is very useful tool that offers many important exercises, equations, and formulas at the palm of your hand. There are also tutorials to help you understand the topic more easily if you are a beginner, as well as a very handy periodic table. You can download the app on the Play Store.

Complete Chemistry app best study apps

16. Easy Study

Easy Study helps you in getting more organized, as it is possible to create calendars with details about your classes or specific times for you to study so you can always stay on top of things.

In addition to helping those who have problems managing their schedules, it is also a good way to never forget an exam or important essay or assignment at school or university. Go to the Play Store or to the App Store to download it!

17. Quizlet

A really solid option to help you learn is Quizlet, which works like a flashcard app. Here, anyone can create and upload their premade flashcards, which can be accessed by anyone who has access.

As such, while you can find a lot of info on the app, there’s absolutely no guarantee that any of it is accurate at all. The best way is for you to upload your own flashcards and use only them. The app is free both on Android and on iOS!

18. Wolfram Alpha

If you study more advanced maths, going from early calculus to more advanced college math, Wolfram Alpha is an incredible application, and one of the best study apps for you by far. With it, you’ll be able to solve pretty much anything that involves math or formulas!

In its paid version, it even provides you with all the steps it takes to get you to the answer. While it is a paid app, it’s quite cheap at merely a one-time fee of 2,99 USD! It works on any of the best web browsers, as well as any mobile device you own and more. Check it out on the official website.

19. Dragon Anywhere

Dragon Anywhere is one of the best speech-to-text apps, being particularly useful for students. Using it, you’ll be able to record your own notes as well as what your professor is saying, both in audio and text format at the same time, and you can edit it thoroughly.

After everything is recorded, it’s easy to export the text document that’s been created to use on apps such as Evernote, which we’ll talk about in-depth later on. The only downside is that it’s relatively pricy, at 14.99 USD per month. Follow this link to see more.

20. My Study Life

An app that’s entirely free to use on any mobile device, My Study Life lets you better organize yourself by adding info about your homework, your exams, and your classes. Everything is stored on the cloud, and you can manage and access your info anywhere, anytime.

Something that makes it be an even better app is the fact that you can also use it entirely offline, synchronizing your data beforehand. Furthermore, you can even get notified about tasks you didn’t finish, your next tests, and your class schedules. Check it out right now!

My Study Life best study apps

21. Chegg Prep

Another great alternative if you like learning using flashcards is Chegg Prep, easily another of the best study apps around. With it, you’ll be able to create any flashcard you could need for any subject. You can also customize them as you wish, adding images for them.

Beyond that, it comes with millions of premade flashcards you can use and edit at will, and you can use it entirely for free for Android and for iOS. Beyond all of that, if you’re a teacher, you can also create flashcards to help your students! Learn more on the Play Store or on the App Store.

22. Evernote

Evernote is certainly one of the best apps for taking notes, letting you capture notes in a myriad of formats, including photos, audio files, text, and even handwriting. It is one of the most well-known alternatives in this list, as you can use checklists, links, and even attachments. You can even use it as one of the best diary apps!

One of the best parts is that you can use it entirely for free, if you want, or acquire a paid subscription that starts at 7.99 USD per month. With it, you’ll get 60 MB of uploads every month, sync across devices, search for text in images, and a lot more. Go to the official website to learn more!

23. StudyBlue

Yep, another of the best study apps meant for creating and using custom flashcards from your course materials. However, through it, you can also create review sheets and even quizzes, which you can then share with your friends and classmates.

Of course, you can also use the premade materials, but as they’re made by the community, they might not be that reliable. One of its best aspects is that you can easily sync everything between the app and the web so you can study anywhere! Download for free for Android.

24. iStudiez Pro

An amazing planner for your studies, iStudiez Pro is available for most platforms, including iOS, macOS, and Windows. You will be able to easily color-code your schedule, track your assignments, and receive reminders about anything you deem important.

It has integration with Google Calendar, and it can track your progress across the months. Finally, while the app is free to use, you need the paid version if you want to sync on all your devices. Learn more on the official website.

25. Xmind

With Xmind, you’ll be able to brainstorm and map new ideas (and your mind) to better understand all of your material, which makes it one of the best study apps. As you might have gathered, it is a mind mapping software.

The app is free to use in its most basic version, but most of its features are locked behind a payment of 34.99 USD per year for students. It also features integration with most platforms around. Check it out and start using it!


26. Kahoot!

If you learn better while gaming, using Kahoot! is a great alternative. While you can use it to study entirely by yourself, it’s also possible to compete in challenges against your friends and your classmates. It’s also a good option to use to review your material before tests.

As is the case with many of the options in our list, you can create flashcards using Kahoot!, but you can also go much further, answering varied questions and completing puzzles that you can edit. Follow this link to learn more about it!

27. MyScript Calculator

MyScript Calculator is one of the best apps to use with Apple Pencil, also featuring among the study apps. While it is a calculator, it works and feels much differently from other calculator apps, as they let you calculate your formulas and equations without the need for much input from you.

This app, however, requires you to write (as if your finger was a pencil) the formulas on your screen so you can obtain the results. It’s a pretty cool idea, as it lets you learn your formulas better, although it is more time-consuming. Available for all smartphones, it costs merely 2.99 USD and you can learn more on the official website.

28. Exam Countdown Lite

A pretty straightforward app that does everything its name promises, Exam Countdown Lite is perfect if you’re in your exam season and you need to keep a better track of all your scheduled tests and assignments. It has a pretty simple and easy-to-use interface.

You can add all the dates and times for your exams and your assignment deadlines, with the app counting down for you to exact time for them, using months, weeks, days, or minutes. Not great for the anxious ones, but if you like to know everything down to the minute, try it out on the Play Store or on the App Store!

29. Scanner Pro

If you want to have a scanner in the palm of your hand, Scanner Pro is a great solution, being one of the best study apps for iOS devices. With it, you can scan whatever page or test you need just by using your smartphone camera in high-quality, to then upload to wherever you want.

It offers integration with Evernote, and it works with several different languages, ensuring ease of use for anyone. As it doesn’t work on Android phones, you can check out alternatives of the best apps to scan documents. And, if you want to start using Scanner Pro for iOS, go to the official website!

30. Khan Academy

Last, but not least, we also have Khan Academy on our list. It is a free platform through which you can learn pretty much any subject, going from pre-kindergarten to university.

The app offers explanations and exercises on just about anything you can imagine, all without requiring you to spend a penny. If you want, of course, you can donate, but that’s not necessary. Go to the official website to check it out!

Khan Academy best study apps

31. Study Bunny

Study Bunny is here to help you focus on your studies! This simple, but cute and aesthetically pleasing tool, is here to help you organize yourself and set study timers. It also has a gamified aspect to it, as you can earn coins to redeem for new songs to listen to while you study.

Offering integration with apps like To Do list, Study Bunny is a simple but effective method of studying that you can download here.

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