The 10 best diary apps for starting a personal journal

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Writing what happens to us every day is an excellent way to keep up with changes in our lives, to remember important moments and even to keep cherished memories. Nowadays, a physical diary is no longer the only way to do this. Having an online diary through the use of diary apps can have some interesting advantages. But the main thing is that you are not dependent on a physical notebook. Many of these journals work on a cloud system which allows you to access your diary from anywhere in the world or on any device. The physical diary, on the other hand, if you lose it, you will lose all of what you had written there, not to mention it can be a risk to your personal safety.

If you are solid on this idea of having an online diary, check out our list down below with the 10 best diary apps we could find and you’ll soon see how practical it is to transform your mobile device or PC in a personal journal, with photos and even videos!

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1. Day One Journal

With Day One Journal, it becomes easy to safekeep your memories and immortalize moments in a portable diary. Create your own Feed of personal activities in a practical way through its very intuitive interface. The app allows you to write it all through text, use photos, create multipe diaries with different names and colors, look at maps so that your notes will be linked with specific locations and much more.

Day One also offers features for exporting your notes to PDF as well as markings and labels so that it becomes easy to find the most important entries. Its base version is free and its present in both the iOS as well as the Android stores.

Day One Journal

2. Momento

Momento is an application that has already been the recipient of App of the Day, App Store Editors’ Choice, among other awards, so its a pretty safe option when considering diary apps. It has a friendly interface, making it very easy to navigate between your entries and the timeline. Other than that, the app has the functionality to tag people, places, events and create tags for your notes.

Momento counts with video support, allowing its users to include video recordings directly from their iPhone in their notes. In addition, it is possible to synchronize and backup your files directly through iCloud. Are you interested? Visit the official website and download it for iOS!


3. Diaro

Organize your notes or create detailed reports using Diaro, one of the best diary apps available for smartphones. In its Pro version, through Dropbox it is possible to synchronize between the mobile app and its web platform. Create labels and categories for your notes, insert images and even share them via email, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, among others.

Diaro certainly belongs to that category apps that can help you make your daily life more productive. The app is used by more than 3 million people around the world, and you can download its free version right now for iOS and Android through the official website!

4. Daylio

Daylio allows its users to choose and display how they are feeling and what they are doing for each entry in their diary. In addition, it offers features such as scheduling and monitoring activities. The app is also capable of generating statistics based on your entries, informing how its users feel on average daily, among other metrics.

It gives you the option to back up your entries directly to your personal Google Drive account. Other than that, Daylio has password protection so that your privacy is guaranteed. Visit the official website and download it for free for iOS and Android!

5. Journey

Create a photo or text journal, make your passwords and even use markdown to keep everything organized. Journey is one of the best diary apps out there and it shows! It is free and integrates its web platform with the app available for iOS and Android.

It is great for users looking to record all of their travel diaries, memories, moments and more. That’s because its interface is simple and very practical, guaranteeing it is an accessible app to all. The tool has more than 2 million users, and you can start using it right now through the official website!

6. Five Minute Journal

Save your moments with Five Minute Jounal, one of the best diary apps available for smartphones. It asks its users key questions in the morning, encouraging a good mood and making the day more productive by organizing which activities should be performed. At night, the app suggests topics for people to talk about when thinking how their day was, who they met, what were the best moments of the day and more.

Five Minute Journal has a practical interface and supports the use of images in its entries. It was made for users who are not looking into creating extensive notes about their day. Got you interested? Download it for free on iOS and Android!

7. Grid Diary

Grid Diary makes the creation of entries easier, offering key questions to its users, such as “What made you happy today?”. Besides that, it allows the selection of different types of mood, weather and environment experienced.

Its free version allows the insertion of up to 5 photos in your diary, being highly recommended that more interested users purchase the Pro version. It offers different diary models, the possibility to export to Evernote and Dropbox, the creation of passwords and much more. Visit the official page and download it for iOS!

Grid Diary

8. Daybook

Daybook is an excellent free app that can be used as a personal diary to take notes and more. Your entries can be password protected, ensuring user privacy. The app’s interface is practical and makes it easier to view previous memories and entries. In addition, you can also insert images and back up everything in the cloud. Not belonging exclusively to the category of diary apps, it can even be used as an application for time and project management! Download it now for iOS and Android!

9. Penzu

Create fully customizable diaries in a practical and easy way using Penzu! It is an app able to synchronize all your entries between its web platform and its iOS and Android apps. Besides that, the developer pays special attention to the privacy of its users.

More than 1 million people use Penzu to create pregnancy, personal, travel, among other types of diaries. Got you interested? Access the official website and download it for free!

10. Universum

Universumy is a good alternative among diary apps. It offers features like setting a password, exporting entries and photos to PDF, daily backup on your smartphone or Google Drive and much more. Its users can insert photos, use hashtags and even draw on their notes.

The app is recommended to use as a personal diary, travel diary, mood management, among other possibilities. Download for free on your Android smartphone!


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So, what did you think our diary apps list?

Writing about your day is a healthy exercise in creativity and can improve your quality of life. It helps you organize your thoughts, your priorities and even your feelings. Do you make use of any diary apps we haven’t put in this list? Tell us in the comments down below which are your favorites and why!