The 30 best money-making apps in 2021!

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Nowadays, mobile apps are not only for you to kill time or to help you out in some smaller tasks. They can also be very helpful when it comes to making money and getting it deposited to your account. We can say that for certain due to the huge number of options among the best money-making apps.

They offer you payments or rewards for specific jobs and actions that you can do directly on your smartphone. If you’re curious about it, just keep reading and check out our list with all the best apps to make money!

1. WikiBuy

We’re starting good with what is one of the best and longest-standing cashback platforms, WikiBuy. It’s quite straightforward to use: when you want to buy something online, click the browser extension or the app to check if the store offers cashback. If it does, just activate it and you’re set!

Just to top it off, WikiBuy will also give its users a list with many discount coupons to use on the partner stores, saving even more money. These discounts and the offers for cashback will be sent via the Chrome extension and the app. If you want to start using it, follow this link!


2. Foap

If you like taking amateur pictures on your smartphone, Foap is an amazing alternative among the best money-making apps for you. Here, you can sell these pictures! There are many other similar apps, as you’ll see throughout the article, but Foap has partnerships with large companies, making it easier to sell for more.

Typically, you can get around 5 USD for each image you sell on the platform, Not only is this amount amazing, considering it’s a smartphone picture, but you retain the copyright of the images and you can sell them later on! You can download it for Android and for iPhone.

Tip: To be able to sell more pictures easier, check out our guides on how to take great smartphone pictures and how to take a good selfie!

3. Uber

Our next suggestion is really quite obvious: Uber! You can use Uber as a means of traveling around, of course, but if you own a car and have a driver’s license, you can also become one of its drivers!

Of course, it will demand you put in a lot more effort and work than on many of the other apps in this list, but it also is a much more concrete and reliable way to get money. You can download it to sign up on the App Store and on the Play Store!

4. Slidejoy

Unlike the previous options, Slidejoy is a platform that will pay you to watch apps. A really cool part that makes it better is that you can use the ads directly on your lock screen or your home screen, getting money automatically!

You don’t need to interact with these ads whatsoever, all you need to do is to view them. The money you make here can then be transferred to your PayPal account. This is an Android exclusive app that can be downloaded on the Play Store.

5. Fiverr

One of the most popular websites for those who are good with arts (and many other areas) is Fiverr. You can easily make money by creating music, singing, editing pictures, writing, creating graphs, creating professional images, and a lot more.

As you might imagine due to the name, for each task you complete will net you around 5 USD, but depending on how good is your work and how time-consuming it is, you can make a lot more. Learn more about Fiverr by downloading the app for Android or for iPhone.

Fiverr best money-making apps

6. Affiliate Window – (AWIN)

An affiliate marketing program, AWIN works with over 15 thousand active advertisers (that is, you), and over 200 thousand publishers, the affiliates. It’s super easy to use its very simple user interface. Among the affiliates, you’ll find some big platforms, including Etsy, for instance.

It definitely is one of the best money-making apps around, particularly so for those who have some experience in the area and can work on their own. The only downside is that in order to start, you need to pay 5 USD. If your application is rejected, you lose this money. Go to the official website to see more.

7. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is by far one of the best money-making apps to use directly on your phone. It’s an Android exclusive app, which only makes sense, since the money you make goes directly to your Google Play account.

IIt also works in a very straightforward manner: you receive short surveys and then get some monetary credit for answering them! Follow this link to start using it.

8. Rakuten

Another phenomenal option among the best money-making apps is Rakuten. This is one of the most well-established cashback platforms around, offering up to 40% cashback in well over 2500 stores. And to top it off, you can even get coupons of up to 72% off! Follow this link to learn more about it.

9. InboxDollars

One of the most diverse alternatives in our list if you want to learn about ways to make money online is InboxDollars, easily one of the best options. This website and app offers its users several different methods to earn cash!

They include answering surveys, reading emails, playing games, and a whole lot more. The biggest downside is that to be able to withdraw you must reach 30 USD. Check it out now!

10. Shopify

Shopify is widely regarded as the best e-commerce platforms around, offering a complete and easy to use service for those who want to manage products and automate sales. Among its features, you’ll find mobile-optimized customizable layouts, and integration with Google Analytics!

Beyond that, you can also use some great marketing tools with Shopify, including Facebook and Instagram Shopping. Finally, you’ll be able to use a lot of free content about online sales and e-commerce to help you out! Follow this link to see more.

Shopify best money-making apps

11. Twenty20

Twenty20 is one of the best money-making apps for the amateur photographers among us, similarly to Foap. Here, you can share and sell all the pictures you take. There’s a lot of competition, since there are over 300 thousand other photographers in this platform! Check it out on the official website.

12. miPic

miPic is another way for you to make money online with apps by selling your pictures. Unlike what we see in other apps, it also works for those who want to use their images in products such as phone cases, mugs, t-shirts, and more. The platform is really interesting and it’s worth checking it out by following this link.

13. WeWorkRemotely

WeWorkRemotely, as the name states, is one of the best remote work websites. Here, you will be able to find a lot of different job offers for almost anywhere in the world!

Most often these offers are for full-time jobs, but you can easily find part-time job offers here, as well. If you want to see more about it, follow this link!

14. Neobux

Certainly one of the best apps to make money clicking ads, on Neobux you get paid for each ad you click, and the amount you get depends on the type and the quality of the ad.

One of the biggest upsides is that there’s no limit as to how many ads you can click on per day, so it’s an amazing way to get some extra income. To withdraw, you need at least 2 USD in balance, and you can rec eive on PayPal and even on your bank account. Follow this link to see more.

15. Udemy

Udemy is one of the most well-known platforms when we’re talking about online classes and courses. For that reason, it is a great option for those who want to get some extra money by offering their knowledge about any area.

Of course, you do need to create a competent and high-quality course to get paying students, but it is definitely worth it dur to how much you can make. You can download the app for iPhone and for Android.


16. Udacity

If you want to teach online courses, Udacity is one of the best money-making apps for you. Here, you can teach about any subject you’re good at, and they are extremely good, so you need to be as well. If you think you’re up to this teaching task, follow this link!

17. Handy

Handy is one of the best and most reliable platforms for handy workers. It’s limited to a few countries, which are the US, Canada, and the UK. Here, you can work cleaning, repairing houses, delivering things, assembling furniture, and much more. If you’re interested, go to the website on any of the best web browsers!

18. Skillshare

Just like Udemy and Udacity, Skillshare is another platform where you can teach what you know and make some money with it. You can create classes and lessons about several subjects, but it’s a good idea to check what pays well if you want to ensure you’ll get good money.

You can download it and start making money via its great app creating online courses on the App Store and on the Play Store!

19. Snapwire

If none of the platforms to sell smartphone pictures has picqued your interest so far, Snapwire might. Here, you will be able to sell your images to clients from all around the world. And if you want to make your photos look even better, check out the best photo retouching apps!

Even better is that the clients can make their specific photo requests and you can deliver the results if you have what’s been asked. The payment is also really simply and easy to receive. The app can be downloaded for iPhone and for Android.

20. Flexoffers

Another affiliate marketing network, Flexoffers has the advantage of paying its affiliates much faster than its competitors. The platform has over 10 years of experience, making them very reliable. While it doesn’t offer much more than the alternatives, it brings a lot of tools and features.

You can choose from the well offer 15 thousand affiliate programs to use, almost ensuring that you will find something to get the extra money you so want. To learn more about it, follow this link.

Flexoffers best money-making apps

21. Lyft

If you want to drive people around, but Uber doesn’t do it for you, you can try using Lyft, another of the best money-making apps. All drivers in this platform must go through a very rigorous background check in order to ensure the safety of the passengers. To learn more, follow this link!

22. EyeEM

Next up, we have another app to sell your smartphone pictures: EyeEM. It has partnerships with many companies looking for diverse images, so it’s a good idea to stay on top of what they need. The best part is that the app itself offers you filters to make your pictures better. Download it for Android and for iPhone right now!

23. User Testing

On User Testing you can sign up and complete a video test. After that, you’ll get several tasks to perform different tests and review platforms. Typically, each test will take you around 15 to 20 minutes, and you can receive from 10 to 15 USD for each task. Follow this link to check it out.

24. MobilePrints

MobilePrints lets you use your Instagram pictures to create and sell simple copies, frame them, or print them on business cards. You can also design t-shirt stamps to sell them, if you’re experienced doing it. Check it out now!

25. TryMyUI

TryMyUI is a very similar website to User Testing. It will offer 10 USD for you to review different websites and apps, and each task takes around 20 minutes. To use it, you will go to the requested website and provide a video and written review about your experience using it! Follow this link to start using it.

TryMyUI best money-making apps

26. Scoopshot

Scoopshot is the last of the websites to sell photos. All you need to use it is to take a picture, upload it to the platform, tag it and add a description, and sell it to get your money!

Typically, the clients themselves will define what they’re looking for and how much they’re willing to pay, so it’s that much easier to know how much you’ll profit on each workl. Follow this link to see more.

27. Second to None

Second to None is another website that will show you new and small shops where you can make your purchases and review them. Depending on the tasks, you can get up to 100 USD for a single day of work in the platform. Learn more about one of the best money-making apps by following this link!

28. Analysia

Analysia is a platform for those who want others to test their websites and share their opinions about them. For that reason, you can sign up for these tests and share your detailed impressions about the websites you go to.

The service pays you around 10 USD per website, but you will need to provide a really detailed and thorough opinion to get the money. Check it out by following this link.

29. Swagbucks

If you want to get paid for answering surveys about many different areas, Swagbucks is an amazing option. Typically these surveys are about your customer experience or your experience with specific products. They are quick to complete and pay well! Learn more on the official website.

30. Maximiles

Finishing off this list, we have Maximiles, a really interesting platform that will pay you to watch several types of videos and adverts. You can use it every day, since new videos will show up frequently. Follow this link to see more.

Maximiles best money-making apps

Did you like any of the best money-making apps?

Let us know in the comments if we helped you out in getting some extra money! Don’t forget to also check out how to make money on TiKTok, learn how to use TikTok and check out the best TikTok hashtags!