The 15 best simulation games for Android

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Simulation games have always been very popular on PC, especially during the 90s, but nowadays their legacy seems to have lived on even on mobile devices. It’s not only easier to manage a simulation game on a handheld device, but it also allows shorter sessions that make it so the title doesn’t become a boring slog or simply too much to handle. Lately, it is also possible to find dozens of games like this on the Google Play Store, but we separated the best simulation games for Android so you have a better idea of what to go for.

Check out our list down below for our top picks!

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1. Farming Simulator 20

Farming Simulator 20 is perfect for those who are looking for simulation games and farm games at the same time, since both themes blend in seamlessly. It allows you to plant your vegetables, take care of your animals and use farm machinery to make your job easier. It’s a fun and addictive game, so it’s worth checking out. Click here and check it out.

2. Plague Inc.

Plague Inc. isn’t just for people who like simulation games, but also works very well for strategy adepts that are looking into something fun. Your main mission in this game is to spread a virus worldwide and infect the entire population before a cure is developed.

The fun part is that there are multiple elements you need to take into account so you can be successful in your objectives, including place of origin of the disease, the symptoms, how transmission happens, etc. You can download it through this link.

3. Pandemic

Since we recommended Plague Inc., it’s also worth mentioning Pandemic. The game works like the opposite of the previous entry on this list, so your objective is to prevent contagious diseases from spreading around the globe.

It has visuals more akin to a tabletop game, so even more strategy is required to gather the necessary resources to cure diseases. You can check out the game in this link.

4. Fallout Shelter

Another interesting suggestion is Fallout Shelter, which should be a good pick for both people who like simulation games and people who are already into the Fallout franchise. Following the premise of the other games in the series, you’ll need to manage and expand an underground shelter in a dystopic future.

In order to do that, you’ll need to recruit new people that may live and work there. You can download Fallout Shelter through this link.

5. SimCity BuildIt

SimCity BuildIt is one of the best simulation games for android

SimCity always was one of the most successful simulation franchises around the world, so it would be expected for it to have an interesting mobile version available. Much like the other games in the series, the idea here is building a city and watching it slowly grow.

Since the game is free, there are some limitations regarding what you can and can’t do, and it is necessary to wait real time so certain tasks are completed. Even then, the game is addictive and worth checking out. Click this link to download the game.

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6. The Sims Freeplay

Of course now that we mentioned SimCity, we couldn’t leave The Sims out of this list, arguable one of the greatest simulations games franchise of all time. Even though it is not as complete as the PC version, The Sims Freeplay is still a great experience for the franchise’s fans.

You’ll have to care of your Sims’ basic necessities, and manage their job and relationships. Curious? Nostalgic? Download the game right here.

7. The Sims Mobile

The Sims Mobile is more recent than The Sims Freeplay, but it takes more disk space and might not work very well in older smartphone models. Anyway, it is still a great option more akin to The Sims 4. Even though it has some obvious free-to-play limitations, it’s a fun experience that even allows your Sim to visit other Sims’ houses. You may check out the game in this link.

8. Flight Pilot Simulator 3D

There’s no denying that flight simulators have been some of the most popular simulation games in the past decades. This was very evident on PCs, but now this type of games are also starting to show up on Android.

Flight Pilot Simulator 3D is an excellent example of that, since it bring excellent visuals, a more realistic physics system and multiple commands when piloting your plane. Even though it is free, it has purchases available within the app.

In case you are feeling nostalgic for the flight simulators of old, click this link.

9. Game Dev Tycoon

Game Dev Tycoon is pretty interesting. It puts in the role of a game developer along multiple decades and going through different platforms. Your studio starts on a garage on the 70s e evolves as you become successful within the industry. The game released originally for PC some years ago and finally reached mobile devices. Download it by clicking this link.

10. Goat Simulator

If you are looking for something chill and silly, you should definitely check out Goat Simulator. It made plenty of success on PC due to its absurdity, so we’re sure there’s fun to be had on Android as well. The game’s physics isn’t really realistic, so you can do practically everything you want. There are more than a few games available on this franchise, but we recommend starting with the first one. Click here to check it out!

11. Godus

Godus counts with a very interesting theme. You take on the role of a god and must then raise a civilization from the ground up in whichever way you feel like it.

It is possible to modify the terrain at your will and claim responsibility for everything that happens to your civilization, which may include natural disasters, for example. You can download it on this link.

12. Infinite Flight Simulator

Infinite Flight Simulator is another very fun flight simulator and a good alternative to Flight Pilot Simulator 3D, if you are looking for this kind of simulation games. It counts with around 35 airplanes and 14 regions to explore.

You can also choose the time of day and the weather set during your flights, a feature not always available in games like this. Besides that, there’s an online multiplayer mode that may be acquired separately. Click here to check out the game.

13. RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic

For those that are fans of the old PC game RollerCoaster Tycoon, it is more than recommended that you give the Classic version a shot, available for Android smartphones. This edition includes the two first games in the series and some DLCs that you may acquire separately.

The concept continues to be very simple and fun, since you must assemble your own theme park and manage it. If you are looking for a nostalgia blast, click this link!

14. Star Traders

Star Traders is another great game that mixes elements of both simulation games and strategy games, so it might be quite pleasing for those who like both! You’ll be able to travel through space, explore planets, forge alliances with alien factions and much more.

The interesting part is that you can follow very different career paths based on your preferences and decisions. The game is free, and you may download it through this link.

15. Surgeon Simulator

At last we have another absurd game that might be a fun time for a lot of people. Surgeon simulator is basically a surgery simulator (as the name implies), but it is not even a little bit serious. The controls are bad and frustrating on purpose, and that makes the surgeries even harder to properly act out, but that’s part of the reason why it is fun. If this caught your eye, you can check out more through this link.

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