The 11 best Android music players in 2022!

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Listening to music is a part of everyone’s daily routine, and doing such a pleasant task gets even better and easier with the help of our smartphones! Other than portable, they can store hundreds, or even thousands, of our favorite songs, which we can then listen on any of the best Android music players.

Beyond that, streaming services such as Spotify that let you listen to whatever music you want without even needing to store them make a music lover’s life that much easier. The biggest problem is that not everyone likes the idea of subscribing to a service where you can listen to music that aren’t actually yours.

For them, the good and old default Android music player is  the most efficient and reliable option. Even so, we don’t need to rely upon only it, since there are dozens other music player apps you can use. If you want to learn which ones rare the best, check out our list down below!

1. Neutron Music Player

This is one of the best and most well-rated music players for Android, so you can already hazard a guess at its quality. It offers you features through which you can improve audio quality and can play almost all of the most well-known audio formats.

It is worth mentioning, however, that while this app is paid, it offers enough features to make it a worthwhile purchase. The only aspect where it could improve is on the interface, t hat looks quite onld, even though it is easy to use. Follow this link to download it.

Neutron Music Player best Android music players

2. Poweramp Music Player

Poweramp Music Player also offers you a myriad of features and a really clean and pleasant to navigate interface. It comes with a really effective equalizer for the tracks, offers sull support to most of the famous audio formats, and you can even customize it as you want.

It can be downloaded for free, but to use it after 15 days you will need to decide whether or not you consider it good enough to spend money on. Poweramp can be downloaded by following this link.

3. Shuttle Music Player

Shuttle Music Player might not be as well known, but it is one of the best music players for Android. It does not come with as many features as the previous options, but it is really simple to use, has a great performance, and its interface is gorgeous and easy to use.

Even better, you can use it entirely for free without you needing to spend a dime on it! Of course, it does have a premium version that comes with a few features, but it is by  no means required. Download it on the Play Store!

4. Music Player – MP3 Player

A simple and easy to use music player, MP3 Player is as the the name says. Highly rated and boasting a wide array of features, it would be hard to believe that this app won’t satisfy your necessities!

If a simple-yet-effective app is what you are looking for, you can click right here to check it out on the Play Store!

5. PlayerPro Music Player

PlayerPro Music Player is somewhat older, but even so it is of amazing quality, and it is one of the most relevant Android players. Even better, it’s not only a music player, playing videos as well! It obviously also makes it amazing for those who like watching movies and videos on their phones.

As you can gather from all it offers, PlayerPro offers support to a wide range of audio and video formats, and it is equipped with a very neat equalizer. Follow this link to download it.

6. DoubleTwist Music Player

DoubleTwist Music Player is really popular among Android users, particularly due to its capacity of synchronizing with iTunes and offering some special features for those who like listening to podcasts.

Its interface is really simple, yet complete, and the app even offers a streaming service called Magic Radio, which is only available in the paid version. Download it on the Play Store!

DoubleTwist Music Player best Android music players

7. Equalizer

As the name itself might already indicate, this app is more focused in providing an amazing equalizer, but it does also work as a great music player.

It lets you set up a lot of things to improve yous songs’ audio quality and offers a old-school and pleasant interface. The app is free to use, but if you want some extra features you can pay for the premium version. Follow this link to download one of the best Android music players!

8. n7player Music Player

n7player Music Player is another very popular option, in part due to it being a really unique music player, even more so when compared to the others we mention in this article. It has a really different and pretty interface that offers a lot of interaction options for the user.

Other than that, it offers a lot of features and settings to improve your songs’ playback quality, is compatible with most of the audio formats around, and it has a lot of customization options. Follow this link to download it.

9. Rocket Player

Rocket Player is another one of the best music players for Android, coming with a lot of unique features and support to a wide range of file formats, some of which are quite obscure.

It also offers support to Chromecast, it can be synchronized with iTunes, and you can even use it as a video player. Rocket Player is one of the best apps to listen to music offline, it is entirely free to use, and it can be downloaded by following this link!

10. Google Play Music

If we’re talking about Android, an app developed by Google itself simply had to take a spot in our list. Google Play Music is easily the one that better fits in with how Android looks, for obvious reasons. It makes it super easy to navigate and to learn to use.

Other than that, all the songs and albums you purchase on the Google Play Store go straight to your Play Music library and you can easily find them. If you still don’t have it installed, follow this link to download it!

11. FlipBeats Music Player

Finishing off our list, we also have FlipBeats Music Player, a really quite innovative app that offers a lot of gestures for easier and more intuitive navigation.

It has a lot of options for you to improve playback quality, and it even has that old feature where you can shake your device to change songs. To download it, just go to their website!

FlipBeats Music Player best Android music players

Did you like our suggestions of the best Android music players?

Let us know in the comments which ones are your favorites, and don’t forget to also check out the most popular TikTok songs, learn how to listen to offline music, and check out the best Spotify tips and tricks!