The 9 best photo collage apps for Android and iOS!

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There are times when you want to pass along some sort of message, but you don’t want to share a video. On the other hand, a single image is not enough. Maybe the best option is to create a collage with several images! To do that, there are some amazing photo collage apps you can use.

With them, you can use frames, designs, and special templates for each occasion. This way, the users can get the perfect picture to post to Instagram or other social media platforms and get more followers!

1. Canva

Canva is entirely free, but it offers paid options to unlock many editing tools. It is a complete platform for creating and editing images that offers the possibility of creating professional-level images within a simple-to-use interface!

It also of course lets you create collages using tons of features, such as its hundreds of layouts, frames, stickers, and emojis with which you can customize even more your images. To start using the platform, just go to the official website!

Canva photo collage apps

2. Pic Collage

One of the best photo collage apps in our list is Pic Collage, an option that offers lots of features and characteristics that make it outstanding. Among them, you can place the pictures in a grid, choose a background for them, and a lot more.

You can also cut parts of the pictures in whatever shape you want. Other than that, you can also choose from dozens of included templates to create the collages, and you can even add GIFs to them! To download it, go to the Play Store or to the App Store.

3. Collage Maker Pro – Pic Editor & Photo Collage

This is an alternative that offers a lot of amazing options and settings, and it lets you combine up to 20 pictures in each collage, choosing from the more than 100 different layout possibilities, which include colorful backgrounds, shapes, and grids.

It also offers a lot of photographic effects, including filters and tools to fine-tune images, such as brightness, contrast, and sharpness, among others. You can also add stickers, emojis, text, and more. If you want to learn more about the app, go to the Play Store.

4. Moldiv 

Moldiv is another of the photo collage apps that gives the users a lot of possibility for creating montages and collages, with over 180 frames, 193 filters, and 13 different themes. Using it, you can organize up to nine images in a grid, controlling their size freely.

The app offers thousands of stickers and tools to control brightness, contrast, cut, saturation, and more. While the app is free, it has some paid packages. Even in its free version, it offers the possibility of editing professionally. It is available both on the Play Store and on the App Store.

Moldiv photo collage apps

5. Ṗhoto Editor

This app was developed with creating collages in mind, offering thousands of different layouts in many styles, including classic, poster, freestyle, and more. It also offers hundreds of different filters so that you can customize your image at will.

It offers tools for retouching, creating a blurry background, hundreds of stickers and emojis, options for text and frames, as well as basic editing tools such as cutting, controlling brightness and contrast, and more. The app is available exclusively on the App Store.

6. PicsArt Photo & Collage Maker

Among the photo collage apps, you can also use PicsArt, which is available for all phones, for Windows, and for the web on any of the best web browsers. It works pretty much as a social network for sharing images, as well, as how they were created and what effects were used.

It’s a complete tool with lots of things you can do, which include creating collages. You can use thousands of editing tools, such as layouts, stickers, and emojis in its free version. It also has a paid version through which you can unlock even more features. To see more, follow this link!

7. Photo Grid

Photo Grid is one of the most well-known apps to create photo collages, with more than 300 layouts. In them, the user can add a lot of images and videos, which you can edit at will by cutting, blurring, adding songs and text, and even changing your hair color, among much else.

Photo Grid offers lots of posters, hundreds of stickers, animated filters for pictures and videos, dozens of different backgrounds, it lets you add virtual makeup, and do a lot more. All of that in a free app that’s available only for iOS!

8. PicPlayPost

Another of the best apps to create any photo collage is PicPlayPost, which offers many possibilities to create your collages. It lets you include up to 6 GIFs that last up to 1 minute each. In the premium version, you can also include up to 9 videos that are up to 5 minutes in length, as well as GIFs, and pictures.

It lets you create collages with your watermark, using fonts in many colors. It comes with 48 different layouts, 72 backgrounds, and a lot of different grids. You can even share whatever you create on any social network, such as Instagram. To download it, just go to the App Store or to the Play Store.

9. Fotor

We’ve reached the end of our list with Fotor, one of the best apps to create photo collages. It offers a lot of great features, such as creating cards and collages for the family. You can use a lot of different styles for montages and collages, enjoying the many offered layouts and stickers to make your collage really unique.

It is even possible to delete image background or to change the background to whatever you want. The app is free and it is available for web, Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows, and it is one of the best Windows collage makers. To see more, go to the official website!

Fotor photo collage apps

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