Best apps to remove Image background: The top 8!
Por Equipe Apptuts
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Best apps to remove Image background: The top 8!
Best apps to remove Image background: The top 8!

Best apps to remove Image background: The top 8!

By Equipe Apptuts
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There are many reasons for which people who use photo apps might end up using other apps to remove the background from their images. One of them is to remove people who’ve shown up in a photo by accident.

Another is to capture a specific element of a photo or illustration to use in some work, such as in a post idea for Instagram – and, if you want to get popular on this platform, check out the best apps to get Instagram followers –  or in a banner. However, removing the background from images might not always be simple, even more so if you aren’t knowledgeable about photo editors.

However, there are quite a few apps to remove the background from your image that make life easier for those who don’t have enough time to learn about photo editing but still need to do this in some of their ideas.

If you’re one of these people, we’ve selected the 10 best apps to remove the background of an image. These apps are available on your favorite web browser or on smartphones running Android or iOS!

Check out down below and choose your favorite among them.


This website allows you to remove the background from any image with a single click. does this automatically so that all the user has to do is to upload the picture which they want the background to be removed.

That is, in a matter of seconds you will start removing the background from all your best photos. However, it is worth noting that it is only possible to remove only from pics that have a face in them

Take in consideration that the development team has already told its users that this limitation is temporary and soon you’ll be able to remove backgrounds from images where there isn’t anyone! To learn more and start using it right now, just follow this link. apps to remove image background

2. TouchRetouch

This app is one that is available on all smartphones, whether they are Android or iPhone. Perfect to touch up images, it does well the task of removing background from your images.

With TouchRetouch it is possible to remove not only backgrounds, but also all sorts of elements that are in the way of your perfect picture. It also lets you to remove some things that are quite hard, such as power lines.

Finally, it is good to remember that you can also use it to replace a background for another that you already have stored, saving some work. Start using it by downloading on Play Store or on App Store.

3. Background Eraser: superimpose

Background Eraser is one of the apps to remove Image background that is focused solely on this purpose. You just need to touch the area you intent to remove in order for the app to do its job.

Through an option called Target, it also can remove elements in colors similar to the background, which makes it more precise. Other functionalities include the possibility of splitting images, and saturation, color and exposition adjustments, among others.

It is possible to replace the erased background with another one. Background Eraser: superimpose is available only on iPhone.

4. Background Eraser – handyCloset

With the same name as the previous app but made by a different developer, this is a background eraser exclusive for Android phones – also exclusive for this platform are the best Android games!

To use it, all you need to do is to select the part you wish to remove and tell the app to delete it. It will then delete all the similar pixels close to the image selected, resulting in the removal of the background.

You can also remove the Image background manually using markers inside the app so that you can perform this task even more precisely. Then, you simply need to export the backgroundless image and use it anywhere else. Download on the Play Store!

Background Eraser - handyCloset apps to remove image background

5. Background Eraser – Kite Games Studio

Yet another app with the same name – Background Eraser – that is exclusive for Android. This app is very intuitive, simple and easy to use. All you need to do is to select the area you wish to remove with a brush.

Besides helping you to remove the background of any image, this app also lets you erase any imperfections, cut objects, people, and water brands.

You can also undo and redo your actions so that the image returns to its original state and you can start over your work. When you finish editing the photo, you can save it on PNG or JPG. Follow this link to download and test it out on your Android device.

6. Pixelmator

Another option among the photo editors that also work to remove the background of your image in a similar way to TouchRetouch is Pixelmator. It also works as a great Photoshop alternative.

Beyond the basic editing options, Pixelmator offers some quite interesting functionalities for those who need to remove the background of an image. For instance, you can use a brush to remove any unwanted object.

Alongside this, it also brings a “cloning” tool, in which you can copy an element or image sector and paste it elsewhere, for instance. Pixelmator is available only for iPhone and Mac computers.

7. Ultimate Background Eraser

Back to the Android apps, we have Ultimate Background Eraser. With a quite posh name, this app is very efficient when it comes to removing the background of your photos.

Just like the other apps in this list, this one also comes with automatic removal with a single click, but it also lets you do it manually. The backgrounds are recoverable, in case you need it again.

The app also lets you export your images in PNG and JPG formats. Follow this link to download Ultimate Background Eraser on your Android smartphone!

Ultimate Background Eraser apps to remove image background

8. Adobe Photoshop Fix

Even though it offers the most complete image editor in the world, Adobe also releases some simpler and more dedicated versions, such as Adobe Photoshop Fix.

Available both for Android and for iPhone, this app is perfect if you want to remove the background of your image. It allows you to remove them manually, offering also tools to highlight elements (or the background itself)!

You can also copy elements and paste them in other places in the picture, among several other tools. Download for Android or for iPhone right now!

Which apps to remove Image background you use the most?

We’ve recommended some of the best options for removing image backgrounds effortlessly. Take some time to test them on your cell phone or computer and keep the one that suits you best.

Also, please keep reading our articles here at AppTuts to know more about image editing online and don’t leave without reading our article with the best drawing software for your computer and the best apps to change hair color!


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  1. Felix 27 de October de 2020 17:45

    For me, I use ; it is the first I’ve come to use. I thought it’ll be included on the list since it’s also easy to use and have great potential. Maybe I should try using the ones here too. Anyway, great list! thank you

  2. Great app 4 de January de 2021 20:27

    I would like to introduce you Background Remover Studio ( With this app you can automatically remove background from photo or add extra effect on it (blur, sepia, boho etc).

  3. fastclippingpath 11 de January de 2021 2:33

    For all of the sites you have introduced, I have only used remove. bg. In a word, a great website. I used some free online backgrounds remover website. This is one of the best I have ever used. The much better output is in less time. Since I have not used the other website that,s why I can’t say about other websites but I think to is the best. Thanks, Sophia for your informative post.

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  5. Background Transparent 18 de January de 2021 5:04

    Use eraser tool for erasing background or Make Background TransparentBackground Transparent of your photo and save transparent png, cut out image or white and black background.
    The magic tool is best in this remove background from image which you erase background just one click from your photo.
    Also, use lasso tool used to select that you want to save it and another area of photo automatically remove from photo fastly

  6. BatchApps 19 de January de 2021 17:36

    You might have never seen a free Android app that can remove the background of multiple images and set the new background in one go. Batch Image Background Remover and Changer can do that

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    MasterLogix team make the best tool for change background & background removerchange background in android app.
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