20 essential Android apps everyone should use!

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One of the biggest questions anyone has when changing operating systems is which ones are the most essential apps, whether that is for Android or iOS. Eventually, we load our phones full of games, fun apps, and many other things, but even though we use them a lot, none are truly fundamental.

With the intent of answering this question, we have selected some of the best and most essential apps for Android everyone should use. The list has, for the most part, apps that will make some part of your life easier, whether that is task management, organization, transport, and more.

So, if you are curious about which ones these apps are, just check out down below, and don’t forget to let us know in the comments which ones are your favorites!

1. Alarm Clock Xtreme

Not missing appointments and commitments is paramount. Whether that is school, work, college, or even just a part, the first of the essential Android apps simply had to be an alarm clock.

Working pretty simply, and offering features that prevent you from forever hitting snooze, Alarm Clock Xtreme, by AVG, is a free app that does its job of keeping track of time extremely well. Other than that, it does also have a timer and a stopwatch. Follow this link to download it!

Alarm Clock Xtreme essential Android apps

2. Todoist

Another of the most essential apps for Android is Todoist. It is particularly useful for people who use their phones to organize their daily lives. An app dedicated to creating to-do lists, it works quickly and swiftly, not requiring you to spend much time at all to create and schedule the tasks you need to get done.

It is one of the few alternatives that have rescheduling suggested by artificial intelligence. Learn more about what is one of the best productivity apps by going to the Play Store right now!

3. Trello

If to-do lists are not exactly the best option for you to get organized in your daily life and you prefer using a different system, Trello could be a more viable alternative. With a system based upon creating cards, you can make them with one of your goals and within it place all sorts of notes and steps you need to reach it.

One of the biggest advantages of Trello is its extremely friendly interface for those who want to use it as a team, letting you tag cards according to its level of urgency, as well as assigning tasks to people involved in a specific goal. Follow this link to learn more about the app.

4. Spotify

Alright. It is not possible to say that, among the essential apps for Android, Spotify is for utility. Even so, the music streaming service is by far one of the best options to listen to music without filling up all your storage just with songs.

Even if you are not a premium subscriber, it still is possible to use a free account to have access to its library, although you will only be able to shuffle play and you’ll have some annoying ads between songs. Follow this link to download Spotify!

5. VLC

While Spotify is a service that lets you stream music, VLC is an all-around media player. That is to say, the content you play will have to be stored on your Android. Even so, the app is the one that’s the most compatible with pretty much all types of formats for music and video.

The app is a mobile version of VLC for computers, and it is just as good as its original version. While the app is free to use and doesn’t have ads, it does offer some in-app purchases. Download it from the Play Store!


6. Resilio Sync

Do you ever find yourself annoyed wanting to send files from your PC to your phone, but you don’t want to be tethered to the computer? Resilio Sync is a neat solution to that! Through this app, you will be able to select any folder to send to your mobile device via WiFi or mobile data!

Of course, it will use up your data plan, so if you have a limited one be wary. Even so, it is a really nifty and fast way to get data from one device to another. Check it out right now!

7. Uber

Now, we’re moving towards mobility apps, and it is extremely recommended that you always have at least one of them on your phone to use in the case of an emergency if you’re not in the habit of using them on a daily basis.

Among the several different available options, we recommend you use Uber, one that usually offers lower rates and better service conditions, as well as the best drivers. You can even call an Uber via Google Maps and you can download it by following this link! Just be wary of dynamic pricing!

8. Moovit

Now, if you’re someone who likes to use public transportation routinely, then Moovit is one of the most essential Android apps to install. Available in several different cities, the app shows the itinerary for all bus, train, and metro lines, with relatively accurate estimates for arrival times.

Moovit keeps track of all the lines in real-time, and as such it lets the users plan their time better. Follow this link to go to the Play Store and learn more about Moovit.

9. ColorNote

One of the essential apps to have on an Android phone that uses up the least amount of storage, ColorNote has an extremely simple premise. It is just as simple as writing something down on a post-it note and sticking it somewhere!

However, you won’t need to put glue everywhere when you want to take notes and access them later on. For the fans of the classic post-it note, ColorNote offers the yellow color. Download it right now.

10. LastPass

Do you face issues when storing (and remembering) your passwords? Then LastPass is one of the most essential apps to have on your Android. Through a master password, it is possible to reach the passwords for all sorts of services you use, such as those for your social media, emails, and online stores, among others.

LastPass also offers a password generator for those who don’t want to come up with their own and want more secure passwords. Follow this link to download LastPass.

LastPass essential Android apps

11. CCleaner

Necessary for you to prevent your Android from accumulating digital trash that’s leftover from installations and uninstallation done throughout the device’s lifetime, CCleaner is a great option.

It will analyze the storage devices – both internal and SD cards – and shows you how much space corrupted, obsolete, or unnecessary files are using. Then, by tapping a single button, you can learn it all up and improve the performance! The app can be downloaded from Google Play.

12. Greenify

Greenify belongs to a category of apps that need to feature among the essential Android apps: a battery manager and optimizer. While the system does do so natively, without the need for an app, Greenify improves this control. It identifies the apps that are using up the most memory and battery, making it slower and force-stopping it.

This means that, other than offering a way to make your battery last longer, Greenify also prevents you from finding apps working slow, especially games. Learn all about Greenify by following this link!

13. AirDroid

It is possible to use the USB cable to connect your Android device to your PC, but even that type of connection is limited. AirDroid is an app much like Resilio Sync, letting you access your phone from a computer without the need of using any wires for that.

Through it, it’s possible to transfer pictures, files, videos, and a lot of other things. It is also possible to access and control your phone and even mirror its screen to your computer. Follow this link and learn all about the features AirDroid offers to its users.

14. WhatsApp

There’s no need for introductions, as it is extremely unlikely you’ve not heard all about WhatsApp, the most popular and most downloaded messaging app. The app lets you send text messages, create group texts, send pictures, videos, and location, make voice and video calls, and more.

Another cool feature it offers is WhatsApp Status, working similarly to Stories. Further, you can tag individual people in group chats, and a lot more. Download WhatsApp from the Play Store.

15. Messenger

Second place both when it comes to messaging apps and most downloaded apps, Facebook Messenger is also one of the most essential apps to install on your Android phone. However, this one is geared towards those who have a Facebook account.

It works pretty similarly to WhatsApp. but it has more options for emojis and stickers and you can only use it to chat with others on Facebook. It also is much less secure. It has a Stories feature, and you can download it here.

Messenger essential Android apps

16. PicsArt Photo Editor

If you’re really into editing images, PicsArt Photo Editor is one of the essential Android apps you need to download. The app is a sort of Instagram but much improved upon, offering a lot more filters and better editing tools for the pictures you take on your phone.

Justa s is the case with the social network we mentioned, Instagram, PicsArt also has a community where its users can share their creations. If you want to see more about it, follow this link.

17. Magisto

Whereas PicsArt is one of the best apps for editing images, Magisto is a good option to edit videos created on your phone or tablet. While it does also let you edit images, we highly recommend you use PicsArt for that, and use this one for videos.

Among its many features, we can highlight the possibility of adding effects and recording in a huge variety of styles, whether that is more cinematographic or personal.

The app makes use of artificial intelligence to find your best pictures and videos to create a film automatically. Further, it also offers facial recognition so it better identifies faces and doesn’t create some freakish images when mixing elements. Follow this link to learn more about Magisto.

18. Feedly

If you are someone who is simply tuned into news and media, Feedly is one of the best options for you, and one of the essential apps to install on Android.

The app will organize your favorite websites sorted by subject, showing the most recent posts. As such, you can always stay up to date to news as they are posted on the online papers. Follow this link to download Feedly.

19. Pocket

Pocket is one of the most essential Android apps particularly in the case that you already have Feedly installed. While the aforementioned app searches the most recent info from the web, Pocket lets you save the links to read them when you have free time.

All you need to do is to copy and paste the link for the article, podcast, or video on the app and it will be added to the list. You can also add tags to them so you can sort them however you prefer. Download Pocket from the Play Store.

20. Opera

If Google Chrome is not the right browser for you, Opera is the best alternatives for your phone or tablet. The mobile version for one of the best web browsers around so that you can use it as well on your Android!

Opera also has an integrated news feed and it is a much lighter option than the native Android web browser. Among other features, we can mention the data saving mode, video compression so they don’t use up as much data, and a built-in ad-block. Learn more about Opera on Google Play.


Which ones are the essential apps for Android for you?

After all of our suggestions, now it is time for you to tell us: which apps do you consider to be necessary for your phone or tablet? Did you like any of our suggestions? Let us know in the comments